Big data movement webcast


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This 30-minute webcast is for IT Architects, Engineers, and CIOs who build and manage globally distributed applications. Learn about the evolving landscape of big data as it relates to mission-critical systems like trading platforms, intelligence networks, logistics, and more. We also cover existing solutions for big data movement including data fabrics.

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Big data movement webcast

  1. 1. Tervela WebcastBig Data Movement:Local Access to Global InformationHosted by Barry Thompson, Founder & CTO of Tervela 1
  2. 2. We will find answers to…• Why is a strategy for moving “big data” important?• What are the current challenges, solutions and tradeoffs?• Why is data fabric appropriate for this kind of problem?• How does a typical customer benefit from the fabric? 2
  3. 3. About the presenter...• Barry Thompson• Founder and CTO of Tervela• Visionary with 20 years of experience• Background in transformative technologies (robotics, imaging & traditional enterprise)• Technology leadership for AIG, NatWest and UBS• X-Prize board of trusties 3
  4. 4. Big Data Dynamics• Terabytes daily • Trends & signals• Broad analysis • Responsiveness• Many producers • High Performance• Many consumers Big Data Real time Big Data Movement Flexible Global Delivery Scale getting big data to• DB/NoSQL/Stream •Distributed apps globally distributed• Public/Private cloud •Local performance apps when it is• Virtualization •Central monitoring needed 4
  5. 5. Real-Time Big Data: Here and NowIndustries Requirements Traders and Financial Real-time market intelligence & transactional data Services Governments and Signal acquisition and processing Intelligence Agencies Telcos and Service Global services (& data streams) synchronization Providers Logistics and Retail Real time decision-making and BI analytics Payment Processing Secured, compliant and risk averse data exchange 5
  6. 6. Big Data Challenges Data movement across globally distributed apps fails to meet expectations for cost-efficiency, speed and reliability. Replication Isn’t Real-Time Remote Access Isn’t Fast Enough Disaster Recovery Too Expensive 6
  7. 7. Moving Mountains with a Data Fabric 7
  8. 8. Data Fabric: High Performance Ultra Low Latency Very High Throughput Intelligent Message Routing Efficient Topic Sorting 8
  9. 9. Data Fabric: Extreme Reliability No-loss Fault Tolerance Integrated Caching Hot-hot Data Replication 9
  10. 10. Data Fabric: Security, Compliance Role-based Access Control Alerts and Audit Trails Secured Data Transport Protocols 10
  11. 11. Tervela for Big Data Movement Tervela Data Fabric • Higher performance (10-100x) • Less development (50%) • More reliable (zero production outages) • Faster to deliver new apps (weeks, not months) 11
  12. 12. What’s New in Tervela v5.0• New Features to Engage Developers TMX: Message Switch Message transport through the fabric• First high-performance data transport solution that’s either hardware or software• Faster time-to-market for new apps• Free to download and use for TPE: Persistence Engine Embedded storage within the fabric development & test• Features • Virtual appliances (100% interoperable) TPM: Provisioning & Management Central management of the fabric • Last-known value, Last-known message • Programmatic Administration • Integrated Fabric Monitor • SSD Tervela Persistence Engine (TPE-510A) Client API C, C++, C#, Java, JMS • Developer Enhancements • Usability Enhancements 12
  13. 13. Use Cases From Tervela Customers Financial Trading e-Commerce• Background  Background - High-volume electronic trading - Connect consumers and merchants - Trading apps co-located at global exchanges - Scan e-Commerce sites to find deals and post items for site visitors• Challenges - Massive data distribution wasn’t scalable  Challenges - Lacked unified view of transactional data for - Batch mode processing inadequate business risk management - Real-time pricing and quick catalog update & replication• Tervela Solution - Primary data fabric for real-time global  Tervela Solution trading - Data fabric connects processing - High-speed, no-loss global information components sharing built into simple unified architecture - Real-time updates to distributed catalog & built-in handling of data replication 13
  14. 14. Learn More About TervelaDownload the Data Fabric as a virtual appliance: some Tervela case studies: how Tervela helps your initiatives: 14
  15. 15. Thank you! 15