Drupal With SMS And Telephony For Fun And Profit


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Arvin Singla's presentation from Drupal Camp Toronto 2012.

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  • for profit is an after thought I’m a developer I started thinking how I use my mobile device and why I feel SMS is a fantastic technology
  • Involved with Drupal for 6 years Work with the nifty folks at Myplanet Design and technology company back end and front end developers, Designers, UX, and many many more.
  • Yay monies
  • Whether you use it or not, other people are.. LOTS of people Smart or Feature phone almost everyone can receive SMS - Proliferation of texting and data only plans
  • Not telling you to spam your clients, but it’s interesting how because these devices are with us we’re more likely to listen to what they have to say. With great power comes great responsibility The information is bite sized much like twitter the message has to be very pointed
  • Mention email and newsletters
  • Private branch exchange mention asterisk and other providers - this is a simple DIY solution
  • It’s all about the DATA!
  • James McBryan
  • - Mention existing Twilio module and current status - Mention upcoming features - Views phone number - Rules
  • It’s all about the DATA!
  • Drupal With SMS And Telephony For Fun And Profit

    1. 1. 11/16/12
    2. 2. We’re hiring! Arvin Singla 207-90C Centurian DrContact @arvinsingla Markham, Ontario arvin@myplanetdigital.com L3R 8C5us:
    3. 3. For Profit!
    4. 4. SMS - The Obligatory Statistics slide • 7.8 trillion SMS trillion messages were sent in 2011. • SMS traffic is expected to reach 9.6 trillion in 2012. • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being delivered
    5. 5. SMS vs Email
    6. 6. SMS Integration Use Cases • SMS Direct Marketing – Coupons – Sales promotions – Events organization – Real time updates
    7. 7. VoIP Telephony Use Cases • Advanced PBX setups on the cheap (“For support press 1”) • Reduce infrastructure costs (pay for usage instead of monthly
    8. 8. SMS and VoIPwith Drupal
    9. 9. Benefits of integration • Access to your existing data • Ability to store/save data • Automation of interaction
    10. 10. Current state of D7 Modules • SMS Framework (sms_framework) – D6 version is fully functional – D7 still a work in progress (lots of errors) – Rules integration still not working correctly – Allows for multiple gateways • VoIP Drupal (voipdrupal) – D6 version extremely feature rich – D7 still a work in progress – Larger learning curve and heavier weight
    11. 11. Using the Twilio service
    12. 12. Twilio - Cloud Voice and SMS
    13. 13. Custom Twilio Module • hook_twilio_sms_incoming – Allow your custom module to respond to incoming SMS messages • hook_twilio_voice_incomin g – Allow your custom module to respond to incoming voice calls • Rules SMS Action – SMS incoming event coming soon
    14. 14. For FUN!
    15. 15. Apps I’ve built with the Twilio Module • MyPartyPlanet – Born to help Myplanet staff party more efficiently – Listserv for SMS and Twitter • Buzzer – Allows people visiting a friends apartment to let themselves in.
    16. 16. Demo time! • Setting up Twilio integration • MyPartyPlanet • Buzzer
    17. 17. Questions?