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Presentation: 11 Ways Text Messaging Makes REDCap an Even More Powerful Data Capture Tool (PDF Download)


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Many recognize REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture software), created and managed by Vanderbilt University, as a leading tool for building and managing online surveys and databases. This secure, web-based data collection software is often utilized by research clients who want to create successful, organized, and efficient projects.

Mosio works with many clients to integrate its two-way text messaging software for research into REDCap. Whether you are a REDCap Admin, Developer at your organization looking for new ideas, or a research team looking for interesting ways to integrate text messaging into your research projects via REDCap, we hope you’ll find a nugget or two in the list below.

Here is a slide presentation of 11 ways we think text messaging makes your REDCap-utilized studies even more powerful...

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Presentation: 11 Ways Text Messaging Makes REDCap an Even More Powerful Data Capture Tool (PDF Download)

  1. 1. 11  Ways  Text  Messaging  Makes  REDCap  an   Even  More  Powerful  Data  Capture  Tool  
  2. 2. SURVEYS:  LINK  TO  SURVEY  TEXT  1   Link-­‐to-­‐Survey  Text   Text  messaging  gives  you  the  op?on  to  send  par?cipants  a  link  to   more  in-­‐depth,  web-­‐based  SMS  surveys.  With  proper  text  messaging   soLware,  web  links  can  be  unique  and  trackable.   !  
  3. 3. SURVEYS:  SURVEY  REMINDERS   Survey  Reminders   To   ensure   survey   comple?on,   friendly   “nudge”   reminders   can   be   sent   automa?cally   if   the   survey   hasn’t   been   completed   within   a   certain   ?me   frame.   2  
  4. 4. ALERTS   Text  alerts  get  your  message  across  to  groups  or  specific  individuals.  Alerts  provide  an   excellent  opportunity  to  recruit  par?cipants  or  adver?se  your  study.       Scheduled  or  real-­‐?me  alerts  are  useful  to  inform  par?cipants  or  study  team  members   of  new  updates  and  info.   3  
  5. 5. APPOINTMENT  REMINDERS  4   Text  message  appointment  reminders  have  been  shown  to  reduce  no-­‐ show   rates   in   studies   while   reducing   resources   by   92%*   when   compared  to  phone  call  reminders.     *­‐phase-­‐i-­‐unit-­‐tackles-­‐trial-­‐shopping   !  
  6. 6. MEDICATION  ADHERENCE  5   Pa?ent  medica?on  adherence  is  extremely   important  in  maintaining  study  protocols.     Text  reminders  are  a  non-­‐intrusive  way  to   remind  pa?ents  to  take  ac?on.   Pa?ents  can  respond  with  a  simple   alphanumerical  character  if  they  have  taken   their  medica?on  on  that  par?cular  day.     Increased  pa?ent  medica?on  compliance   leads  to  more  accurate  data  for  your  study.   Y  
  7. 7. STUDY  COMPLIANCE  REMINDERS  6   A  study’s  success  comes  down  to  the  most  important  group  of  individuals  in  the   process:   The   parJcipants.   Text   messaging   increases   compliance   by   directly   engaging  par?cipants,  making  it  easier  for  them  to  s?ck  with  the  study  (reminders,   alerts,)  and  giving  them  ?mely  advice,  informa?on  and  updates.  
  8. 8. TEXT-­‐BASED  INTERVENTIONS  7     A   text-­‐based   interven?on   may   be   useful   in   making   par?cipants   aware   of   any   important   changes   they   may   have   to   make   during   the   course   of   the   study   (medica?on   dosage,   lifestyle   changes,)   or   even   making   pa?ents   aware   of   tes?ng   results  and  the  need  to  make  changes  based  on  these  results.  
  9. 9. COLLECT  DATA  VIA  MOBILE  PHOTOS  8   You  can  ask  paJents  to  respond  to  text  with  pictures  of  medicaJons  to   help   ensure   compliance,   a   photo   of   their   health/symptom   tracking   journal,  or  even  at-­‐home  test  results  (vital  signs  or  blood  glucose  tes?ng,   for  example.)  
  10. 10. MOTIVATE  AND  RETAIN  STUDY  PARTICIPANTS  9   ParJcipants  volunteer  their  ?me,  energy  and  health  to  further  clinical   research,  so  make  sure  to  remind  them  how  their  dedica?on  is  making  a   posiJve  impact.  
  11. 11. DELIVER  INCENTIVES  10   Offer   incenJves   via   SMS   text   for   survey   comple?on,   aaending   appointments,  tex?ng  photographical  data,  or  fulfilling  any  important  study   requirements.   Code:  D52YX  
  12. 12. TEXT  MESSAGES  TRIGGERED  FROM  THIRD   PARTY  SOFTWARE  OR  DEVICES  11   Two-­‐way   text   messages   can   be   triggered   via   third   party   soLware   to   achieve   a   variety  of  func?ons,  such  as  reminding  pa?ents  to  sync  their  wearable  devices   (fitness  tracking,  heart  rate  or  blood  pressure  monitoring),  or  take  them  along  a   series  of  text-­‐based  interven?on  messages  as  part  of  a  study.    
  13. 13. Text  messaging  enhances  and  integrates  with  REDCap  and   research  data  collec?on  soLware.  The  op?ons  are  limitless.     Contact  Mosio’s  Development  Team   haps://­‐mosio-­‐dev/     Text  Us:  415.799.4144