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  1. 1. UNCLASSIFIED//FOUOFort Riley Network 30 November 1
  2. 2. Garrison Commander COL William Clark
  3. 3. Feedback• Recycle Money• Forsythe Traffic Issues• Winter Bussing
  4. 4. Who: USAG FRKS DPWTrooper at Rifle Range Roundabout What: $1.7 M SRM project When: Start Est. April 13, end Nov 13 completion. Where: Trooper at Rifle Range Why: Replace a failed intersection that will safely pass
  5. 5. CYSS Bussing Winter Bus Service After School Bus Service Attention Middle School and High School Families: Ft. Riley Child Youth and School Services will provide Beginning 7 January 2013 after school activity bus services from the following locations Monday – Friday to the Fort Riley Middle Pick up times listed: School and Teen program located at 5800 Thomas Ave. 1750 Freshman Academy 1750 JC Middle School 1800 JC High School Pick up times listed: 1525 Freshman Academy 1525 JC Middle School 1530 JC High SchoolRegistration with CYSS is required as well as a transportation permission slip. All forms can be obtained to in lieu of the winter bus service from Peterson Heights to the Fort Riley Middle School students may bedropped off at the bus stop at 5800 Thomas Ave to ride the bus to the Middle School. If you wish for your children to waitinside the Teen center for the bus and or have breakfast they will have to be enrolled in the morning care program.Call 239-9222 for pricing information.Youth awaiting transportation to the MS from the Teen center, will be allowed to wait inside the foyer from 0730 to thePick Up time of 0740.
  6. 6. K 18 Aerial
  7. 7. AgendaDFMWR Melissa Kinney 785.239.3733DHR Chris Bowman 785.240.6267IACH Ian Mann 785.240.7507PICERNE Michelle Geering 785.717.2210DECA Peter Howell 785.239.6621Exchange Joann Enecial 785.784.4094Chaplain COL Rauch 785.239.2799USO April Blackmon 757.709.3814AnnouncementsCalendar
  8. 8. DFMWRMelissa Kinney
  9. 9. Winter Break ClosingsUSD 475 Geary County: 24 DEC 2012 – 4 JAN 2013 (Note – Elementary Schools do not have school on 21 December 2012).USD 383 Manhattan/Ogden: 24 DEC 2012 – 4 JAN 2013.USD 473 Chapman: 24 DEC 2012 – 2 JAN 2013
  10. 10. Winter Break Activities• Youth Sports & Fitness: CYSS Outdoor Adventure- Snow Tubing at Westin, MO December 28, 2012• MST: CYSS - Bowling December 31, 2012• MST: CYSS- Skating January 5, 2013• YMCA: Junction City (1703 McFarland Rd) Gymnasium & Pool open for recreation• 12th St Community Center: Junction City (1002 W 12th St.) Basketball Courts, Computer Lab, and Multipurpose Room.• Spin City: Junction City (915 S Washington St) Recreation Center and Skating Rink• Ice Skating: Manhattan, KS (City Park)• Bowling: Fort Riley (7485 Normandy Dr)• Swimming: Fort Riley (6940 Warren Rd)- Christmas Break Hours 1300- 1600 Dec 22-Jan 6
  11. 11. February 11th & 12th, 0900-1200 FREE Childcare is available with early registration Call ACS to register 239-9435• A Day In The Life Of • Crisis and Coping•Integration into the Company • Customs and Courtesies•Roles and Responsibilities • Q&A Panel
  12. 12. • Starting December 7th at the Outdoor Recreation Center.• Distribution will be from 9am-5pm daily until all trees are gone.• special hours for Trees for Troops Saturday December 8th and Sunday December 9th from 9am-5pm While supplies last.• Open to Active Duty Soldiers and Family Members (one tree per household) Military ID will be required.
  13. 13. DHR
  14. 14. Drugged and Drunk Driving Prevention Month December is National Drugged and Drunk Driving Prevention Month. The ASAP Prevention Program is asking for you support in promoting the following events:• 12 Dec 2012 -Guest Speaker: Jared Estes –Victim of drinking and driving crash. Jared is a vibrant, resilient, speaker who connects with his audience on many levels. The fatal crash that changed Jared’s life occurred in Wichita, Kansas.• 1-31 Dec 2012- Scavenger Hunt- This event provides Soldiers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with resources and agencies throughout the installation. MWR is providing prizes for the winner.• 18 Dec 2012- Ugly Sweater 4 Mile Run/Walk- An event for the whole family to showcase their ugly sweaters. Join ASAP and MWR for this walk/run event to promote healthy choices. Prizes and refreshments provided.
  15. 15. IACHIan Mann
  16. 16. Select SLIDE MASTER to Insert Briefing Title Here Appointment Availability•We are happy to report several new Providers • Dr Shim-Family Practice, FHC • Dr Thomas-Family Practice, CHHC • Dr McNickle-Family Practice, FHC • Dr Ryan-Family Practice, IACH PC
  17. 17. Select SLIDE MASTER to Insert Briefing Title Here Flu and RSV Season is here• Be prepared; get your 2012 flu shot early• Wash your hands• Good nutrition• Exercise• Quit smoking• If you do get sick: • Stay home • Plenty of fluids • 239-DOCS if you need to be seen
  18. 18. 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 10/1/2012 13 10/2/2012 13 10/3/2012 11 10/4/2012 19 10/5/2012 18 10/6/2012 0 10/7/2012 0 10/8/2012 0 10/9/2012 17 10/10/2012 24 10/11/2012 15 10/12/2012 32 10/13/2012 0 10/14/2012 0No Shows 10/15/2012 19 10/16/2012 35 Or 10/17/2012 20 10/18/2012 32 (785)239-8428Unbooked Requests (785)239-DOCS 10/19/2012 42 10/20/2012 0 10/21/2012 0 10/22/2012 17 10/23/2012 12 OCT 2012 - Primary Care No Shows vs. Unbooked Requests Cancel online using 10/24/2012 17 10/25/2012 16 10/26/2012 25 cancel your appointment if you can not make it by calling: 10/27/2012 0 10/28/2012 0 No shows reduce availability for patients seeking care. Remember to 10/29/2012 18 Total No-Shows: 570 10/30/2012 10 10/31/2012 13 Total Unbooked Requests: 438
  19. 19. Picerne Military Housing
  20. 20. •Stories with Santa •McClellan Place Neighborhood Center, 6728 McClellan Loop •2 to 5 p.m. •Enjoy holiday crafts, story times and photos with Santa.•Resident holiday decorating contest •Entry deadline is December 12. •Judging will take place on December 17.•Holiday decorations reminder •Decorations may be displayed 30 days prior to holiday. •Decorations must be removed within two weeks after holiday.•Holiday office hours •December 24, Neighborhood Offices open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. •December 25, Neighborhood Offices closed •December 31, Neighborhood Offices open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. •January 1, Neighborhood Offices closed
  21. 21. •House Watch – Picerne program for residents who will be away for 7 days or longer.House Watch ensures that Picerne is able to contact the resident in an emergency as well asto provide authorization for the Maintenance Team to watch/access the home. Formsavailable at each Neighborhood Office. •Once a week, Picerne staff will: Windows closed and locked Check home for leaks Thermostat Check utility room (water heater, HVAC, crawlspace) Run water in all faucets Check refrigerator Flush all toilets Turn lights off before leaving home•Our Family for Families First Foundation Scholarship and Grant Applications •Applications are available now at •Ten 4-year scholarships will be awarded ($50,000 scholarships) •Education grants for spouses of Service Members
  22. 22. DeCAPeter Howell
  23. 23. DeCA• COMMISSARY REWARDS CARDS •Over 657,000 issued to date • Only 48% have been registered • Over 1,057,000 redeemed for $95,318 DeCA wide • Sponsored by many manufacturers and growing •34 in October to 52 in November •Program in Progress – Stay Tuned• ELECTRONIC BROADCASTING • Sign-up by sending an e-mail to • Weekly Produce Newsletters • Monthly Local Newsletter from Commissary • ALFOODACT and Recall Notices • Case Lot or Special Sale Item Listings and Dates• Holiday Closures Reminders • Closed on Christmas Day; and New Year’s Day • Early Closure on Christmas Eve (5:00 PM)
  24. 24. DeCA
  25. 25. DeCA• 2013 Scholarships for Military Children • Opens December 3rd, 2012 • 6,742 Students Awarded in 2012 (Over $10 million) • Closes February 22, 2013 • • Questions: • Or Call 856-616-9311
  26. 26. DeCA Available at your Exchange
  27. 27. Exchange
  28. 28. Book Signing at Exchange• Authors of the book “Now you tell me! 12 Army Wives Give the Best Advice they Never Got” will be at your Ft. Riley Main Exchange Dec 8th from 12-4 signing the book.
  29. 29. A Magical Photo Memory with Santa• Santa will arrive Dec 1st at the Fort Riley Exchange and will be there till 24th Dec.• Hours will be Mon-Sat 1000-1800 & Sun 1200-1800
  30. 30. Holiday Hours• Main Exchange will be open 24 Dec 0900- 1800• Closed Christmas Day• 31 Dec New Years Eve 0900-2100• 1 Jan New Years Day 1000-1800
  31. 31. ChaplainCH Rauch
  32. 32. Special December ServicesProtestant:• 23 Dec 1030 Main Post Chapel Christmas Service POC CH McDonald- 785-239-3436Catholic :• 24 Dec 1630 Children’s Mass at Morris Hill Chapel• 24/25 Dec Midnight Mass at St. Mary’s Chapel• 25 Dec 0900 Mass at Morris Hill Chapel 1200 Mass at IACH Chapel POC CH Kazarnowicz- 270-874-7132 or 785-209-4765Orthodox: Christmas Divine Liturgy• 24 Dec 2200 St. Mary Magdalene Orthodox Church- Manhattan, KS POC CH Gillette- 785-239-8346Liturgical:• 24 Dec 1000 IACH Chapel POC CH Jasiurkowski - 785-239-7871
  33. 33. Upcoming EventsWeekly Luncheon Bible Study- Every Wednesday, 1200-1300 @ USOPOC- CH Adriatico 239-9530 or CH Ball 240-3855Momentum Youth- Every Wednesday, 1800-1930 @ Normandy Chapel for High School and@ Kapaun Chapel for Middle SchoolSki Retreat- 18-21 Jan Ski Monarch Mountain, CO. For Middle and High School. Cost $325.00includes lodging, food, lift tickets, ski/snow board rental, and transportation.POC- Rick Hernandez 785-712-7287Spiritual Rangers-Sun.9 Dec. 1400-1700; Location Godfrey’s Shooting and Archery RangePOC Don Ericson, DRE 239-0979 or of Brothers Monthly Men’s Bible Study- Sat. 8 Dec, 0800-0915 @ Kapaun Chapel.POC Don Ericson, DRE 239-0979 or Women of the Chapel (PWOC)•Weekly Meeting- Tuesdays 0900 and 1815 @ Morris Hill ChapelFor more information email riley@pwoc.orgMilitary Council of Catholic Women (MCCW)•Weekly Meeting- Wednesdays 0900 @ Morris Hill ChapelFor more information email
  34. 34. Jewish Holiday Services Temple Beth Shalom (Rabbi Debbie Stiel, Reformed) 4206 SW Munson Ave. Topeka, KS 66604 785-272-6040This year Hanukkah begins in the evening of Saturday, December 8, 2012, and ends in the evening of Sunday, December 16, 2012 Chanukah Happenings Friday, December 14, 6:00pm Program and Dinner 7:30pm Chanukah and Shabbat service
  35. 35. USOApril Blackmon
  36. 36. USO Fort Riley ®No Dough Dinners – All are 5-6:30 p.m., Bldg. 7856 Drum Street, Custer Hill loop, unless otherwise noted: – Dec. 13, 2012• 2013 dinners move to 2 days before pay day – * Jan. 11 & Feb. 13 – “No Dough Dinner lite” at the USO Center on Trooper Drive – Jan. 30 & Feb. 27; March 13 & 28 Latest info & details at 39
  37. 37. USO Fort Riley ® 40
  38. 38. Central Kansas Military Community Foundation 4th annual holiday ornament sales 2012 Cost: $12 each -or- 10 for $10/each Where to purchase Apple Days/Fall Festival MWR Kristkindle Markt At any time from CKMCF board members Any time atQuest Credit Union, Fort Riley Pioneer Services, JC Meritrust Credit Union, JC All proceeds go to CKMCF to provide grants to troops/families in need. E-mail for more info.
  39. 39. Get all four collectible ornaments: Limited supply!2009 2010 20112009-2011 ornaments - $15 ea. -or- $50 for set of 4 (2009-2012) Central Kansas Military Community Foundation Supporting our heroes and their families
  40. 40. Announcements
  41. 41. Holiday Travel Be Prepared for Winter Weather Driving Check the following items on your car • Antifreeze levels • Battery and ignition system • Brakes • Exhaust system • Heater and defroster • Lights and flashing hazard lights • Windshield wiper equipment • Tires Have a Emergency Winter Car Kit • Blanket or extra clothes • Candle with matches • Snacks / Water • Flares / Flashlight • C. B. radio, cellular phone or ham radio • Cell Phone charger • Small shovel • Windshield ice scraper • Tow rope / Jumper cables • Bag of sand or cat litter for traction • Emergency Contact Phone Numbers Stay Informed!! •Sign up for AtHoc Text Message Alerts in the back of the room
  42. 42. 1st ID Band Concert at the CL Hoover Opera House December 14th at 7 PM Free, but reservations needed. Call the Opera House for tickets 785-238-3906Performance will include: the Brass Quintet, Gunpowder andLead, and a 25-35 member concert band. There will be 11musicians from the JC Community Band participating in theconcert with the BRO Band.
  43. 43. It’s Happening in JCAt the CL Hoover Opera House The Junction City Little Theater PresentsDream a Little Dream of Christmas (A Holiday Musical Celebration) Nov 30, Dec 1, 7 & 8 at 7:30 PM Dec 2 & 9 at 2:00 PM
  44. 44. UFM CommunityNEW Classes• Lifeguarding online Learning Center• Guitar and Bass Guitar• Advanced Gardening Making Martinis Manhattan, KS• Tea Tasting• Kids’ Cooking Spring Catalog Prints• Women’s Self Defense January 3rd!• Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Enrollment for swimming lessons opens January 3rd!FAVORITE Classes• Swimming Lessons• ZUMBA!• Water Aerobics 785.539.8763• Ballroom Dance• Photography• Knitting/Crochet• Wine 101
  45. 45. CALENDAR
  46. 46. December 2012 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayBlack = MWR Event 1 Ft Riley Frosty Contest Begins 0900-Battle of Butterball BulgeRed = Community Event 1000-Chrsitkindl Market 1330-Christmas Angel Project; A&C 2000-Comedy Show; Rally Point Training Holiday2 3 4 5 6 7 8Golf Christmas Sale 1800-ACS Holiday Mixer Habaneros Family Night5pm 1730-Holiday Tree Lighting; Picerne Stories with Santa 1000-Scuba Santa; Eyster Pool bldg 5001330-Christmas Bulb 1800-College Applications Family Fitness Soccer 1800-Family Fitness Soccer; 1340-Army/Navy Football Decoration; A&C Workshop; MST Center Registration Due; CYSS CYSS Game 2000-MST Holiday Dance 1830-Library Movie Night; Post Library SKIES Winter Dance EXPO 3-6 Dec9 10 11 12 13 14 15 1000-Wreaths Across1330-Christmas Angel McCain-Disney’s Beauty and Habaneros Family Night 5pm America Ceremony Project;A&C the Beast 1300-Post Graduation 1100-Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Monster Madness Burrito Ceremonry Center; Outdoor Rec 1900-ACT/SAT Prep; MST Contest; Habanero 1300-Santa at the Library Center 1330-Christmas Bulb 1700-USO No Dough Dinner Decoration; A&C 2000-LOL Comedy Show; Rally Point16 17 18 19 20 21 1330-Family Climb Time; 221300-Family Bingo; Rally Point Ugly Sweater 4 mile Run Walk Habaneros Family Night 5pm Craig Fitness Center SAC 2012-2013 Winter Camp Activities Begin Snow Tubing (Snow Creek) Registration Due; CYSS 1900-Solstice Party; WZ 1 ID Half Day Schedule 17 DEC – 2 Jan Christmas Holiday23 24 25 26 27 28 291100-Bowling with Santa BOSS Bowl WZ Christmas Party Habaneros Family Night 5pm BOSS Bowl 1300-CYSS Snow Tubing @ BOSS Bowl Snow Creek Christmas Holiday 22-25 Dec BOSS Bowl BOSS Bowl 31 1900-New Years Eve30 Bowling USO Open Racquetball Registration Due 1900-New Years Eve Party;WZ New Years TNG New Years TNG Holiday 29 Dec-1 Jan 1 ID Half Day Schedule 17 DEC – 2 Jan Holiday
  47. 47. January 2013 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayBlack = MWR Event 3 4 5 1 2 Adult Futsal League Signup; 0945-CYSS Ice Skating in KC 2000-Comedy Show; RallyRed = Community Event 1130-Manhattan MRC Lunch King Field House Point Habaneros Family Night 5pm CYSS Hour Care Night 0700-Fit 4 Life Fort Riley Begins; King Field House New Year’s Holiday6 7 8 9 10 11 121500-Kids 8 For 8 Bowling Habaneros Family Night 5pm MST Learning Styles P2P 1100-Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Workshop Center; Outdoor Rec Ft Riley Futsal Program Begins; Long Fitness Center 0900-1200 FRG Leader Training 8-9 Jan; ACS 0900-1630 CFNC Core Training 7-11 Jan; ACS13 14 15 16 17 18 191500-Kids 8 For 8 Bowling 1700- Fort Riley Biggest Loser 1000- FRG Funds Custodian Habaneros Family Nigh t5pm 1330-Family Climb Time; Craig 1900-MST Movie Night Begins; King Field House Training; ACS Fitness Center2000-MST New Year’s Dance 1900-Flick N Float; Eyster Pool MLK, JR Bday 4 Day20 21 22 23 24 25 26Family Bingo 1145-MLK EO Observance 1530- MST Belly Laugh Day FR Network 0900-Racquetball Tournament; King Field House & Long1500- Kids 8 For 8 Bowling Habaneros Family Night 5pm Racquetball Tournament Fitness Center Registration Ends Winter X-Games in Aspen 24-27 Jan; USO MLK, JR Bday 4 Day 0900-1500 AFTB Level 1; Resiliency Learning Center27 28 29 30 311500- Kids 8 For 8 Bowling McCain-A Chorus Line 1800-Volunteer of the Quarter Winter X-Games
  48. 48. February 2013 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday SaturdayBlack = MWR Event 1 2 1900-Comedy Show; RallyRed = Community Event Point 0830-AFTB Level 1; RLC CYSS Snow Tubing @ Snow Creek Registration Deadline3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1000-Financial Peace1100-Super Bowl Sunday; WZ 1000-FRG Key Caller Training; 1730-MST Resiliency University ;RLC ACS Workshop P2P; MST Center 1300-CYSS Snow Tubing @1500-Kids 8 For 8 Bowling Snow Creek; CYSS Dodge Ball Tournament 0900-Dodge Ball Tournament; Registration Ends King Field House 1800-Beer Fest; RCC 0830-1630 Resilient Spouse Academy 4-8 Feb; RLC10 11 12 13 14 15 161500- Kids 8 For 8 Bowling 1530-MST Mardi Gras Party; 1300-Care Team Training; ACS 1700-Valentines Bowling 1330-Family Climb Time; Craig 0800-Couples Zumba Class; MST Center Fitness Center King Field House Couples Zumba Class Registration Ends 2000-MST Valentines Dance; 1000-Financial Peace University MST Center ;RLC 1800-2100 Valentine Dinner and Dance 14-15 Feb; RCC 0900-1500 Command Spouse Training Exercise 11-12 Feb; RLC Washinton’s Bday17 18 19 20 21 22 23 1000-Financial Peace1400-Family Bingo; Rally Point 0900-CFNC Refresher Training University;RLC ;ACS 1100-Lawrence Indoor Aquatic1500- Kids 8 For 8 Bowling Center; Outdoor Rec Futsal Tournament Registration 1900-Flick-N-Float; Eyster Pool Ends MST Comic Night 0900-Futsal Tournament; Long Fitness Center 0900-1500 AFTB Level 2 19-21 Feb; RLC Washingtons Bday24 25 26 27 281500- Kids 8 For 8 Bowling
  49. 49. Closing Remarks