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Movie notting hill

  1. 1. MOVIE WORKSHEET NOTTING HILL A –Order the sentences below according to the sequence of the events in the story. Will takes Anna to his sister‟s birthday party. 3 Hundreds of paparazzi are waiting outside. 5 William‟s house. 2 Anna and William meet for the first time in a bookshop. 1 Anna and William sleep together. 4 William decides to end his relation with Anna because they live in different worlds. 6 g) Will decides to go after Anna and asks the receptionist of the hotel where Anna is. 7 h) Anna and William get married. 8 a) b) c) d) e) f) B – The following sentences test your comprehension of a passage from the film Notting Hill, some days after Anna and William‟s first meeting. Say whether the sentences are Trueor False according to what you have seen. Correct the false statements. 1. William works in a hotel. F 2. Anna loves William. T 3. William has two sisters and one is paraplegic. T 4. William‟s apartment is very tidy. F 5. William goes to the hotel where Anna is and says he is a member of her family. F C – Complete the sentences below with one word, according to what you are told in the story.
  2. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Max, William‟s brother-in-law, has problems with the FOOD. William‟s youngest sister‟s name is HONEY. Anna is a VEGETARIAN (eating habits). Bella and Max can‟t have a BABY. Will‟s youngest sister is in love with SPIKE. When Will goes to Anna‟s hotel room, he feels disappointed because he meets Anna‟s BOYFRIEND. D – The following text is an extract from the dialogue between William and Anna. Read it. W – Oh Jesus. Here, let me help. He grabs some paper napkins and starts to clean it off – getting far too near her breasts in the panic of it… A – What are you doing?! He jumps back. W – Nothing, nothing… Look, I live just over the street. You could get cleaned up. A – No thank you. I need to get my car back. W – I also have a phone. I‟m confident that in five minutes we can have you spick and span and back on the street again… in the non-prostitute sense obviously. A – Okay. So what does „just over the Street‟ mean give it to me in yards. W – Eighteen yards. That‟s my house there. Anna accepts his offer. They enter. She carries a few stylish bags. W – Come on in. I‟ll just… it‟s a mess. He kicks some old shoes under the stairs, bins an unfinished pizza and hides a place of breakfast in a cupboard. She enters the kitchen. W –It‟s not that tidy, I fear. The bathroom is right at the top of the stairs and there‟s a phone on the desk up there. Answer the questions. 1. Where are William and Anna when they meet for the second time? They were walking around the bookstore.
  3. 3. 2. What does William spill over Anna? Orange juice. 3. Is William‟s house tidy or a mess? His house is a mess. 4. What does he offer Anna to drink before she leaves? Does she accept it? He offers her a different kind of drinks but she doesn’t accept even one. E – Choose the correct option. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Anna / Bella / Max cannot have a baby because of a paraplegia. William / Bella / Spike works in a bookshop. William / Honey / Anna is an actress. Anna gives William a present: a travel book / a painting. Spike was surprised to find Anna, the Hollywood star, in his bathroom / bedroom. F – Match and form sentences about the film. 1 - “Some people… a. 5 for some ice cold still water. 2 – William cannot find… b. 6 on a bus. 3 – William goes to the… c. 1 spend their whole lives together.” 4 – Jeff, Anna‟s boyfriend, asks William… d. 7 a big picture of Anna at the back of the bus. 5 – William sits alone … e. 3 cinema with his scuba-diving goggles. 6 – We can see... f. 2 his glasses. G – Complete the sentences using the right word from the box below. Hugh Grant plays William Thacker, the 1 OWNER of a small bookstore in London‟s Notting Hill (described as “a small village in the middle of a city”). He‟s an average Joe – when he‟s not working, he spends time with his friends and his wacky Welsh 2 FLATMATE, but has no romantic life to speak of. One day, however, the bedrock of his existence shifts when Anna Scott (Julia Roberts), the most famous 3 ACTRESS in the world, walks through the door to his little 4 SHOP. Anna is in London to publicize a new film. Later, William literally runs into her in the street, 5 SPILLING orange juice all over her. 6 EMBARRASSED, he invites her to his place to clean up. Much to his surprise, she accepts his 7 OFFER, and, after changing outfits, she gives him a lingering 8 KISS on the lips. William is immediately smitten and so, apparently, is Anna. Thus begins a 9
  4. 4. TEMPESTUOUS relationship that asks whether a star can live happily ever after with someone who has never had his face in the 10 PAPERS. Kiss actress flatmate papers tempestuous shop embarrassed ofter owner spilling H – Choose one of the options below and write a text of about 100 words. 1. Sum up the story of the film. 2. Choose one character and write about him/her (you can choose more than one). ANNA SCOTT Well, I really liked Julia Roberts performance in Notting Hill movie. She is a famous actress in Hollywood and very rich. However, she isn‟t so happy as she apparently look like. She always very busy, always on diet because she needs to be skinny and sexy to keep her career on top, but she never has time to her personal life. When she went to London, she met William and soon feels in love with him. They got a good connection together but she always runs away from him because she doesn‟t want to deal with a the life out of Hollywood walls. Besides that, she never told him that she has a boyfriend in USA. My point is, Anna was not confident about relationship. She was little scare because of her others relationships, which is actually none of them worked well. After they stayed far from each other for a while she went back to London for business and William ask her to marry him. In the end looks like they were happy together, even tho their life style was really different.