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Let's Tweet Up - 18 April Workshop


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Let's Tweet Up - 18 April Workshop

  1. 1. What s oc ial mediado you us e?What are yourgoals for today?Have a look atexamples in the outerring of this diagram(also in handouts) andadd your platformsinto the tally on thewhite board.Then add to the listingof “goals for today.”
  2. 2. C e t gD itl e tie in rain ig aI nit s d S p ot f ee rh u p ro R sac , 18 March 2012 T a h g& e rin e c in L an g
  3. 3. A ot e b u.M
  4. 4. from anonymous to personalised
  5. 5. Not So Much Anymore?
  6. 6. Academic Dr Alec CourosSo, now what?
  7. 7. Ross Dawson, Marketing facts,, Attribution-NonCommercial2.0
  8. 8. identity is distributed but connected
  9. 9. engagement public & community collaboration by ♥KatB Photography♥ & = Identity Digital Reputation Presence
  10. 10. Getting Started... analyze your needs determine your purpose and what best suits your needs search out ‘your community’ map and plan to develop your full Personal Learning Environment - human, print, electronic/digital
  11. 11. Image from Learning with ‘e’s
  12. 12. Digital Identity as Portfolioshowcase your professional world attend to What? and to So What? showcase your roles embed your “unique” share your passion use your voice
  13. 13. how and where you
  14. 14. B il a A a e ic ig aIe ty ud n c d m D itl nit d Highlight material useful to colleagues Seek collaborators Source co-authors Network with colleagues prior to conferences Engage in research discussions Review feeds from [colleagues at] conferences Meet contacts, mentors, peers, collaborators Follow calls for funds & calls for participants at seminars Web 2.0 for research: building an online academic identity, by Lorraine Warren;
  15. 15. B il a A a e ic ig aIe ty ud n c d m D itl nit d Crowd source ask questions, gauge audience, expand resources Follow resources in real time Track entities professional organizations & conferences Curate resources social bookmarking for self, others, entities Post calls for readers, reviewers, papers, proposals in new realms Contribute resources open access Maintain connections Publish open access, peer reviewedTUsing Web 2.0 for research: building an online academic identity, by Lorraine Warren; et x
  16. 16. what’s the value of twitter?collective intelligence
  17. 17. T it r o vnio s wt C n e t n - e• S anisorwdhn l u muiz tr ade @ M n ec L r U in T ah e m aTee r it• M sa e ta s r@ M n ec L an r esg s h t t t U in T ah er ae a d et a u, a do e ep c a ep ne irc d t s n f n x et rs o s e t• M sa e ta c na @ M n ec L an r esg s h t o tin U in T ah er ae rf e c gu e rn in s e• # h c aU Nis h st – a e g n rt p d h tM a aha g sl e ea d f e wy f b l gd l u o a o ic a o l ein ia g e n tp a l o
  18. 18. H w ig t o b a l g r ito t o t ga o m h y u e b g e wh u h sin o bg l? oPhoto by M i x Y (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
  19. 19. H w ig to c rt yu pee c a a o m h yu ua o r rsn e s e T ah r R sac e?J bsee? ec e? eerh r o ekr
  20. 20. What can be your style(s)? Audience Use what is there, use email, access information, maybe register accounts on FB, watch youtube, maybe use in presentations, text on mobile, largely individualized activity•Creator Use and create what is there, create video, sound, upload, keep a blog, update, use FB for social events, use smart phone, access, join and participate in existing networks•Disruptor Create new networks, develop activities based on real-time events and breaking news, main space of professional identity is online, rigorously maintained, download apps onto smartphone and extend Using Web 2.0 for research: building an online academic identity, by Lorraine Warren;
  21. 21. How do I do that?
  22. 22. the importance offollowing & followers
  23. 23. tag it!
  24. 24. which tools will you select?
  25. 25. In D Aeadr In D w Aeadrl e . l ne = l e a n l ne =e x e x InD w le an e
  26. 26. S m ay u mrIf timely communication, engagement, relationshipsand conversation are considered of value to academicactivities then, if used effectively, platforms such asTwitter can have a marked impact.But if we think of a role of academic work to engagewith people, to spark conversations and debate, pulltogether specialists in a field to network we find thevalue of social media. Social media pulls insiders out,and allows outsiders in to organizations, so that theycan create a more meaningful relationship betweenthemselves and their academic work andcommunities. and @KTDigital
  27. 27. S l t eo re e c R s uc s e • Personal Learning Network - WikiPODia • Weblossary and Glossary of Key Terms • Twitter - WikiPODia • Christina Costa - academic digital identity • Lorraine Warren - online academic identity • Your Twitter Community - hashtag basics • Creating Your Own Hashtag - video • Academic Tweeters - lists and lists • Seth Godin & Tom Peters - blogging • Gareth Morris - researchers blogging • Creative Commons and Flickr
  28. 28. Ilene D. Alexander Cristina Costa @IleneDawn @cristinacostT a k t L c H win @ aer u y K t L d a @ T iga( n esy f x r)f te s eh r pee t io s h ns o u y a k s C res c & a in sy K D it U ivr o O f d o h ir l sae rsna n. L e l it o r id t