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  1. 1. Last week, at one of Telenor’s Karo Mumkin functions, I saw VP of Telenor Pakistan, Amir Ibrahim on TV talking about Telenor’s sincere efforts which they are doing to give a much needed direction to the Pakistani nation. He said, at this crucial moment the nation is looking at us so we could become a role model and guide them. I personally liked this idea very much, execution was marvelous and ending was superb.<br />On the other hand another frame of mind within Telenor is spoiling the whole image which Karo Mumkin effort was able to build during the entire campaign. If one campaign shows the true social responsibility of the second leading operator in Pakistan and add value to its image, other silly campaigns do the opposite.Its recent TVC about promoting the use of internet, though in a very pathetic way, go against our culture and social values.<br />If I ask Mr. Amir Ibrahim to describe this ad on the stage the way he did with Karo Mumkin, I am sure, he will not be able to deliver any positive statement about this ad because this particular TVC does not match his personality and values as well.<br />What an unethical way to promote the usage of internet by going after the college girls, only agenda is to make them friends, do not care about your teacher or principal. The entire TVC focuses on making a friendship with a college girl who is the daughter of college principal.<br />In our society, which is unfortunately on the verge of destruction just because of massive media war and lack of education being few of the reasons, does not compel us to go for any such aim in our life. Parents, teachers and women have their own distinct values. It is a fact that we are forgetting our values and that is why we have lost our identity. Globally we are called a terrorist and dishonest nation and this label is consistently pinching us the most. But we have to deal with it.<br />Since Indian culture has strengthened its roots in Pakistan through their media dominance, we have started to lose whatever we have. Many of our writers and scholars are crying over this. To some extent they are doing their part by awakening this nation and especially the youth. I again appreciate Telenor here for their Karo Mumkin effort, a ray of hope.<br />But this particular TVC reminds me of any Imran Hashmi’s movies in which he doesn’t bother to make fun of his teachers or the principal of his college and instead keep following the girl even she is the daughter of his principal.<br />A Djuice ad prior to this one came from the very school of thought, I doubt. In which a father asks his son to answer the door bell, who (Son) is busy watching TV and using Djuice package, replies the father to go for the same. Do we tell our parents or elder ones at home to do the things when they ask us to do the same?I have seen this attitude in Hollywood movies when teenagers dump their parents for nothing. If it is becoming a practice in Pakistan, should we promote it?<br />Not long ago, another Djuice TVC, in which a young guy who is apparently losing his day just because he did not sleep last night because he was texting and calling his friends, doesn’t sound good either. The TVC suggests that this boy has lost his senses and become a maniac because of SMS bundle package which means he has nothing else to do at nights but just texting and calling. He is so mentally sick that he keeps on talking to his “Jigars” while he is asleep.<br />What kind of nation are we building???<br />Is it the only way to sell the connections and promote the usage of mobile phone and internet by de-tracking our youth?<br />It’s a proven fact that people follow what they see and hear on media. We have more than 60% of youth in our population who we trust and expect to change the destiny of this country. If these people are misguided what kind of future we hold.<br />If we are inspired by Indian way of life, can’t we compete with them in creation? How many typical lardka-lardki ads they produce, particularly in the Telecom sector?<br />Today India is threatening the entire IT industry of the world by making a $35 computer tablet with is equipped with a touch screen. Interestingly this computer tablet is a creation of their university students who are being supported by Government and private entities to make it a success. Just recently Indian government has also announced to rent out the PC for Rs. 15 per day in the remote areas of the country just to remove the hindrances of affordability in the way of mass IT education.<br />Is this the only way to promote internet in Pakistan. Those countries which are using high speed internet on their move, do they keep following the opposite gender the entire day. Can’t we just promote education, health, culture and social responsibility through internet?<br />How can a boy or a girl who doesn’t sleep at night because of night package, does not respect his parents and doesn’t study at college because he/she is busy with other day packages, prosper in the real life. How successful KARO MUMKIN would then be?<br />Telenor is currently highlighting a very little percentage of de-tracked people who have no goals in their lives but just to keep texting and calling.Did Telenor think for once what all the Faizas in Pakistan will face after this ad and how many Macho Talhas will this ad produce?<br />