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  1. 1. My Dinner ofAdmiration
  2. 2. Welcome to mydinner!Tonight’sguests are allverydear to me. They arepeople I admireverymuch.By telling you of my guests Iwillalso betellingsomethingaboutmyself. Our idols are a part ofourpersonalities.Theygiveus informationaboutourtaste, ourinterestsand the kind ofpeoplewehaverespect forand show admiration for.
  3. 3. Letmeintroduce…. Mr Paul Auster! is a writer from Paul Auster USA. Helives in Brooklyn, New York together with his wife, the author Siri Hustvedt. Paul Auster has written over 20 books. Hewrites fiction, poetry, screenplays and essays.
  4. 4. I haveloved Paul Austersince I was 15 yearsold and readhis bookThe New York Trilogyfor the first time.His books are oftenaboutthemessuch as losing youridentity, finding your way in a big and lonely world andliterature.Also, he has avery coolpersonality.Herepresents apart of Americathat I really love;the intellectualAmerica. He hasa lot to say andis such aninterestingperson.
  5. 5. I haveinvited Paul Austerbecausehe is truly myidol.I would love to talk to himabout his writing andthe different themesheuses in his novels.I am alsoquiteobsessed with howhe and his wifethe wonderfulauthor Siri Hustvedt, alsoone ofmy favouriteauthors, leadtheirlives in New York.During my dinner I would ask Paul Austerabouthis stories and I woulddiscuss my ideas on hiswriting and ask whathewasthinking of them.That discussioncould last for hours… I wouldalso ask himabout his views on the American society and American culture.
  6. 6. My second guest is… Mr Serge Serge Gainsbourg was a French Gainsbourg! singer, actor and writer. Hewasborn in 1928 and died in 1991. Eventhoughhe is verycontroversialhe is still one of the mostpoplular artists in France. His mostfamoussong is the verydirtysong ”Je t’aime… Moi non plus…” whichherecorded with his wife Jane Birkin.
  7. 7. When I was a teenager I saw a documentaryabout SergeGainsbourg and I was so fascinated and glued to the TV thatmy boyfriend got jealous…I hadheard the songJe t’aimebuthadneverknown who wasthe person behind it. Now I started to listen to the rest ofhis music.I love Frenchculture andSerge Gains-bourgplays animportant partof Frenchculture in the20th century.
  8. 8. I would love to talk to Serge about his interesting life,howhecouldbecomesuch a bigstar in Franceeventhoughhe sang about sex, incest, drugs andalcohol.I wouldalso love to ask himabout his destructivewayof living, ifhewouldchange his life ifhecould.If Serge would come alive for my dinner I wouldalsoask himabout his views on French society today. I wouldalsoconfront Serge about his views on womenbecauseeventhoughhemad e a lot of womenveryfamous his songs and videos wereoftenquestionable in a feminist perspective.
  9. 9. And last but not least…. Mr Woody As you mayberemember Allen! Woody Allen is a film maker from New York. He has directed almost 50 movies, most of them set in New York with himself as the leadcharacter. Woody Allen is one of the mostfamousmoviedirectors and hecan get almost anystar to play in his movies. He’smademovies like Annie Hall, Everybodysays I love
  10. 10. Woody Allen is alsosomeone who I haveadmiredsince Iwas a teenager.I really like the tone of his movies and the fast dialogue.I’m a sucker for New York and so is he.I think Woody Allen is a goodactor and hewrites scriptsthat can be read as literature, which I think is great.One otherthing isthat heoftenworkswith actors that Ilike, for exampleAlan Alda.
  11. 11. If Woody was my guest I would ask himabouthowhe gets hisideas for his movies.I wouldalso talk to himabouthowhewritesmovies that seemto be abouthimself and the womenaroundhim.I wouldalso like to ask himabout his obsession for New Yorkand Paris, twocities that often play a big part in his films.
  12. 12. I haveinvitedtheseguestsbecausetheyhave a lot in common:•They are people I admireverymuch•Theyhave all been to New York and Paris a lot.•They are all of Jewishheritage, something that is importantfor their work.•They all havesomething to do with incest: Woody Allenactuallymarried his wife’sadopteddaughter; PaulAuster’slatestnovel deals with incest and Serge Gainsbourgwrote the songLemon Incest and recorded it with hisdaughter Charlotte.•They are all, just like me, fanaticabouttalkingaboutculture,literature, religion, psychology, philosophy and life. BonAppetit!