How to find our inner truth2


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How to find our inner truth2

  1. 1. 1 How to find your inner truth And overcome our own weapon of destruction
  2. 2. 2 Is fear in truth a weapon of destruction?We know that it is. Most people recognise the symptoms ofa major jolt of fear, the rapid heartbeat and clutch in thestomach. Our body has many ways that it signals fear insubtler ways, perhaps nervousness in our legs, as we lie inbed unable to sleep. Or perhaps it is a sour feeling in ourstomach or a slightly irregular heartbeat when we confronta difficult person or situation. Fear can also be seen as de-pression, especially when we have deeply absorbed thefear and doubt and turned it against our self.What must we do?We must all learn to recognise and banish both fear anddoubt from our mind and body. Fear does not tell the truthand it does not give good advice. Ask fear to leave. FEARIT THE MAJOR TOOL THAT OUR MIND USES TO STAY INCONTROL. Tell doubt to be quiet. Ask for your intuitive na-ture to take control. Then allow the light of love to floodyou and fill you. Become a column of light and love. Fearcould not possibly exist within this column of light andlove. If you are clear of doubt, you will know the rightchoice to make in every moment, right now. Your choice isthan not based on what fear says might happen, its notbased on the dire warnings of doubt, and not based onsome fantasy of what you would like to have happen, butinstead, based on what is right now and what is likely tohappen in the next moment. Clear away fear and doubtand fill yourself with love.
  3. 3. 3Find your inner truthWhen we go deeply into the truth within the moment,when we allow our self to receive direction from our innerrightness, when we move into our observer mode, we willoften be asked intuitively to overcome fear and move forthwith action, cloaked only in courage.I know that I have been asked like this, and during thosemoments I tried to remain silent for just a moment, sothat I could shift and become the intuitive, creative ob-server.
  4. 4. 4We will often be asked to do unfamiliar things, to deal withnew people, to take on tasks that may seem overwhelm-ing, or to make your choices in the direction of change.There are times when the truth will tell us to simply wait,when we were about to act rashly. There are times when itwill tell us to act, when we are feeling timid and unsure.There are times when it will tell us to act boldly in a direc-tion we never would have chosen without this guidance, sounfamiliar and frightening it is.Its at these times, that fear and doubt will try to makethemselves heard and our mind will set out to justify whatfear and doubt are saying. There are endless reasons andexcuses that will come forward why we should not followthe guidance of our inner truth. Especially most of ourfriends and family will echo this as well, for they are alsoclosely bound to fear and doubt and want only that youshould be safe.Its then that you need to be in your observer modeand know that you are the only one that knows yourown inner truth.So recognise the energyweapon of fear duringyour day, even if it is justfor one moment, anddrag this feeling out intothe light of love.Fear has so many dis-guises that we all mustspend some effort to
  5. 5. 5recognise these feelings for what they are. These energiesare often disguised as specific worry, general anxiety, an-ger and frustration, apathy and indifference.Pull feelings of doubt from the shadows and let this energymelt in the strong light of grace. Each day recognise fearand doubt for what it is: energies that are insubstantialillusions of our own making, which can exist only when wegive them permission, phantoms of our minds, bullies thatwill back down when they are exposed to the light.Lets slay the mental dragons weapon, so that we can allenter the Kingdom of Heaven and bring it into our world.From an creative observer.