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GTC China 2017 Highlights


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As the AI revolution gains momentum, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang took the stage in Beijing to show the latest technology for accelerating its mass adoption.

His talk — to more than 3,500 scientists, engineers and press gathered for the three-day event — kicks off a GTC world tour where, in the months, ahead we’ll bring our story to an expected live audience of some 22,000 in Munich, Tel Aviv, Taipei, Washington and Tokyo.

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GTC China 2017 Highlights

  1. 1. GTC CHINA 20I7
  2. 2. “At GTC 2017, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang Took Beijing by the Storm of AI” —TechWalker
  3. 3. GTC China 2017 was a three-day event hosting more than 4,000 attendees, 100 press and analysts, and 70 professional talks. Developers and leaders from China’s largest and most innovative companies were on hand. “NVIDIA Builds on AI Success at GTC Beijing” —Forbes Deep Learning Institute 575 developers Keynote 375K live views Show Floor + Special Events 40 exhibitors Inception Awards 5 leading AI startups
  4. 4. Two forces are driving the future of computing. First, Moore’s law has ended. Transistors continue to grow by 50% per year, but CPU performance only grows by 10%. Second, the combination of deep learning, big data, and GPU computing has ignited the AI revolution. NVIDIA GPU computing has given the industry a path forward. Developers all over the world are jumping onto the platform. This year, 22,000 people will attend NVIDIA’s GTC developer conferences. And GPU developers grew 14X in 5 years to over 600,000. “GPU Is Moore’s Law in the Era of Artificial Intelligence” —Leiphone
  5. 5. NVIDIA The World’s AI Computing Platform NVIDIA TensorRT 1st Programmable Inference Accelerator NVIDIA TensorRT AI Cities Platform NVIDIA DRIVE Open AV Platform for the Transportation Industry NVIDIA TensorRT Xavier 1st Autonomous Machine Processor We made announcements in five major areas at GTC China. In sum, China’s most important companies have adopted the latest NVIDIA GPU computing technologies for AI. And we advanced the NVIDIA platform for the next great AI challenges: inference and autonomous machines. “NVIDIA Targets Next AI Frontiers: Inference And China” —Forbes
  6. 6. “NVIDIA Signs Massive Deal with China’s Kingpins” — Seeking Alpha NVIDIA Tesla V100, a 120 TeraFLOPS processor created to drive the next wave of AI, was adopted by Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent for their datacenters and cloud service infrastructures. Researchers and startups can now rent the most advanced AI infrastructure in the cloud and avoid the complexities and expense of building a supercomputer. In addition, Huawei, Inspur, and Lenovo are using the NVIDIA HGX reference architecture to offer Volta-based servers for enterprises requiring a dedicated AI supercomputer.
  7. 7. “Inferencing Is a Huge Market with Infinite Potential. With TensorRT 3 NVIDIA Is Ahead of the Game.” —AI Era AI will infuse intelligence into 20 million cloud servers, hundreds of millions of autonomous machines, and trillions of IoT devices. But AI inferencing platforms must be programmable to run the increasingly diverse, and more complex, AI networks. We announced TensorRT 3, the world’s first programmable inference accelerator, which sharply boosts the performance and slashes the cost of inferencing, from the cloud to edge devices. TensorRT supports all frameworks and determines the optimal strategy for each target GPU.
  8. 8. “NVIDIA Tech Radically Improves AI Inferencing Efficiency” — Tom’s Hardware The performance of TensorRT is groundbreaking. TensorRT 3 on Volta speeds up image classification 40X over the fastest CPU, and 140X for language translation. With such performance, just one 8-GPU server can replace 160 dual-CPU servers. More than 1,200 companies have already begun using NVIDIA's inference platform, including leading Chinese AI companies Alibaba, Baidu, iFLYTEK,, and WeChat. 160 CPU servers 45,000 images/second | 65 KWatts 1 NVIDIA HGX with 8 Tesla V100s 45,000 images/second | 3 KWatts 4 Racks in a Box
  9. 9. One billion smart cameras will be deployed by 2020 to make our cities smarter and safer. But it will be impossible to manually monitor them. Building the AI City is a massive inference challenge. NVIDIA Metropolis is an edge-to-cloud platform to bring the power of AI to smart city applications, from improving traffic to enhancing law enforcement. Hikvision, the world’s leading intelligent video solutions company, adopted the NVIDIA platform from end-to-end. Alibaba, Dahua, and Huawei have also created AI solutions on NVIDIA. “NVIDIA Sets Off an Artificial Intelligence Wave in Domestic Security” — 21csp
  10. 10. One of the most important contributions of AI will be the invention of autonomous vehicles. NVIDIA DRIVE is an end-to-end platform to enable the AV revolution. More than 145 startups have adopted it. “NVIDIA’s Autonomous Driving Ecosystem Expands to 145 Startup Partners” — AI-Drive
  11. 11. It will soon be possible to create many classes of autonomous machines that can perceive their surroundings, understand their situation, and reason about what to do next. The computing challenges require real-time processing, rich sensor I/O, deep learning inferencing, high performance parallel computation, and great energy efficiency. Xavier, the world’s first autonomous machine processor, was created to power the new era of autonomous machines. Xavier: 30 TOPS of CV, Deep Learning, and Parallel Computing “NVIDIA Jensen Huang: Autonomous Machine Era Is Coming” —DOIT
  12. 12. “JD X Taps NVIDIA for Drone Deliveries, Rescue and Agricultural Use” —TechCrunch Robotics will revolutionize manufacturing, logistics, and delivery., one of the world’s largest retailers and operators of logistics, has adopted the NVIDIA Jetson platform for autonomous machines. Xavier will be the SoC for the next- generation Jetson.
  13. 13. “NVIDIA Goes All-in with AI for the ‘Goodness of Mankind’” —TweakTown “AI Godfather Jensen Huang Leads Innovation” —DeepTech “From AI at the Edge to AI City, NVIDIA Enables AI Everywhere” —ZDNet “The NVIDIA GPU Computing Empire Has Emerged” —AI Era