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Narayan Prasad CV 2015-06

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Narayan Prasad CV 2015-06

  1. 1.       Page  1  of  4     Narayan  Prasad   B.E  (Hons),  MBBS  (Hons),  MIPH   Address:                                                                                                                                                                  Phone:  0401  241  640   Unit  48    /  9  –  15  Lloyds  Avenue                                                                                  Email:   CARLINGFORD          NSW              2118           Clinical     Employment   2015   ROYAL  NORTH  SHORE  HOSPITAL:  Registrar  Plastic,  Reconstructive  and  Burn  Surgery   • Part-­‐time  position;  primary  duties  &  after-­‐hours  call  for  severe  burns  patients   • Ward  round  &  remain  up  to  date  on  both  plastics  &  burns  patients   • Involved  in  plastic  surgery  once  burns  responsibilities  are  attended  to   Private  Assistant  (Plastics)  during  “off”  week,  multiple  hospitals,  assist  multiple  surgeons     2014   Appointment  at  the  Gold  Coast  University  Hospital  as  Emergency  Senior  House  Officer   Appointment  at  Royal  Prince  Alfred  Hospital  as  Surgical  Relieving  Registrar  -­‐  March  31 st   Private  Assistant,  Plastic,  Reconstructive  &  Hand  Surgery     Instructor,  Emergency  Management  of  Severe  Burns  Course  (Local  &  International)   French  Language  student  (Intermediate)  –  Alliance  Française  de  la  Gold  Coast     2013   Private  Assistant,  Plastic,  Reconstructive  &  Hand  Surgery  at  multiple  Private  Hospitals   Volunteer,  Médecins  Sans  Frontières  Australia  and  Interplast  Australia  &  New  Zealand   Clinical  tutor,  Sydney  Medical  School     Instructor,  Emergency  Management  of  Severe  Burns  (EMSB)  course  and  instructed   French  Language  student  level  A2.1  –  Alliance  Française  de  Sydney     2012   CONCORD  HOSPITAL:  Registrar  Plastic  Surgery  and  Burns     • Burns  and  plastics  call  –  advising  airway  management  and  transfer  decisions   • Surgery  of  acute  burns  and  long  term  complications  –  scar  contracture  release     LIVERPOOL  HOSPITAL:  Registrar  Plastic,  Reconstructive  &  Hand  Surgery     • Assisted  head  and  neck  dissections,  level  I  –  V  node  clearance     • Assisted  limb,  facial,  head  and  neck  and  free-­‐flap  breast  reconstruction     • Assisted   &   performed   –   carpal   tunnel   release   (open   &   endoscopic),   A1   pulley,   ganglion   excision,   closed   reduction   +   K-­‐wire;   ORIF,   tendon   (flexor   &   extensor)   repair,  digital  nerve  repair,  digital  and  hand  replantation     2011   WESTMEAD  HOSPIAL:  Surgical  Senior  Resident  Medical  Officer   • Relief  –  Surgical  Registrar  Bathurst  Base  Hospital  and  SRMO  Westmead   THE  CHILDREN’S  HOSPITAL  AT  WESTMEAD:  Surgical  Senior  Resident  Medical  Officer   • Majority  in  Plastic,  Reconstructive  Surgery  and  Burns     • Also  involved  in  General,  Orthopaedic  Surgery  and  Neurosurgery/Rehabilitation   2010   SYDNEY  WEST  AREA  HEALTH  SERVICE:  Resident  Medical  Officer   • Emergency,  Orthopaedics,  Plastic  &  Reconstructive  Surgery,  Trauma  HDU   2009   GOLD  COAST  HOSPITAL:  Intern  
  2. 2.       Page  2  of  4     Qualifications                               Master  of  International  Public  Health  -­‐  University  of  Sydney,  2012     Bachelor  of  Medicine/Bachelor  of  Surgery  (Honours)  -­‐  University  of  Sydney  2008   • Honours  Project  in  rural  Public  Health  at  Orange  Base  Hospital:                        “Screening  for  Chlamydia  in  Higher  Populations  of  Higher  Risk”   • Design  prospective  study  with  ethics  approval     • Collected  samples  for  PCR  to  screen  local  University  population   • Esma  May  Harris  Scholarship   • Hoc  Mai  Scholarship  -­‐  Elective  at  Viet  Duc  Surgical  Hospital,  Hanoi,  Vietnam     Bachelor  of  Engineering  (Honours)  -­‐  University  of  Sydney  2003   • Thesis  Project  with  Royal  North  Shore  Hospital,  Spinal  Injuries  Unit:   “Restoration  of  Hand  Function  to  Spinal  Cord  Injured  People”     Thesis  Mark:  86%  ~  High  Distinction   • Dean’s  List  for  Academic  Excellence   • Mechanical  &  Mechatronic  Engineering  Prize  –  Design  of  Prosthetic  Lower  Limb     Research   The  epidemiology  of  traumatic  head  injury  from  a  major  paediatric  trauma  Centre  in  NSW,   Australia     The  ANZ  Journal  of  Surgery  2014  Jun;84(6):424-­‐8  (co-­‐author)     Paediatric  Burn  Wound  Impetigo  After  Grafting   The  Journal  of  Burn  Care  and  Research  2015  Mar-­‐Apr;36(2):e41-­‐6  (2 nd  author)   Presented  at  RACS  Annual  Scientific  Meeting,  Kuala  Lumpur,  May  2012       The  Emergency  Management  of  Severe  Burns:  Inaugural  courses  in  Nepal  &  Indonesia   Presented  at  the  17 th  Congress  of  International  Society  for  Burn  Injuries,  Sydney,  Oct  2014     Accepted  for  oral  presentation  at  the  10 th  Asia-­‐Pacific  Burns  Congress,  Bali,  August  2015     Burn  injuries  in  Syria:  A  field  hospital  burn  unit   Presented  at  the  17 th  Congress  of  International  Society  for  Burn  Injuries,  Sydney,  Oct  2014       The  use  of  repeat  CT  scanning  in  paediatric  traumatic  brain  injury   Poster  presentation  at  RACS  Annual  Scientific  Meeting,  Kuala  Lumpur,  May  2012   Paediatric  aerosol  burns:  A  review  of  increasing  incidence   Presented  at  RACS  Annual  Scientific  Meeting,  Kuala  Lumpur,  May  2012     Pleomorphic  xanthoastrocytoma  and  ganglioglioma  collision  tumour:  a  report  of  two  cases   of  malignant  transformation   Submitting  for  publication  in  Child’s  Nervous  System   Skills  Courses                 Clinical   • Care  of  the  Critically  Ill  Surgical  Patient  (CCrISP)   • Early  Management  of  Severe  Burns  (EMSB)  Course  &  Instructor’s  Course,   ANZBA     • Australia  &  New  Zealand  Surgical  Skills  Education  and  Training  (ASSET)   • Acute  Surgical  &  Medical  CT  Interpretation,  Lightbox  Radiology  2012   • Early  Management  of  Severe  Trauma  (EMST),  RACS  2011     • Advanced  Paediatric  Life  Support  (APLS),  Advanced  Life  Support  Group  2011     • Critical  Literature  Evaluation  and  Research  (CLEAR),  RACS  2011   • Hand  Trauma  Emergency  Care  Course,  Sydney  Hospital  Hand  Unit  2010   • Simulated  Surgical  Skills  Program,  ASERNIP-­‐S  2010  
  3. 3.       Page  3  of  4     Skills  Courses         Non-­‐Clinical   • International  Placement  Preparation,  Médecins  Sans  Frontières  2013     • Humanitarian  Operations  Disaster  Relief,  Australian  Aid  International  2011   • International  Humanitarian  Law  (IHL)  Course,  Australian  Red  Cross  2008   Leadership   roles   2014  -­‐  Present   • Social  Justice  Portfolio  –  Doctors  in  Training  Committee,  Australian  Medical   Association  New  South  Wales  Chapter  (AMANSW)   2010  –  2011   • Westmead  Hospital  RMO  Society  –  Surgical  Representative   • NSW  Clinical  Surgical  Training  Council  Trainee  Sub-­‐Committee     2005  -­‐  2008   • A  Founding  Member  of  Hands  of  Help  –     o Director  of  Sponsorship  (2005)     o Treasurer  (2006)     • First  Year  Representative  –  Sydney  Medical  Program   Volunteer   work     INTERPLAST  Australia  &  New  Zealand  ~  EMSB  Course  Instructor   • Modilon  General  Hospital,  Madang,  Papua  New  Guinea  (March  2014)     • Bali,  Indonesia  (Dec  2013)   • Kathmandu,  Nepal  (Oct  2013)     Australia  and  New  Zealand  Burn  Association  (ANZBA)  ~  EMSB  Course  Instructor         • Senior  Instructor  –  instructed  more  than  15  courses   • New  South  Wales  –  Sydney  and  Regional  (Wagga  Base  Hospital)   • Western  Australia  -­‐  Royal  Perth  Hospital     • Queensland  –  Townsville  Base  Hospital     • Victoria  –  The  Alfred  Hospital,  Melbourne     Médecins  Sans  Frontières  Australia  ~  Office  Volunteer  (Sydney)   • Operational  data  analysis   • Organised  liaison  with  the  International  Society  of  Burn  Injuries  (ISBI)  for   collaboration  to  address  enormous  challenge  of  severe  burn  management  in   neglected,  vulnerable  populations  within  acute  conflict  humanitarian  disasters     2005  -­‐  2008   Hands  of  Help  –     • Fundraising  in  Sydney   • Field  work  –  building  infrastructure  and  public  health  systems  to  prevent   infectious  disease  in  2005   • Field  work  –  organization  of  over  70  volunteers  across  two  rural  Ugandan   projects  as  well  as  orphanage  project  in  Nairobi,  Kenya   • Collaboration  with  Kenyan  &  Norwegian  Red  Cross  as  well  as  British  and  Kenyan   private  stakeholders  for  refurbishment  of  Nairobi  orphanage   • Promotion  of  organisation  to  recruit  interstate  medical  students     2004  -­‐  2005   Social  Companion,  Lorna  Hodgkinson  Sunshine  Home   Volunteer,  Eastern  Respite  and  Recreation    
  4. 4.       Page  4  of  4       Non-­‐clinical   employment   2004   Graduate  Acoustic  Engineer,  Richard  Heggie  Associates   Contract  Acoustic  Engineer  for  Environmental  Noise  Monitoring,  Arup   Graduate  Acoustic  Engineer,  Rail  Infrastructure  Corporation   2003   Tutor  1st  and  2nd  year  Mechanical  Engineering,  University  of  Sydney   Interests     • Human  rights  and  global  health  equality  in  access  to  and  quality  of,  health  care   and  health  education       • International  humanitarian  assistance  –  in  particular,  health  care  in  humanitarian   emergencies     • Global  burden  of  surgical  disease  –  in  particular,  trauma  and  reconstruction;   improving  audit,  post-­‐operative  care  and  patient  follow  up  for  every  surgical  relief   effort;  multi-­‐disciplinary  approach  with  inclusion  of  allied  health;  education   between  local  and  international  medical  staff     • Public  health  and  health  policy  –  in  particular,  assessment  of  root  causes  of  given   surgical  disease  burden  and  formulation  of  action  to  ameliorate  root  cause     • Passionate  about  all  outdoor  activities  and  sports   -­‐ Surfing:  NSW,  QLD,  Bali,  Spain   -­‐ Snowboarding:  Australia,  New  Zealand,  Canada,  Japan  (multiple  trips)   -­‐ Running:  10  km  and  half-­‐marathon   -­‐ Swimming,  cycling,  soccer,  cricket,  AFL     References   Available  on  request