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Community action council 18 JUL 12

  1. 1. Community Action Council Last Frontier Community Activity Center 1000-1100, 18 July 2012
  2. 2. AGENDAWelcome Remarks – COL Johnson: 353-7660 DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  3. 3. Community Action CouncilThe Community Action Council provides an open forum for the Fort Wainwright community to exchange information, ideas and concerns. The Council is comprised of Commanders, SeniorSpouses, Staff Directors, various community leaders and support agencies. The forum is open to all personnel.• Allows Fort Wainwright community leaders, Garrisonsupporting agencies and Families to come together and discussupcoming events, relevant issues and put out any importantinformation.• Gives Family Readiness Group leaders current information toshare with Families of Soldiers.• Provides a forum for members of the Fairbanks Community tocollaborate with leaders of Fort Wainwright.
  4. 4. AGENDA Welcome RemarksDPTMS – Mr. Michael Bonnell: 353-9436 DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  5. 5. July 2012 SUN MON TUES WED THU FRI SAT1 2 3 4 5 BCMC2 6 7 FEDERAL TRNG HOLIDAY FATHER 1-24 and 5-1 HOLIDAY DAUGHTER BALL CHANGE 4th of JULY OF COMMAND CELEBRATION LEVY Brief PIONEER PARK EDUCATION8 9 NEWCOMERS 10 11 SOS Support 12 FAIR 13 14 Group MUD RUN BSB and 1-52 BTB and 2-8 1-5 3-21 CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE POST WIDE OF COMMAND OF COMMAND OF COMMAND OF COMMAND YARD SALE MRT for ASA at JBER (9-20 Jul) Staff Meeting15 16 Directors 17 18 CAC 19 Seattle Seahawk 20 21 Cheerleaders GOLDEN DAYS PARADE CHPC Working Group And Mega Meetings GOLDEN DAYS ASP Quarterly Inventories (16-20 Jul) PARENTS DAY OUT MRT for ASA at JBER (9-20 Jul) Staff Meeting22 23 All 24 25 26 27 28 SPRING INTO NEWCOMERS SUMMER ICE CREAM SKEDADDLE CHPC FUN RUN Board of Directors GOLDEN DAYS29 30 31
  6. 6. August 2012 SUN MON TUES WED THU FRI SAT WLC 1 GRADUATION 2 BCMC2 3 4 LEVY Brief GOLF TOURNAMENT CAC TANANA VALLEY STATE FAIR (3-12 Aug) Staff Meeting SCHOOL BD5 6 Directors 7 8 9 10 11 NEWCOMERS NATIONAL NIGHT OUT FWA Cdr/1SG Course (06-10 Aug) TANANA VALLEY STATE FAIR (3-12 Aug) Staff Meeting SOS12 13 Directors 14 15 Support 16 17 18 Group TRNG PARENTS DAY OUT HOLIDAY POSTWIDETANANA VALLEY CHPC Working Group YARD SALE AT/FP EXERCISE (13-14 Aug) MUD RUN STATE FAIR And Mega Meetings Staff Meeting SCHOOL BD19 20 Directors 21 22 23 24 25 (T) Small Arms WOMEN’S EQUALITY NEWCOMERS WLC DAY OBSERVANCE Complex GRADUATION MILITARY Memorial Dedication Security Manager APPRECIATION DAY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Refresher Training Security Managers Training Course (20-24 Aug) Staff Meeting26 27 All 28 29 30 31 TRNG HOLIDAY DECA CASE LOT SALE (30 Aug – 1 Sep)
  7. 7. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMSDES – Mr. Maurice Fischer: 353-7889 DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  8. 8. Weapons Violation Statistics Unregistered Concealed Self Assault Hunting Suicidal Weapons inflicted Gestures woundMarch 6 4 1 1 1April 2 1 2May 1 2 2June 1July 5 2 1 1Total 15 9 7 1 2 TOTAL 34 INCIDENTS Note: Weapons violations do not include all mishaps, which will be addressed by the Installation Safety Officer.
  9. 9. Weapons Registration1. All privately owned weapons entered on to or stored within the Fort Wainwright Cantonment area are required to be registered IAW AR 190-11, 190-13 and USARAK 190-1.2. Weapons stored off of the installation are not required to be registered; all personnel residing in the barracks must store weapons in unit arms room…not off post.3. Where to Register: a. Visitor Center at the Main Gate. b. Police Station Bldg 3028.4. When to Register: a. Immediately upon entering. b. While awaiting shipment.
  10. 10. Weapons Registration5. Who must register: a. Any person in possession of a weapon, in which the registration status is unknown. b. E-6 and below must have Company Commander approval. c. E-7 and above and Civilians are self registration.6. Types of Registration: a. Short term 24 hours or less. b. Long Term (transferred from Installation to Installation). c. Neither is permanent and can be deleted upon request.
  11. 11. Weapons Trivia Soldiers that maintain an area or reside in the barracks WILL store their POF’s in the unit arms room. Temporary POF storage is available at the Fort WainwrightPolice Station Bldg# 3028 for after-hours and weekendstorage. Concealed carry is NOT permitted on FT Wainwright . Weapons used in the Tanana Flats, Yukon, and DonnellyTraining Areas are NOT required to be registered if they donot enter the Fort Wainwright Cantonement area. (USARAK190-1).
  12. 12. Fire Drills1. Required IAW AR 420-1 and USAG-FWA 420-1.2. Update will require Semi Annual testing based on weather conditions.3. Basic requirements are: a. Development of Fire Evacuation Plan, including assembly are and occupant accountability procedures. b. Upon alarm sounding, complete evacuation of structure within 2 minutes. c. Soldiers assemble in designated area and are accountabilty is conducted.
  13. 13. Drills to Date Drills 17Conducted: PASS 5 29% FAIL 12 71% 1X GO 3 17% 2X GO 1 6% 3X GO 1 6%
  14. 14. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DESDPW – Mr. Kate Millburg: 361-6295 DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  15. 15. Road Repairs
  16. 16. Gaffney Road
  17. 17. Neely Roadbetween 9th & 10th
  18. 18. Marks Road, Parking Lots for B1045, B1046, & B1047 Includes Chena, Nysteen
  19. 19. Canol Road
  20. 20. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPWDOL – Ms. Mary Kay: 361-7641 SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  21. 21. DIRECTORATE OF LOGISTICS• DOL - Mary Kay, 361-7641• Transportation is located in Bldg 3401, WelcomeCenter, 353-1150• Effective 02 July 2012 turn-ins at building 3030 areby appointment only, 361-6177
  22. 22. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOLSJA – MAJ Tiffany Pond: 353-6511 DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  23. 23. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJADFMWR – Ms. Stephanie Jilek: 353-7691 ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  24. 24. Army Community Service (ACS) • Family Resource Center (Building 3401) • Information and Referral Services (I & R) • Family Advocacy Program (FAP) – Victim Advocates (3 VA positions) – New Parent Support Program – 20 incidents of domestic abuse (since March 2012) – 15 incidents of child abuse/neglect (since March 2012) – 3 incidents of Sexual abuse (since March 2012) – New Parent Support Program (3 New Parent Support Home Visitors) – FAP educator • Financial Readiness • Army Emergency Relief (AER) • Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) • Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) • Mobilization and Deployment (MOB DEP) • Relocation Services – Newcomers Orientation / Spring into Summer / Welcome to Winter – Lending Closet • Army Family Team Building (AFTB) • Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) • Employment Readiness • Army Volunteer Corp (AVC) • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP)
  25. 25. Community Recreation Division (CRD)• Sports and Fitness • Library – PFC Gym – Story Hour – Skate Rink (Sep – May) – Computers – Melaven Gym and Pool – Books, DVDs, Video Game check – Intramural Sports out services – Fitness Classes – Book Clubs – WiFi• Auto Skills Center – Tow Service • Outdoor Recreation – Safety Classes – Warrior Adventure Quest – Winterization – Glass Park – Car Wash – Trips and Tours – Auto Repairs – Equipment Rental – RV Storage• Last Frontier Community Center – Birch Hill Ski Area (Nov – March) – Bubbly Brew • DW Grill (Seasonal) – Lazer Tag Arena – Fischer Skeet Range – Romp and Stomp • Warrior Zone – Family Gym – Gaming Room – Party Area – Food and Beverage Service – WiFi – WiFi – Special Events – Special Events – BOSS Liaison
  26. 26. Child Youth and School Service (CYSS)• Parent Central Services – Registration Services – Youth & Parent Education, Parent Advisory Board, Play Groups, Babysitter Training – SKIES – Outreach Services (Parents Day/Night Out, Memorial Child Care, Strong Bonds Child Care) – SFAC Child Care Services• Child Development Center 1 and 2 – Full Day, Part Day, Strong Beginnings Pre-K Program and Hourly Care• School Age Center – Hourly, Before & After School Care, Camps, Boys & Girls Club & 4H programming• Family Child Care – Hourly, Full Time, and Extended Services Care• Middle School and Teen Program (Youth Center) – Open Recreation, Clubs, Camps, Boys & Girls Club and 4H programming – Youth Leadership Forum, Monthly Teen Town Hall Meetings, Youth of the Year Program• Youth Sports and Fitness – Individual and Team Sports – Fitness (Start Smart, Nutrition Training, Personal Fitness for Youth)• School Liaison Service – Youth Sponsorship – Home School Support – Liaison for Military Families to the Schools• HIRED and EDGE Programs
  27. 27. Business Operation Division (BOD)Chena Bend Golf Course Nugget Lanes Bowling Center – May – October – MotherLode Cafe (Dependant on weather conditions) – Gold Rush Lounge – Golf Shop – League Bowling – Driving Range – Open Bowling – Lessons – Special Events – Tournaments (“Longest – Friday / Saturday Night Day” & “Red, White & Cosmic Bowling with DJ Blue”) – Meeting Room – Special Events – Birthday Parties – DW Grill – Right Arm Nights • Breakfast, Lunch, – WiFi Dinner, Catering Services
  28. 28. NAF Support Services• Unit Funds• Private Organization Advisor• FMWR Marketing (PAO of FMWR) – Month FMWR BEAR Publication, available the last Thursday of each month in FMWR Facilities – Stay in touch at WWW.FTWAINWRIGHTFMWR.COM • Monthly BEAR • Calendar Wiz – Facebook , become a FAN and get the latest information – Twitter – Weekly blast out emails – Sponsorship and Advertising – Day 1, Newcomers, North Haven New Resident Briefings – FMWR Promotions• NAF Financial Management and Manpower• FMWR Computer Support• FMWR Supply and Services• FMWR Special Events Coordinator
  29. 29. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWRACS – Ms. Karen Conrad: 353-6267 SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  30. 30. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACSSLO – Ms. Joan York: 361-9377 DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  31. 31. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLODHR – Mr. Charlie Carr: 353-7612 Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  32. 32. Directorate of Human Resources Director Charlie Carr 353-7612 Military Personnel (MPD) Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) Ms. Joan Roth Mr. Ron Huffman 353-2285 361-1377Army Continuing Education Services (ACES) Administrative Services (ASD) Ms. Jerri Tuck Mr. Kelly Cyrus 353-7270 353-7624
  33. 33. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHRChaplain: Chaplain Mike Allen: 353-9825 Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  34. 34. Chaplain Weekly OpportunitiesGospel Basset (3rd Floor) Sunday School 0930 Worship 1100Protestant Northern Lights Chapel Sunday School 1000 Worship 1100Catholic Southern Lights Chapel CCD 0930 Worship 1100
  35. 35. Chaplain Summer Events • Family Overnight Rafting Trip 13-14 July POC CH Brocato 361-4380 • Alaskan Wild Beast Feast 4 and 25 AUG POC CH Brocato 361-4380 Southern Lights Chapel • Protestant VBS 6-12 AUG POC Robb Auker 353-2088 • PWOC 12, 19, 26 JUL 1000-1200 Northern Lights Chapel
  36. 36. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR ChaplainSafety – Mr. Doug Harmon: 353-6743 ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  37. 37. Physical Training Running Routes on Fort Wainwright.• Garrison Policy #7 establishes authorized physical training running routes on Fort Wainwright.• Key Points: Protects Soldiers and assist with military, Family and Civilian workforce traveling on and off the installation. Speed limit is designated run areas is 15 mph from 0630-0745 Mon-Fri. Running on Ketchum, and Old Badger is not authorized, must use run paths. Luzon is off limits to vehicular traffic during this time period. Formations are limited to 3 abreast, and must not cross center line. Leaders and cadence callers on left of formation, with road guards posted in front and rear of all formations.• Any four or more lane road and roads where the speeds exceed 35 MPH are off limits toFormations.• Additional safety guidance is discussed in United States Army Alaska Pamphlet 600-2, dated 1 Oct 2010 (BlueBook) in chapter 10, Safety, under paragraph f.
  38. 38. Running Routes / PT Areas on FWA
  39. 39. Weapons Safety Weapons Safety  Since April of 2012 we’ve seen several mishaps involving FWA Soldiers and a fire arm. Chart provides a snap shot of incidents: Date BDE INCIDENT INJURY Alcohol Weapon 5 Apr 16CAB Failure to register-Neg Discharge Leg No Handgun 9 Apr MED Weapons Violation Unknw No Handgun 19 Apr 16CAB Looking in mirror/shot into apartment No No Handgun 17 May 1-25 Negligent Discharge No Yes Handgun 25 May 1-25 Clearing Handgun Hand No Handgun 4 Jun 16CAB Clearing Weapon Hand No Handgun 5 Jun 1-25 Negligent Discharge No Yes Handgun 8 Jun 1-25 Clearing weapon in TMP Van No No Handgun 21 Jun 16CAB Proving pistol would not fire w/pressure on Hand Yes Handgun slideThe consistent is the weapon involved.To date, the US Army’s Combat Readiness Center reports three Soldier fatalities involving anegligent weapons discharge, two with Handguns and one with an M72 Light Anti-Tank Weaponinside their company HQ.
  40. 40. Weapons Safety Leader Engagement TipsRemind Soldiers that alcohol and weapons do not mix. When socializingwith alcohol leave weapons alone.Information and training resources for the safe handling of privately ownedweapons are available in the Range & Weapons Safety Toolbox.Many law enforcement agencies encourage or require additional trainingfor weapon mounted devices for a reason, using them on personal weaponsis no different.Soldiers and Family members are encouraged to seek training and befamiliar with add-on devices before they attempt to use them.The Installation Safety Office (ISO) will assist in establishing a trainingprogram upon request from USARAK Safety and unit Commanders.Installation Safety Staff discuss weapons safety during “Spring intoSummer” & “Welcome to Winter” orientation.Know and enforce Garrison policy on Privately Owned Firearms (POF),Garrison Policy 27
  41. 41. Installation Safety Office (ISO) Contact Information Installation Safety Office is located on Gaffney in Building 1051 apt 4, the USARAK Safety Office is in apt 5. Installation Safety Office:  Safety Manager: Douglas F. Harmon 353-6473  Senior Safety Specialist: Gregory J. Sanches 353-7079  Safety Specialist /Garrison RSO Robert Tanner 353-7085  Safety Specialist Timothy Mayhak 353-7083 USARAK Safety Office  Safety Manager Clay Fell 353-7412
  42. 42. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain SafetyASYMCA – Ms. Rachel Oldfield: 353-5962 The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  43. 43. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCAThe Exchange – Ms. Kathy Maes: 356-1357 DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  44. 44. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The ExchangeDECA – Ms. Lori McDonald: 353-7310 Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  45. 45. Case Lot Sale30 August – 1 September Case Lot Sale!
  46. 46. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECARed Cross – Ms. Lynette Leasure: 353-7234 NHC PAO CSC
  47. 47. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red CrossNHC – Mr. Chris Anderson: 356-7101 PAO CSC
  48. 48. Development Snap Shot Northern Lights Relocation Bear Paw Phase 2 and Bassett Infill Construction is progressing ahead of schedule North Haven has completed 52 of the 80 new with the completion of foundations and framing JNCO homes with the remainder on schedule well underway. Completion of Areas 1, 2 and 3 for delivery in phases through August 2012. comprising 48 units scheduled for completion by July 2013. Fort Greely – Outparcel Demolition of 11 existing homes is complete and Community Center (Neely Road) construction of 16 new SNCO homes underway Construction on 10,000 sqft Community Center with preparation of foundations and construction is progressing on schedule with completion by of utilities. Completion is scheduled for July the end of September 2012. 2013.65
  49. 49. Ice Cream Skedaddle We all run for ice cream! North Haven is a proud sponsor of the Ice Cream Skedaddle 5k Family Fun RunSaturday July 28 at 10 a.m.PFC GymnasiumRegistration, 9:30 a.m.For more info, call 353-7223First 125 participants receive t-shirts!66
  50. 50. National Night Out 2012 Join North Haven for America’s Night Out Against Crime! Tuesday, August 7th 5-8 pm IHG Holiday Inn Express  Food  Games  Prizes  Live Music Bring the entire family for food, fun and so much more! The event is free! For more information contact the North Haven Community Services Office at 907-356-7000 x16567
  51. 51. Looking Ahead … July 22nd – Red Green Regatta – 11am (Graehl Landing Park to Pioneer Park) 28th – Ice Cream Skedaddle at FMWR Family Fun Run (PFC Gymnasium) 31st – New Resident Orientation – 5pm - Southern Lights Chapel August 7th – National Night Out at IHG Army Hotel & Greely Picnic Pavilion 15th – Yard of the Month 18th – Post-Wide Yard Sales 25th – Military Appreciation at Pioneer Park 28th – New Resident Orientation – 5pm - Southern Lights Chapel68
  52. 52. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHCPAO – Ms. Connie Storch: 353-6780 CSC
  53. 53. July Events• 18-21 July – World Eskimo-Indian Olympics• 18-22 July – Golden Days• 21 July – Golden Days Grand Parade
  54. 54. AGENDA Welcome Remarks DPTMS DES DPW DOL SJA DFMWR ACS SLO DHR Chaplain Safety ASYMCA The Exchange DECA Red Cross NHC PAO CSC
  55. 55. Next Community Action Council:01 August 2012, LFCAC State of Alaska