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Library of Birmingham

The following will be discussed in this presentation;

Library of Birmingham Flews
Planning Process and time
Weather and legal issues
Design and layout
Case Study (Birmingham Central Library VS Library of Birmingham)

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Library of Birmingham

  1. 1. Library of Birmingham
  2. 2. Cost/budget Due to budget cuts by the council; • Staff has been halved at Birmingham centre Library. • Opening times have been halved. • Budget cuts have been expected to cut even more as the years go on due to the overpriced cost of the building. • Plans also include cutting 6000 jobs
  3. 3. Planning Process and time The original time planned to build Birmingham Central Library took longer than expected • Construction started on 7 January 2010 and was completed in April 2013 (3 years) it cost a total of 189 million pounds. • In the planning stage, the resources cost more than first expected nearly two times as much. • On the first of April 2015, opening hours are planned to change again.
  4. 4. Weather and legal issues • Due to weather conditions and planning process, the construction took longer than first expected three times longer. • Due to legal issues such as noise population, methods have been planned out to reduce or cut theses' problems, has a result the construction was delayed for a short period.
  5. 5. Design and layout 3D immersive model Architect's original image 2D plans in the 3D world The Library of Birmingham was a £189m project to build an iconic new Central Library for Birmingham. The Three phase approach to the build: Phase 1: Virtual construction of the “steel and concrete” of the new Library Phase 2: Finishes, fixtures and fittings, including flooring and lighting Phase 3: Creation of the consultation tools and systems
  6. 6. Case Study People have argued that the old building only needed minor improvement so therefore the new building was not needed Birmingham Central Library Library of BirminghamVS