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Mobile Convention Amsterdam - DQ&A - Pieter Slingerland


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Presentation of DQ&A ( Pieter Slingerland)during Mobile Convention Amsterdam.

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Mobile Convention Amsterdam - DQ&A - Pieter Slingerland

  1. 1. How to reach your ‘mobile’ audience?
  2. 2. Changing Landscape Audience Media Spend Message €€€€ Customer Journey eCPA vs. eCPM Remarketing/Data Branding vs. P4P Dynamic Ads Ad Exchanges CRM Science Analysis & Optimization
  3. 3. Trends Advertisersinsights and decrease media waste Outside website = reach @the website = conversion Customer Journey Insights fo behaviour visitors Measure all digital channels
  4. 4. Trends Publishersincrease audience, extending own audience to external networks Segment Pixel Visitors Network Ad Serving Exchanges Segment RTB CPM Database Display Traffic s
  5. 5. Inventory sources ad exchanges DSPs (demand side platforms) help media buyers aggregate, bid on and optimise digital inventory across ad exchanges and yield management platforms, enabling media buyers to reach a specific audience at the impression level, in real time.
  6. 6. Country Level Targeting/Regional Targeting
  7. 7. Language Options
  8. 8. Network/Device/Carriers
  9. 9. Budget/Adextensions/Advanced Settings
  10. 10. Creative campaign
  11. 11. Summary and key take aways• Mobile payment is not yet ready• Fragmentation, compatibility and technological issues• Every mobile device is sometimes recognised as one IP (3g, same provider)• Not the same on web as on mobile (different approach)• Lack of knowledge by media buyers/marketeers• Mobile specialist buyer• Inventory is available• Mobile media planning and buying is entering a new era of significant change with the availability of dedicated Mobile Demand Side Platforms• Secure the support sharing data to measure ROI and overall effectiveness.
  12. 12. Questions?Pieter SlingerlandBusiness Development ManagerMail: pieter@dqna.comMob: +31 6 420 86 926Twitter: p.slingerland