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  1. 1. MagIMNUopus magIMNUopus January 2008 Edition
  2. 2. MagIMNUopus Editorial Hi Folks!! We are back with a new edition in New Year. We take this opportunity to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the New Year. The edition will provide you an opportunity to peep back into year 2007 .This time business section aims at forcing you to speculate and introspect. We have tried to do root- cause analysis of dreams in article Dreams. But dreaming doesn’t cost a single penny so dream big anyway. One of the dreams come true was event “Money Messiah”. Check the article to find more about it. We are introducing a Case- Analysis contest and winning case analysis will be published in next edition. The other regular attributes like Quiz and photography are also present with product magINMUopus. We are thankful to our respected faculties for their continuous guidance and support. In the end, we hope that in New Year we will be able to provide you more return on time investment. Regards, Team magINMUopus Quote of the month: “I've always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn't have a chance to win.” ~Arnold Palmer Note: magIMNUopus invites you to be a part of team. Less the expertise better the chance.
  3. 3. MagIMNUopus Money Messiah “Another first for IMNU! This year during the annual academic fest Perspective, the students of IMNU, successfully implemented an online portfolio management simulation, Money Messiah.” This year, the students dreamt of having an online game as part of their annual academic fest, Perspective. In order to convert this dream into a reality, the students even took over the role of programmers. Yes! Everything about the game, right from the format of the game to the code, was taken care of by the students. The game was to be played for two days for a period of 45 minutes each with the prices changing every 3 minutes in accordance with the news that was being displayed. There were a lot of learning’s on the way. One of the age old statements, better known as the Murphy’s Law also demonstrated itself – “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong “. There was trouble with the server, not once but twice. However, the students could not see their dream slip away after coming so close. The continued efforts saw through all the troubles. “Money Messiah” was successfully played by the students from over 15 B- schools (including IIM’s, ISB, FMS, MDI) with participation by over 67 teams comprising of 150+ students. Compiled by magIMNUopus content development team.
  4. 4. MagIMNUopus “IT in bridging the gap between HAVES and HAVEN’TS” Indian economy is growing leap and dissemination system to hounds .Sensex doesn’t seems to show disseminate expert agriculture any regards for the numbers .But amid of knowledge to the farming all this there are few question which are community to improve the crop still to be answered: productivity. The three-tier 1. Is this growth inclusive? system consists of farmers as end 2. Is this growth sustainable? users, coordinators as intermediaries to obtain crop And answer of both questions is same, status through digital inclusion of underprivileged in this photographs and text and development saga of a potent developing communicate the advice to the nation. I know I am not a faculty on this farmers. subject. I just attended a management 2. E-Chaupal: E-Choupal an development program in IIMA and got initiative by ITC aims at an opportunity to listen some of the big empowering the farmers by names in the business like Vijay removing the role of Mahajan of Basix. Being a software intermediaries as well as training engineer from value based company like them to use technology to Infosys; it propelled me to think about procure information on alternative use of IT in bridging gap prevailing prices. ITC Limited between haves and haven’ts. has established computers and Internet access in key rural areas As I was told writing at length is not in where the farmers can directly scope of this platform, so I will only negotiate the sale of their mention some of the examples which are produce with ITC. The PCs and self explanatory for the phenomenon we Internet access at these centres are talking about. enable the farmers to obtain information on mandi prices, 1. E-Sagu: A web-based good farming practices and place personalized agro-advisory orders for agricultural inputs like system which uses Information seeds and fertilizers. This helps Technology to solve the farmers in improving the quality unscientific agricultural of produce, and also helps in practices. It exploits the advances realizing a better price. in IT to build a cost-effective 3. Rural BPO: Rural BPOs is agricultural information another initiative taken up by
  5. 5. MagIMNUopus number of organizations like village level, to stop rural to Quiver Info-services, Comat urban migration and improve the Technologies, and Satyam etc. socio-economic condition of the They aim for providing people. Around 100,000 villages employment to the rural youth in India are to be powered with through BPO services at the 4. Connectivity and if this may be broadly divided into two materializes, these villages will categories. The first one refers to have the potential to act as BPO those initiated by the central and centres. Consider 10 percent of state governments essentially these villages employing 20 concerned with e- governance. people at an average salary of The second category refers to the $65 per month. This would initiatives undertaken by the directly add $1.56 billion to the NGOs and the corporate sector. rural economy per annum and create 200,000 jobs. Although these project are effective but 5. ICT: It is a government of India are operational in only specific areas of initiatives. Government is trying country. The major challenge is to create to promote usage of IT in the life awareness for the program and create of the deprived and thus helping conducive operational environment in them to grow. The initiatives pan Indian rural areas. These projects made by TARAhaat and Drishtee will only be considered successful if have already attracted significant they are able to make any significant public attention in states of difference in life of a farmer from Haryana and Punjab. Based on Gopalganj in Bihar to Kalahandi in the nature of the actors involved, Orissa. the ICT projects in the country ~Rupali Verma
  6. 6. MagIMNUopus SHOW YOU CARE, YOU LOVE A look of adores, a pat on the shoulder saying – I am with you, a kiss to tell - I love you, a hug to ensure - we are together. These are small things, but are losing their importance in this fast pace world. Can you remember when u last told your best friend that you love him/her? When did u give your mom a tight hug telling her how much she means to you? Or kissed your grandmother and told her you are there with her? Seemed to be lost in thoughts? Well, this is the paradox of our lives these days. We have more judgments, but fewer understandings. We see more and watch less. We have learned to rush, but not to wait. We have conquered the atom, but not our inhibitions. We have more feelings, but less expression. We expect too much but give too less. We talk too much but love too seldom. When we were young we did not care while hugging our dad in front of his boss and giving him a tender kiss. We loved frightening mummy with a howl when she came out of a door. What are these actions? Aren’t they an expression of love? Isn’t it a way of telling that they hold importance in your life? They surely are. But now I think we have become a lot too sophisticated. We feel embarrassed when our mother still holds our hand while crossing a road just to ensure that you are safe. Why? When she hasn’t changed over years, her concern hasn’t changed over years, why have we? We escape from giving away a smile, hugging a friend to make him feel stronger, and from saying I Love you to our partner and loved ones.
  7. 7. MagIMNUopus With today’s busy lifestyle, it is too easy to put our relationships on the back burner and take them for granted. We tend to forget the importance of a relationship in our lives. But is this attitude ok? Let’s be honest to ourselves. Don’t we like when we know someone is there for us, to listen to our words and silence, to hold us when we are broken down, to love us the way we are. Doesn’t it feel amazing when someone makes us know that we hold certain importance in their life in one or the other manner? Then why should we hesitate in letting the other person know the same and making him feel good about it? Words are not always necessary to convey our feelings, especially for people like me who never find right words to express one’s feelings. Even a single smile can begin a friendship, a handclasp can lift a soul, a laugh can conquer a gloom, and a touch can show- you care. Remember, spend time with your loved ones, let them know, you care, you love them, you are with them, because they are not going to be around forever. Say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person soon will grow up and leave your side. Remember to give a warm hug to the one who hold importance in your life because that is most valuable gift you can give and it doesn’t’ cost a cent. Remember to say I LOVE YOU to your loved ones, but most of all, mean it. A kiss and an embrace will mend hurt when it comes from deep inside you. Remember to hold hands and cherish the moment for someday that person will not be there again. ~Meenal Johari
  8. 8. MagIMNUopus I WISH I wish u were here, with me, near me, Holding my hands, strolling on streets, Blessed by the moonlight, so pure, so neat, I wish I could, right now, savor this treat. I wish u were here in my arms, Surrounded by our lucky charms, I wish I could feel our adoration for whole night, Without any regrets, contritions or qualms. I wish we could taste the love’s sweet wine, Holding each other we would be so fine, I wish u were here to read my rosy lines, And answering them by saying, “baby, you’re mine” I wish this wind knocks your ears, Conveys my message which is true and clear, Wrapped in the envelope of my tear, All I want to say is Miss You My Dear! - Meenal Johari
  9. 9. MagIMNUopus Aspires to play global!! Case-Analysis Contest Mr. Pankaj Goel is a graduate from a prestigious college of North India .After working for 3 years with Oracle he decided to start his own company. He discussed about the venture with some of his friends in Noida and they decided to enter the industry in a phase wise manner. They didn’t left their Oracle jobs but decided to work part time for the company, they christened PG Soft. Phase wise growth of Crestech Pvt. Ltd. 1. In 2005, started a software training institute P.G Soft Pvt. Ltd. 2. In 2006, Pankaj Goel and his friends left their jobs and rechristened the company as Crestech. Company ventured in corporate training. 3. In 2007, Crestech started sourcing trained manpower in software testing. Later they started taking onsite assignments of companies like MAX and Birla Soft. Presently it is a company having 25 employees and over 4 crore turnovers. Apart from the four partners other employee are not from top institutes but trained in software tools by Mr.Goel himself. The work force is experienced in data base management and software testing. The company is going to open new office in Greater Noida area, also. Mr. Goel and his friends wish to enter into USA and Europe’s market. Question: 1. Is the firm ready for the leap? 2. What should be their strategy? Case is written by team magIMNUopus. You can send your analysis of case to Analysis should be to the point and crisp. The eminent faculty from IM-NU will judge the entries and his decision will be final and abiding for all participants. Last date of submission: 30 January, 2008.
  10. 10. MagIMNUopus Quiznost 1. The quiz consists of 10 questions. 2. Send your answers to by 11:59 PM 30/01/2008 with subject line as ‘magIMNUopus_JAN_QuizNost_Answers’. Entries sent over IP won't be considered. 4. The top five scorers’ names will be published in the next issue of the magazine. 5. In case of a tie, entry submitted earlier will be considered. 6. Multiple answers from a person would not be accepted. Only the first entry will be considered. 1. In 1984, Michael Jackson accidentally set his own hair on fire while shooting a commercial for whom? 2. As per ISO 7810, what should be 3 3/8 by 2 ½ inches in size? 3. What does a “five-finger discount” in American slang mean? 4. WTI and Brent are considered the world’s references for what? 5. When asked to shoot his debut film shot with a snake he replied, 'but I've never played with a snake except for McEnroe'. Who are we talking about?
  11. 11. MagIMNUopus 6. Identify the famous personality: 7. Identify the logo: 8. Identify the circuit:
  12. 12. MagIMNUopus 9. Identify the famous MNC’s headquarters: (Hint: within the image) 10. Identify the Prime Minister: Winners of December Edition’s Quiznost: 1. R Genes (8) 2. Rupali Verma (7) 3. Richa Palriwal (7) And the first response of the quiz came from Rupali Verma and that too in just 1 hours of release of the magazine. Congrats to all the enthusiastic participants.
  13. 13. MagIMNUopus Dreams dream. For example The Upanishads offer two theories of dreaming. One is similar to Freudian notion that our dreams represent our secret desires and Dreams …….. What are they? While wishes. The second theory is similar to this question has never been answered, Chinese idea of dream that soul wanders but it has been experienced almost by during the sleep and if a dreamer is everyone. Dreams have been a mystery suddenly awakened and the soul does to us since Adam first breathed life. This not have sufficient time to return to the mystery hasn’t been solved yet. Modern body then the dreamer may actually die. scientific interpretation suggests that Our sacred books Ramayana, dreams are nothing but meaningless Mahabharata contains references to images triggered by random brain dreams especially prophetic dreams. activity. Other researches on dreams When it comes to dream interpretation suggest that it is connected to rapid eye same dreams have myriad movement sleep. Different philosophers interpretations. According to Chinese and psychologists of all times have tradition if you dream of visiting a different views. Descartes’ the famous temple then you will have extremely French philosopher of 17th century good fortune and in other interpretation considers dreams as an alternate to books visiting a temple represents ‘reality of illusionary’ characters. spiritual growth and meditation. According to Sigmund Freud and Carl Similarly, dream of death has been Jung dreams are an interaction between interpreted as sign of good luck or conscious and the unconscious. Sigmund escaping from the demands of daily life. Freud used dreams in his Which interpretation should be believed psychoanalysis. This opened a new vista or whether they should be believed or for dream interpretation. However, not………hmmm another complicated disturbed one might be from his question like dreams itself. nightmares through dream interpretation People hear the ‘calling’ religious sorts, he could actually revisit his dream and often in dreams. Often dreams are understand its causes. However, even considered as communication channel this is debatable because as practitioner between God and human being. In our Freud is not known to have cured country only there have been numerous anyone. Carl Jung introduced subjective examples where people have actually aspect of dreams and stated that dreams taken their dreams seriously and depend on the mental state of dreamer. executed whatever was communicated. Different traditions have different For example – Balaji Temple at Salasar dream interpretations and theories on
  14. 14. MagIMNUopus Was built after a devotee dreamt about Well I think that dreams are the god and where he could find God’s idol. storehouse of some unfulfilled desires The Muslim Religion was founded on which present an alternate world where the basis of divine vision or dream they become fulfilled instead of waiting bestowed by Allah upon Prophet for a lifetime. Dreams reveal our inner Mohammad (PBUH). most secrets and even allow us to emerge our hidden selves. What makes Even the premise of Virgin Mary’s dreams prettier than reality is their escapade is based on a dream. Any complete lack of logic and contrast to serious criticism will send the Christian reality. Dreams are considerably simple Theologian and Islamic scholars to wage and easy and non sensible if one says a war, which no one could prove! them out loud. You might be in the Are dreams then as ambiguous as the concert of your favorite rock band or in mystery of the All mighty itself? These home extremely happy in the dream and are some questions I hope no one in the next stage you might be taking a explores for the sake of civilization and horrible exam where you realize you sanity, and let dreams be what they are: have no chance of passing and dream of A mystery intact in the obvious pattern getting a “F” grade can turn a pleasant of sleep. dream into a nightmare. Time travel may Whatever the scientific or philosophical not be possible in physics but it may be interpretation of dream may be for so in dreams. The dream world, common man dreams are connected to especially one in which the agent is day desires and wishes. dreaming is one in which the world “Hazaaron khwaishein aisi ki har revolves around the agent, fulfilling khwaish pe dum nikle Bahut nikle mere her/his desires. At times dreams become armaan lekin phir bhi kam nikle.” an escape from reality and at times they ~ Galib become content or the goal of reality. The literal translation of the quote would They provide the shade when it rains; make the materialization of certain they pave the path to walk ahead in life thousand desires impossible to a degree with some hope. We have been that they don’t seem to want to become constantly been guided by our dreams in real. Are dreams the storehouse of such both scenarios. Optimism keeps the unfulfilled desires which present an dream alive in so far as they can become alternate world where they become real. To conclude I would like to say fulfilled instead of waiting for a that ‘May all beautiful dreams come lifetime? Are dreams then an optimistic true’. machinery to guide our hopes and ~Radhika Bhagat longing or what one hopefully longs for?
  15. 15. MagIMNUopus Meri wali car !! Tata Motor's will unveil the 1 lakh car 10th january. The speculations on pictures and specifications of the car are: • It will be bigger than Maruti • 5-seater • Rear Engine • Average Mileage 25kms/litre • Factory Fitted A.C • No resemblance to Tata Indica. Tata Motors unveiled its 'People's Car' Nano on 10th January.It will be the world's cheapest car.The dealer price will be 100,000 rupees ($2,500). Following are some details on the car, which was presented at the Auto Expo in New Delhi. Size of Nano Car • Length: 3.1 metres • Height: 1.6 metres • Width: 1.5 metres Engine of Nano Car: • Rear-wheel drive, 2-cylinder, 623 cc, multi-point fuel-injection petrol engine. • Engine is rear mounted. • First time a 2-cylinder gasoline engine with single balancer shaft. Safety features in Nano Car: • All sheet-metal body
  16. 16. MagIMNUopus • Crumple zones • Intrusion-resistant doors • Seat-belts • Strong seats and anchorages • Rear tailgate glass bonded to the body. • Tyres are tubeless ! Environment: • Tailpipe emission Lower • Overall pollution level than two-wheelers made in India. • High fuel efficiency (20 km/litre) ensured low CO2 emissions. Compiled by team magIMNUopus content developemnet factory.
  17. 17. MagIMNUopus Benazir Assassination: Effect on business environment in South Asia They might try to assassinate me but I have prepared my family and my loved ones for any possibility” … .. this were the words of late former President of Pakistan who was assassinated on December 27, 2007 in her home city of Karachi by the militants of Al -Qaeda. A graduate of Harvard and Oxford impressed everybody with her political lineage and her persona as a female Muslim leader. But with these accomplishments she also brought various controversies associated with her name as a polarizing figure in the political history of Pakistan. The tragic assassination of Benazir Bhutto has significantly changed political and economic dynamics of Pakistan. Not only Pakistan but whole world seems to be affected by her sudden demise. Her death may have serious repercussions on political, business and social environment of the world particularly south Asia. Impact on Pakistan: The worst effect of her death is definitely witnessed by the country in which she was born and brought. Immediately after her death fear gripped among the common man of Pakistan and also the country witnessed few acts of violence by her supporters. Thus the country is in grip of severe political and stability crisis. One of the serious threat is to ongoing plans to establish democracy which seems to be now in jeopardy. Also there is threat to economic and nuclear set up of the country. Internal chaos will give way to militants and empower them to the detrimental of the country and the region. This will act as a blockade in its way of establishing contact with other countries. Inflow of goods and investment from other countries may slow down. Thus a country which is need of the foreign help, in absence of lucrative contact with other countries, will face severe financial crisis. Further the country which has already witnessed an emergency rule recently, such acts will simply carry down its image on the world map. This also has got social impact in terms of security and well being of the people .
  18. 18. MagIMNUopus Impact on world Economy Stock markets across the world dropped as fears of rising geopolitical instability owing to murder of Bhutto added to the concerns over the US economy. US stocks stumbled by great points. Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 192.08 points to 13,359.61. Further bond prices rose as investors, worried about political instability, sought the safety of US-backed investments. Stock indexes in Australia, South Korea, Hong Kong and New Zealand fell by up to 1.7%.Her assassination also had serious impact on global oil prices that drove crude oil prices higher, adding $1.39 to $97.36 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. (That’s the highest since oil hit $99.29 a barrel on Nov 21). Impact on South Asia Pakistan being a member of SAARC the death of its former President may affect other member countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and so on. Not only SAARC members but Islamic countries of the Subcontinent as a whole may reflect the affect of this crisis. Many stock exchanges reported fall in the prices of shares. Exchange of shares was slow and resulted into a few transactions. Further the political instability in one country will affect the trade between various nations. It is said that the political stability of the country decide the economic prosperity of any country. Thus a country which is looming with political crisis will invite fewer trade transactions from other countries. This will slow down the trade in the region. Impact on India India Inc on Friday said instability in the neighboring country could hamper trade relations between the two countries. Indian shares were pulled lower and then recovered briefly before closing down 9.77 points, or 0.05%, at 20,206.95 on fears that the assassination of Ms Bhutto could see foreigners withdraw funds from the region. The current situation may also impact the unorganized trade between India and Pakistan, which is estimated at about $3 billion. Not only this there is also fear that political turmoil in Pakistan may prove dangerous for India and hence India needs to be more diplomatic while dealing with its neighboring armed state. The other side of coin: But many of the strategists predict that the demise of Bhutto will have no major impact on the world. Political turmoil, extremism has been a significant factor of Pakistan’s
  19. 19. MagIMNUopus economy and hence will fail to drive down the business in other countries. Though initial reaction has been negative owing to further violence but then major markets gain substantially. The same was the case with India. Initially the prices at Dalal Street moved towards south but now they are on a rally. This is because of long term fundamentals of Indian economy which is acting as a shield against political crisis in neighboring country. Future course of action: Though this is an internal matter for the country but the neighboring countries of the region can in a diplomatic way help Pakistan in restoring the democracy. Thus it is pretty early to forecast and comment on future scenario of this debacle. No doubt the current situation will act as a Damocles’ Sword for Pakistan but hope it does not have severe impact on other nations. Hence instead of adopting wait and watch policy efforts can be made for bringing peace in the region.
  20. 20. MagIMNUopus एक शादी का संजोग है , या िक मत है ये सोच मै मु कु राया, भगवान ने भी या िक मत बनाया , हम तो एक बार मे ही पास हो जाने वाले , भगवान ने तो तीन िड ी का जुगाड़ करवाया . मेरी तीन लाईने उ देख हमने सोच ज दी होने वाला है लफडा ******************* एक , िक मत के िलखे पर तो हर कोई रोता है , कोिशश शु कर दी बन कर आिशक नेक , पर जब िलखा आ नही होता तो ब त दुःख होता िदन महीने साल गुजरतेगए , है , हम भी कई राते यूंही जागते गए . लेिकन आ या , हमने क पना के पहाड़ बनाये आनेक , दूर के एक यो षी ने मुझेबताया , पर भगवान को पसंद नही आए एक, मेरेिक मत मे जो िलखा था वह समझाया , उ ह तो कु छ और ही मंजूरथा , बोला बेटा , सच भी मेरी िक मत से दूर था . ब त बड़ा आदमी बनोगे ,हमेशा आसमान छु ओगे , क से दूर रहोगे ,हमेशा म त रहोगे . लगता है बुढापेमे लफडा कराने का है मूढ़ , और ऊपर बुला के ही कह गेहै पी मैिरज़ , पर हमे एन सब मे कोई इ टरे ट नही आ रहा था आज भी जब भी मै अपनी हथेली को िनहारता ँ , , हमे हमारी लव लाइफ का कोई ार भ नही िदख उन तीन लाईन को खोज ,अंगूठे िमटाता ँ , से रहा था , िज ासा ने ह टो का सहारा ले के पूछा , योितष की बात नही मानता तो अ छा होता , ये तो सब बताते ह , शादी कर के लफडा करता तो अ छा होता , आप तो कु छ ऐसा बताओ ,जैसा बता न पाए दूजा आप मे से िजसके भी याल ह मेरेहैस नेक , . मत िदखाओ हाथ िकसी को ,सलाह मनो मेरेएक . उसने भी ख बड़ी कर भ को िसकोडा, मेरी हथेली पकड़ कसके मरोडा , अरे तु हेतो बड़ी है बीमारी ये अजब सा रोग है , तु हेतो या बताएं ेम यूब का संजोग है , तु हारी तीन लाइन बता रही , तु हेपता नही कौन सा योग है , तु हारेदो तो ह गे लफड़े , Poem: Manish Ojha
  21. 21. MagIMNUopus Campus Buzz!! 1. IMNU football team won silver medal in Goalz 07-08. 2. The intellectual brains of IM-NU again brought glory for all the denizens of planet IM-NU as the team 'Biz-Centric' consisting of Bhushan Phadnis, Raghav Rastogi, Mahip Vyas, Yogesh Mehta, Nitin Abbi and Himanshu Aggarwal of first year MBA-FT stood second in 'Strategia' a strategy game conducted by IIM-A in their annual flagship event Amaethon 2008. Kudos to team 'Biz-Centric'! 3. The IMNU students bag first (Jai, Ankit) and third prize (Mandeep, Nandkishore) in paper presentation competition in NICOM-08. 4. Students celebrated Makarsankranti and Lohri in IMNU.