cam cad cim discounted payback period payback period marr rotation translation scaling maintenance and safety management maintenance maintenance management solid modelling manufacturing automation locators locating principles acceptance test super finishing lapping hobbing gear shapper gear cutting grinding qrcode barcode aidc fms multiple objectives nonmonetary attributes multi-attributes assumed certainty sensitivity analysis breakeven analysis physical life ownership life economic life euac useful life replacement analysis b-c ratio public projects db with switchover to sl after tax cash flow declining balance methods straight line method income tax depreciation alternatives with equal life alternatives with different life capital recovery mutually exclusive alternatives dxf express step iges neutral format data exchange repeatability accuracy world space method joint space method manipulator kinematics industrial robots external rate of return (err) internal rate of return (irr) annual worth (aw) future worth (fw) present worth (pw) data structure entity manipulation err irr fw pw 3d graphics 2d graphics computer graphics cadcam ishikawa diagram fishbone diagram cause and effect diagram 80-20 rule pareto analysis rca root cause analysis fmea failure mode & effect analysis rcm strategies rcm components rcm different models of corrective maintenance corrective maintenance measure steps for corrective maintenance types of corrective maintenance corrective maintenance mtbf mttf preventive maintenance maintenance management indices effective maintenance management maintenance department functions safety management safety annuity time period interest rate future amount present amount economic equivalence time value of money optimum demand profit area maximum profit maximum revenue price demand relationship variable cost fixed cost cost concepts green engineering benefits cost engineering project engineering economy surface wireframe csg b-rep surface modelling bézier curve hermite curve cubic polynomial
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