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Brian Gambles, Library of Birmingham #RLUK14

Brian Gambles is Director of the Library of Birmingham and Chief Executive of the LoB Development Trust.

Brian's presentation provided an introduction to the Library of Birmingham, it's facilities, collections and services

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Brian Gambles, Library of Birmingham #RLUK14

  1. 1. Future City, Future Library
  2. 2. Birmingham  Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution  The ‘city of a thousand trades’
  3. 3. Birmingham - People  1 million citizens (city-region 5.3m)  33%+ from ethnic minority communities  50 languages spoken in the city  Europe’s second most diverse city – (Amsterdam)  37% under 25 – ‘the youngest city in Europe’  The future face of European Cities
  4. 4. But ...UK city hardest hit by social impact of Recession • Way above average indicators of deprivation, especially… – unemployment (young people, long term, concentrated) • Skills and qualifications deficit • High levels of functional illiteracy (20%+ adults) • Poor health outcomes • Poor graduate retention • Challenging image domestically
  5. 5. A city that needs… • Confidence in its learning and cultural status • A better image (and self-image) home and abroad • Improved skills for employability for young people • Sustained community cohesion • Healthier citizens • Engaged citizens • Enhanced skills: literacy, numeracy and digital
  6. 6. A library that will deliver… • Social capital and community engagement • Social, economic and health outcomes • A visitor destination • Creativity and innovation • Inspiration • Grounded in – Partnership working – A clear digital strategy – A more business-like approach – A transformed service offer
  7. 7. What is the future library? • Library • Archive • Visitor Attraction • Event Space • Corporate Venue • Social meeting place • Business meeting place
  8. 8. What is a library in the 21st century? • A knowledge hub…a social learning hub…a cultural exchange…an empowerment centre • A new partnership – a new social contract - with business, colleges, universities, voluntary sector, creative industries, cultural and arts organisations, writers, performers, schools the community… • Connecting people to people, people to ideas, ideas to ideas…co-producing services and events
  9. 9. • Social Capital
  10. 10. “I think when I look back at the @LibraryofBham opening, the thing I'll remember is how happy everyone seems today”
  11. 11. Library of Birmingham - Success 14
  12. 12. The Public Library • Public Realm • Inclusive • Learning Journey
  13. 13. • Event rich • Co-production environment • Experiential learning
  14. 14. Children in Need
  16. 16. 20
  17. 17. 21
  18. 18. 22 The basis for partnership Partnerships Co- production Engagement Access Enrichment Collaboration Innovation
  19. 19. Digital Customer Experience - New ways of engaging with customers based on mobile apps, interactive content and digital partnerships. Collection, Digitisation & Interpretation of Content Physical Archives What we did… Customer Experience Google Cultural Institute 23
  20. 20. Website, LMS, Digital Asset Management system Digital Content Delivery: Web, Mobile & In- Building Multi-screen digital galleries, feature interactive devices and Marketing & Events screens What we did… Technology 24
  21. 21. Games: Foto Fortunes People’s Archive Information Overlord Virtual Library in Second Life Apps: Dozens and Trails What we did… Technology 25
  22. 22. 26 nshomes.asp ghamstories/about.asp lives/
  23. 23. 27 Enhanced metadata services
  24. 24. Before Original Filename wk-a1-104 Title A 19lb pike caught in Fox Hollies Pool, Acocks Green, Birmingham Caption Published in the Birmingham Post, 18 December 1972.
  25. 25. Original Filename Title wk-a1-104.jpg A 19lb pike caught in Fox Hollies Pool, Acocks Green Description Portrait of a man with a pike. Published in the Birmingham Post, 18 December 1972. wk-a1-104 Building/Street District/Suburb City County Country Fox Hollies Pool Acocks Green Birmingham West Midlands England Type of Building Categories People Date Home Animals, Sport Adult, Eldery, Men1972 This picture looks This picture shows Happy Leisure, Pride Keywords vertical, indoors, day, photography, black and white image, one person, man, house, home, residence, room, kitchen, 20th century, C20th, 1972, 1970s, holding, fish, pike, fishing, food, leisure time, activities, sport, standing, holding, wearing, spectacles, Fox Hollies Pool After
  26. 26. Community Heritage and Multicultural Engagement: Reflecting and Representing the Histories and Identities of Diverse Groups comprising a Multicultural City and Society Library – Community - Partners
  27. 27. 31 Voices of War
  28. 28.