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  1. 1. LIKE Hostly healthly. No bad habits. DON’T LIKE Overweight. Always tired. Family history of cáncer. WANTS Just want to fell fit and healthy again. Want to live long, but stay healthy. LIKE Good income and asset base DON’T LIKE Tend to overspend. Don’t Budget properly. Wasteful. WANTS Sustainable spending habits. Long term income for comfortable life, retirement and kids education LIKE I have a scholarship, which finances an undergraduate degree. DON’T LIKE Maybe I will get bored and lazy easily. WANTS To get a challenging and interesting work environment. LIKE Support from extended family. Loving parents and brother. DON’T LIKE Parents’ health. WANTS Healthy family. Loving family for ever HEALTH AND FITNESS FINANCES FAMILY CAREER MY LIFE LIKE Like art and music DON’T LIKE No time to myself WANTS Develop art skills. Time to play the piano PERSONAL My Mind Map
  2. 2. Goal Development OBSTACLES:  Willpower to resist biscuits  No energy to exercise  Emotional eater – happy or sad  Snacking  Get up eariler to exercise  Willpower  Diet plan and ingredients  Exercise program  Alternative for emotional eating 1. Find a diet/ exercise program 2. Start diet first  Shopping for groceries  Drink more wáter  Have stash of healthy snacks 3. Follow with exercise  Set alarm an hour earlier  Star wiht walking  Increase to jogging  Introduce weights program WEIGHT: 167 pounds (84 kg) CURRENT POSITION NEED SUPPORT Family/ Find a Friend to train with SUPPORT POUNDS LOST. Aim for 2 lb/week LOSE 30 POUNDS STEPS My goal is to lose 30 pounds (15 kg) . This goal is required for the health aspect of my life, in order for me to achieve my big picture ambition of always beign in good health, fit, strong and energetic. I want to achieve this goal because I wanto to be able to play football with my Friends.
  3. 3. KEY MESSAGES People who succeed have goals, and people who have goals succeed I am not afraid of failure, it is just another chance to improve myself I will put my goals in writing and prepare action plans Get out of my confort zone Get support from Friends and Colleagues
  4. 4. My Big Picture 1. A happy, healthy family full of love and personal success 2. A rewarding and fruitful career full of challenges and responsability 3. Fulfilment of interests and having my time 4. Always in good health, fit, strong and energetic 5. Having enough money to live comfortably
  5. 5. Strengths:  LOGICAL MIND helps me with several life aspects  GOOD CAREER  No physical ailments and good health generally  Happy and healthy family Weaknesses:  Lack of willpower in some life aspects affecting performance  Low aptitude for sport limits exercise options.  Energy level  Available time for personal pursuits. Opportunities  Career aspirations  Rely more on logical brain to overcome obstacles in some life aspects Threats  Threats to Company from economy  Change in health  Change in pay My Personal SWOT Analysis