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Prometheus Review


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Prometheus is the battle of saving mankind for future, Director Ridley Scott has shown the darkest side of the universe.

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Prometheus Review

  1. 1. Cast of Prometheus Noomi Rapace Elizabeth Shaw Michael Fassbender David Charlize Theron Meredith Vickers Guy Pearce Peter Weyland
  2. 2. Synopsis Team of Human battles in space to save mankind in future. Ridley Scott is back with another alien story but in Prometheus, he has shown the darkest side of the Universe. Use of CGI is been up to the mark to showcase the fear of future in present.
  3. 3. Prometheus Review Ridley Scott used his previous experience of ‘Alien & Blade’ effectively for Prometheus to show the darkest side of the universe. Team of explorer s to discover origins of mankind on other planet but it takes them on the most horrifying journey. Action sequences seems best since, the efficient use of CGI technology. Nommi Rapace stands apart in the role of Elizabeth, who fights for the mankind till the last breath.
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