Best tools for internet entrepreneurs and online marketers


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Best Online tools and resources for internet entrepreneurs and online marketers. From Blogging platforms, web hosting service to software and payment processors

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Best tools for internet entrepreneurs and online marketers

  1. 1. BEST TOOLS For InternetEntrepreneurs And Online Marketers By Mohamed Anan Internet Entrepreneur
  2. 2.  I thought it would be helpful to create resources page for you that you can always refer to for your online business needs. I have used each and everyone of the tools mentioned below. They made a positive contribution and proved worthy. Many of them are free and the premium ones delivered high ROI for the financial investment they required.Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decided to purchase the product or the service. Please consider that these resources are really helpful but they are not essential for your online success. So kindly only purchase if you needed them to
  3. 3.  Blogging WordPress : The very best in the business. Very easy to set up and operate. Thousands of free plugins that can take your website to levels you can’t imagine, your website could do almost anything with these plugins and you don’t even have to know a single line of code. It’s all automated for your convenience. WordPress has Many beautiful free and premium themes and a dedicated support. And the Best part is- It’s FREE. And works on almost any web hosting service imaginable. Almost all of my websites runs on WordPress. Joomla : The second best -in my opinion- I mentioned earlier that almost all of my websites runs on wordpress. The web hosting company that I co- founded is powered by Joomla blogging platform. And it’s doing an awesome job. Even when I switched to wordpress I didn’t find it necessary to immigrate my website from Joomla to WordPress platform. It’s really a matter of prefrences here. Some people favour WordPress and the others favours Joomla. Do your
  4. 4.  Genesis Framework : My business grew as well as my concerns for my website security. I was a victim of a hacking attempt that demolished years of hard work in a blink of an eye. That was a terrifying experience. I was sleepless at night until I tried Genesis. This one changed my life. Truly it’s the best product I’ve ever used. Simply it’s a WordPress framework consists of two parts “The Genesis Framework and the child theme” The Framework contains all the technical and security stuff and the child theme is the beautiful skin. Genesis code is a state of the art regarding security and SEO support, the framework is lightening fast and this directly enhanced my SEO as Google clearly loves clean code and fast websites. With Genesis you get turn-key beautiful designs, I was impressed and spent hours browsing and comparing between the designs. They all looked unbelievable and I happily purchased the full theme package and I use it on all of my websites. and I truly recommend Genesis framework for your peace of mind. Ah you pay once and you get life time support and updates too. So you would never have to worry about your website safety ever again. Creat A Blog That Matters : This is by far the best course to teach you how to start a blog from scratch to build a profitable online business, to start a movement or to land your dream job. It teaches how to build killer content and how to connect with your readers to build genuine relationships. This course is designed by Corbett Barr who is one of the most successful online entrepreneurs today.
  5. 5.  BlueHost : Before co-founding my web hosting company Bluehost was my number one choice. It’s easy to use and it provides one click installation for popular scripts -eg. wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. It’s a very good choice for anyone starting his online business journey. It’s a shared hosting service means it has it’s limits and you should upgrade once you reach a certain traffic load. (Ps. The link leads to a special discount rate). Ps: Please go to my new website Sign up for the newsletter and you will get 50% discount on your yearly hosting plan from my web hosting company. No upsells. No spam messages and if for any reason you were no satisfied by our services. We offer you two months money back guarantee no questions asked. Prices are as low as 24 USD per year plus a free domain. Plus a startup guide that would teach you everything you need to know about SEO, online marketing and how to build a profitable online
  6. 6.  Shopping Carts E-Junkie : If you are selling a downloadable product Eg. Ebook, Audio, video, Software, etc. This should be your number one choice. It’s a very simple and powerful shopping cart. Easily integrated with Paypal. Google checkout, Clickbank and other top of the link payment processors. E-Junkie also provide product delivery so once your customer pays you, E- Junkie automatically send him an email with a link of the product. Your product would be stored in your server or better in E-Junkie servers with it’s advanced security measures. Ah one last thing E- Junkie provides a service called “Stamping” means if you are selling PDF files E-Junkie automatically stamp the customer’s Email and Name on top of every page. This is done to stop Ebook distribution and piracy. Not perfect but
  7. 7.  Payment Processors ClickBank : Obviously the biggest and the most popular payment processor available today. ClickBank also offers a huge affiliate network so others can promote your products. It’s NOT that easy. Don’t imagine that once you publish a product thousands of affiliates would rush to promote it. There are some strategies and I will share them with you here. ShareASale : Not exactly a payment processor but it’s the most user friendly affiliate network available. Thousands of products to choose from and very easy set up process. Their customer support is top notch and their tracking system is simply spectacular. I highly recommend them.
  8. 8.  Keyword Research Tools Google Adwords Tool : Nothing fancy here. It’s the bread and butter of all keyword searches. Always start here. Wordtraker : One of the very best in the business. They have a free service and a premium one. Their free service is top notch and gives Google Adwords Tool a run for the money. Their paid premium is simply fantastic! Many options, info and measures. I suggest you try Google tool first then when you feel you have started getting the hang of it and needs a more advanced tool. This is your number one choice.
  9. 9.  Email Marketing Aweber : Simply the best. I don’t think it needs any introduction. Fast delivery. Accurate reporting regarding the open rates by integrating with Google Analytics. Complete automation and Seriously, I mean SERIOUSLY the BEST customer support I’ve EVER seen. They would reply to your questions and inquiries within minutes, they offer 24/7 support and they are unrealistically friendly. MailChimp : A very respectable service used by many professionals. Best for anyone just starting out. And they have a FREE plan for people under 2000 subscribers and under 12000 email monthly. Not bad for a starters. Not bad
  10. 10.  Google Analytics : Yeah Google again, I can’t believe how these people are building a great product after the other. Anyway this is the MAN. Sign up. Insert a tracking code and you are good to go. Clicky : REAL TIME Web Analytics! Unbelievable you can see and track people who are on your website right now -Kind of stalking, JK- This tool is one of a kind. You track your website visitors to learn which pages perform better than the other so you can improve. Highly recommended. MajesticSEO : The world most complete Backlinks database! Check your backlinks or your computations’ backlinks. MajesticSEO generate very comprehensive reports. They have a free plan and a paid plan. The free plan is unbelievably good. Upgrade only if you seek more features and more in depth reports for your
  11. 11.  Outsourcing Odesk : Best place to find professionals in programming, web development and IT services in general to deploy advanced features for you or design a specific theme you have in mind. Elance : Same as Odesk and also you can find freelancers to create content for you and to optimize your website and about every other thing imaginable. Virtual Staff Finder : When your business grow to a certain point and you are operating a handful of websites you would seek a virtual assistant to help you out. Anyone ever tried searching for a VA -like me- knows how unbelievably hard it is to find good VAs. This is where Virtual Staff Finder takes over, with their headquarters in Philippine they ensure to bring you a decent talent with very affordable prices. So you can delegate a portion of your work and work on more important tasks to better leverage your time.
  12. 12.  Software Camtasia : The best screen recording software in the business. It’s a premium software. But worth every penny. Camstudio : Screen recording software and it’s free.
  13. 13.  Hope that you enjoyed this article, Next article would be a shorter one -hopefully- and it would be about “How to create a valuable products and service that people would buy” Please leave a comment and share. Lets reach as many people as possible Cheers Mohamed Anan Facebook page LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn Group Twitter