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The Next Generation of AI and Deep Learning - GTC17


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Meet our featured AI and Deep Learning experts from Amazon, Microsoft, Stanford and more, speaking at #GTC17 this year.

Published in: Technology
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The Next Generation of AI and Deep Learning - GTC17

  1. 1. GTC 2017 The Next Generation of AI and Deep Learning
  3. 3. Image Source: NVIDIA GTC offers valuable training and a showcase of the most vital work in the computing industry today – including artificial intelligence and deep learning, healthcare, virtual reality, accelerated analytics, and self- driving cars. THE POWER OF GTC
  4. 4. FOR DEEP LEARNING AND AI GTC 2017 brings industry experts, data scientists and business leaders to discuss how deep learning can transform their digital business. The track will showcase NVIDIA, customer and partner solutions leveraging GPUs to accelerate data processing and visualization to provide deeper insights. Joseph Spisak AMAZON Manager of Product Management for Amazon AI Anirdudh Koul MICROSOFT Deep Learning Data Scientist Oliver Gevaert STANFORD UNIVERSITY Assistant Professor
  5. 5. • Lex Fridman, MIT • Andrew Gibiansky, Baidu SVAIL • Bradley Erickson, Mayo Clinic • Bryan Goodman, Ford Motor Company • Joseph Bradey, Databricks, Inc. • Joseph Spisak, Amazon • Anirudh Koul, Microsoft • Stephen Merity, Salesforce Research • Olivier Gevaert, Stanford University FEATURED DEEP LEARNING SPEAKERS AT GTC17
  6. 6. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: JOSEPH SPISAK Joseph Spisak has experience driving strategies and business engagements around machine learning-based cloud workloads such as computer vision, natural language processing, video summarization, and speech recognition, and managed P&Ls at the $200 million-plus level LEARN MORE: Linkedin | Blog | Session
  7. 7. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: ANIRUDH KOUL Anirudh Koul is a data scientist at Microsoft. Anirudh brings a decade of applied research experience on petabyte-scale social media datasets, including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, Quora, Foursquare, and Bing. Adept at rapidly prototyping ideas, Anirudh has won over two dozen innovation, programming, and 24-hour hackathons. LEARN MORE: Linkedin | Blog | Session
  8. 8. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: STEPHEN MERITY Stephen Merity is a senior research scientist at Salesforce Research, joining as part of the MetaMind acquisition. Stephen holds a master's degree in computational science and engineering from Harvard University and a bachelor of information technology from the University of Sydney. LEARN MORE: Linkedin | Blog | Session
  9. 9. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: OLIVER GEVAERT Olivier Gevaert is an assistant professor at Stanford University focusing on developing machine-learning methods for biomedical decision support from multi-scale biomedical data. He is an electrical engineer by training with additional training in artificial intelligence, and a Ph.D. in bioinformatics at the University of Leuven, Belgium. LEARN MORE: Linkedin | Research | Session
  10. 10. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: LEX FRIDMAN Lex Fridman is a Postdoctoral Associate at the MIT AgeLab. He received his BS, MS, and PhD from Drexel University where he worked on applications of machine learning and numerical optimization techniques in a number of fields including robotics, ad hoc wireless networks, active authentication, and activity recognition. LEARN MORE: Bio | Research | Session
  11. 11. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: ANDREW GIBIANSKY Andrew is a software engineer and machine learning scientist at Baidu SVAIL with an interest in deep learning, computational biology, and most other interesting computational problem. I have an extensive background in computer science and applied mathematics. LEARN MORE: Bio | Research | Session
  12. 12. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: BRADLEY ERICKSON Brad Erickson received his M.D. and Ph.D. from Mayo Clinic. He went on to be trained in radiology, and then a neuroradiology fellowship at Mayo, and has been on staff at Mayo for 20 years. He does clinical neuroradiology, has been chair of the Radiology Informatics Division, and is currently associate chair for research. LEARN MORE: Linkedin | News | Session
  13. 13. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: BRYAN GOODMAN Bryan Goodman leads Ford Motor Company's machine learning for autonomous vehicles department, including groups in Michigan, California, and Israel. Bryan has applied machine learning and optimization methods to business analytics problems at Ford for 15 years. LEARN MORE: Linkedin | Research | Session
  14. 14. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: JOSEPH BRADLEY Joseph Bradley is an Apache Spark Committee member and PMC member working on machine learning at Databricks. Previously, he was a postdoc at UC Berkeley, after receiving his Ph.D. in machine learning from Carnegie Mellon University. LEARN MORE: Linkedin | Blog | Session