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Modila newsletter launch edition


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The Museum of Design,Innovation, Leadership & Art, MoDILA, will be the centerpiece of an urban renewal initiative that will locate itself around a design precinct and high impact innovation cluster of technology, innovation art and leadership. Its purpose is to transform the cultural
landscape, and act as an education platform of international significance to advance a Pan African project of cultural,
entrepreneurial and technological renewal.
Engage with is us and view our launch issue.

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Modila newsletter launch edition

  1. 1. Image: Courtesy Makeka Design Lab August 2011 LAUNCH ISSUE Welcome back!!! It has indeed been a long while but we have been working hard to ensure that the wheels are turning. This Edition will revolve solely around the Launch event for MoDILA which took place on the 25th July 2011 at the Audi Centre. It was a night of inspira- tion, imagining and strengthen- ing the bonds of friendship and cooperation. We thought it best to share more images this time around, as they say a picture is worth a thousand ProgrAM of EvEnTs words. We trust you will enjoy it. Welcome done by Africa Melane speech from Patron, Prof. njabulo ndebele speech from Kaylene Levack- Lofgren, Executive Committe Member of MoDILA speech & Presentation by Mokena Makeka, founder of MoDILA Live performance by The Delft Big Band Band. speech from the special Advisor to Minister of Arts & Culture, Keorapetse Kgositsile speech from the Honuourable Premier of The Western Cape, Helen Zille vote of Thanks by Patron and founder
  2. 2. 2 COMMUNICATION@MODILATRUST.CO.ZAPremier of The Western Cape Meet the Master of this Let me, then, conclude by assuringEndorses MoDILA Ceremony you that the Minister endorses and remains committed to providing sup- port towards ensuring the success of the project in achieving its mission, and looks forward to MoDILA and the Department of Arts and Culture working dynamically together when the department establishes the national skills Academy of Excellence in the Arts in the near future.” said the Professor. rea o leboha ntatePremier Helen Zille Mokena Makeka & Africa Melane MoDILA is constituted by diversePremier of the Western Cape, Helen and passionate creatives, one ofZille, shared her belief and vision that whom is Africa Melane. renownedCape Town would be World Design for his voice and intellect, MoDILACapital for 2014 and affirmed that is privileged to have him as aMoDILA will be the pinnacle of the Trustee and were glad to have himcoming together of various design as the MC on the evening. Youinterventions and developments can hear Africa on 567 Cape Talk Professor Albie Sachs & Pat Pillaytaking place in Cape Town. We are weekdays.delighted to have the support of TheProvince. The Forming of Friendships From The Office of The Minister of Arts & Culture Without support from like mindedNew African AestheticPowered by the Youth people and organisations institutions MoDILA is proud to have the like MoDILA would be highlyof South Africa. support of the Minister of Arts & disadvantaged in its mission to makeExecutive Council member Kaylene Culture, The Honourable Paul a significant societal contribution.Levack gave us highlights on the Mashatile, and we were delightedMoDILA project and what it rep- that he sent his special Advisor,resents. “The importance of key Professor Keorapetse Kgositsilerelationship building across sectors to deliver words of support on hiscannot be underestimated if we are behalf. “The MoDILA project is into create and fashion the future we total harmony with the key pillars ofenvisage”. Mokena’s vision provides the priorities of the Department ofa platform for such relationships to Arts and forged. Mokena & Anton Du Toit, Rhebokskloof MDfor Kaylene’s full speech write In support of MoDILA, the rhebokskloof Wine Estate generously partnered with MoDILA on the night and has shown their belief in what MoDILA embodies by this show of friendship. strategic relation- ships shall be pivotal in seeing a de- sign and art conscious public thriving Professor Keorapetse Kgositsile in the Western Cape and the countryKaylene Levack- Lofgren as a whole.ABOUT MOKENA MAKEKAMokena Makeka is the founder and principal driver behindMoDILA. He is the Creative and Managing Director ofthe award winning architectural and urban design practiceMakeka Design Lab. Mokena is a strong advocate ofsocietal transformation through the power of design and heis known for his belief that “good architecture and design is abasic human right”. He is an ardent patron of the Arts andstrong contributor to Cape Towns’ bid to become the WorldDesign Capital in 2014. To read more about Mokenaand his practice, and
  3. 3. 3 COMMUNICATION@MODILATRUST.CO.ZAFOCUS ON:Museum of Design, Innovation, Leadership & Art, Makeka Design Lab“Whilst architects have retained their traditional strength of culturaland aesthetic, formal considerations, they have lost their numeracyand the ability to demonstrate that architectural intention and perform-ance need not be diametrically opposed concerns. In a nation which isstill largely design illiterate, the price that society pays for ill conceivedand overly simplified solutions to the built environment has been theproduction of diminished public environments, and increased isolationof the architect from the public imagination as a trustworthy andresponsible practitioner and agent for change.” Mokena Makeka
  4. 4. 4 COMMUNICATION@MODILATRUST.CO.ZAYou Owned The Night, and We Thank Youon a night like this, we are proud and honoured to have such incredible people share in thisgreat occasion. These are people whom we believe possess a passion and drive that willplay an important part in taking MoDILA into the future. This is You. We would like to takethis opportunity to thank you for your attendance and participation on the evening, for yoursupport and encouragement and most importantly for being a friend of MoDILA, on the nightand going forward.To view the all the photographs from the evening visit will be the centrepiece of an urban renewal initiative that will locate itself around a design precinct and highimpact innovation cluster of technology, innovation art and leadership. Its purpose is to transform the culturallandscape, and act as an education platform of international significance to advance a Pan African project of cultural,entrepreneurial and technological renewal.
  5. 5. 5This Is Our Renaissance MomentThese words reverberated in the minds of all in attendance as founder ofMoDILA, Mokena Makeka, revealed the ethos and significance of TheMuseum of Design, Innovation, Leadership & Art. Makeka hightlighted thatMoDILA is a trust that offers educational programmes that raise awareness,train and inspire the public; and offers an interactive multimedia platform fordesign, innovation, and entrepreneurship and art studies. Touching on the sig-nificance of the knowledge economy and the invaluable contribution Design,Innovation Leadership & Art have to make to the growing of this economy,Makeka delighted the audience with his words of inspiration, and vividly trans-ported us to a place where a vibrant , convivial and all inclusive economy,fueled by the celebration of innovation, science & the arts, articulates a betterfuture for us all. MoDILA will be the premier contemporary museum on thecontinent and its programmes will play a significant role in the transformation& prosperity of The Western Cape, south Africa and the continent at large. Founder Mokena Makeka giving hisfor Mokena Makeka’s full speech write to keynote INVOLVED Professor Njabulo Ndebele, PatronMoDILA is constantly looking for support from of MoDILAall over the world from those who believe in thepower of celebrating Design and the Arts and we Professor njabulo simakahleaspire to create new and exciting partnerships. If ndebele (born 4 July 1948 in Johannes-you are interested in supporting or partnering with burg), an academic, a literary commentatorMoDILA, or you have questions or you just want and a writer of fiction, is the former Vice-to say hi, please feel free to send us an email on Chancellor and Principal of the University or Cape We would love to We are honoured and privilaged to have ahear from you and engage with you further. man of his calibre leading and shining light MoDILA, is an innovative project that seeks to be the cultural centre of excel- lence in the Western Cape Professor NdebeleTrustees Of MoDILAMelanie Burke Africa Melane Nthato Minyuku-Gobodo Murphy MorobeMelanie Burke left full- Born in gugulethu, nthato is a development Mr Murphy Morobetime corporate employ- Africa is a true son of activist and independ- was the head of com-ment in 2005 to start her the Mother City. He was ent consultant for the munications in the officeown company, MAB and educated at UCT, where World Bank. With the of the state PresidentAssociates (Pty) Ltd – a he studied accounting World Bank she supports until his appointmentcompany that focuses on then worked with a lead- a technical assistance as the CEo of Kagisotransformation and tech- ing business assurance program with the Depart- Media on 1 novembernology solutions for and advisory company. ment of rural Develop- 2006 He was chairmansocial development and He ended up teaching ment and Land reform. of the financial andbusiness support. Melanie some of the first-year nthato is the Deputy fiscal Commission foralso coaches and builds MBChB class for a President of the south ten years until 2004. Hecapacity through her role number of years in pro- African Planning Institute also served as chairmanas senior programme fessional and personal (sAPI) responsible for of the south Africandirector at development, and isnow enhancing the quality and national Parks BoardCommon Purpose, an or- a presenter on CapeTalk capacity of the planning and Ernst & Young sA,ganisation that facilitates and 702. We are glad to profession in south Africa and on the boards ofleadership development. have him with us. and the continent. We are old Mutual (sA) andWe are proud to have her honoured to have her. resolve group. We areas a Trustee. honoured.
  6. 6. 6 COMMUNICATION@MODILATRUST.CO.ZAEvent TeamEvents like these require a great amount of dedication, sacrifice, and commitment to excellence. The night may befleeting, but a great deal of work went in to making the wonderful evening a great success. It is only fitting that weexpress our gratitude to all those who gave their best to make the night a live atmosphere filled with expectancy andpromise. MoDILA thanks you all. We would like to extend our gratitude to The Premier of The Western Cape for speaking and sharing the night with us. The office of the Ministry of Arts & Culture for its presence and support of MoDILA, embodied by Professor Keorapetse Kgositsile The Executive Committee of MoDILA The City of Cape Town, Cape Town Tourism, Wesgro, CPUT, as allies of MoDILA and for their support and endorsement of the project Makeka Design Lab for their tireless efforts to create the embodiment of the vision and their dedication to excellence. We would like to thank rhebokskloof Wine Estates for their generous support and sponsorship. We would also like to thank spier for the work they are doing in furthering and celebrating the arts and for sponsoring the event with their Creative Block range. Modern garden for supplying the night with the beautiful furniture and support Mr. Hans Pleysier for coordinating the refreshments for the evening Paula Zapata Photography for capturing the night, the idea and the energy to be documented and recorded in time. The Delft Big Band for entertaining us and inspiring us. special vote of thanks to Joanne rose Innes and By Invite only for ensuring that all went well on the evening. We would also like to express thanks to those who have given their time and efforts behind the scenes to ensure that MoDILA is where it is today and will go where it is destined to be. You are greatly appreciated. We honour your support and dedication and we thank you. Modila looks forward to being a key component of Cape Town as the World Design Capital for 2014 and we hope our beautiful city wins.MoDILA will be the centrepiece of an urban renewal initiative that will locate itself around a design precinct and highimpact innovation cluster of technology, innovation art and leadership. Its purpose is to transform the culturallandscape, and act as an education platform of international significance to advance a Pan African project of cultural,entrepreneurial and technological renewal.
  7. 7. 7 COMMUNICATION@MODILATRUST.CO.ZATestimonial: Resurgence And Resonance by Melanie Burke The launch of MoDILA recently inspired me to capture and nurture the essence of Africa. As a founding trustee of MoDILA it was a privilege to share in this reminder of our resurgence as creative beings and to collaborate with Mokena Makeka to bring this vision to reality. MoDILA is superbly positioned as a conduit in response to the issues facing our society. The programmes of MoDILA are at the heart of economic and social transformation. The timing of this opportunity relates directly to us coming into our own as a young democracy and seeking new and innovative ways to address job creation and education in the knowledge economy. Inherent in the design of MoDILA is collaboration, inclusivity and possibility. We know the hard work starts now and we are looking forward to working with all of our partners across all creative and other disciplines to impact our common humanity.Links of InterestWe would like to invite you to take a look at the following links that would be of interest to you!/pages/Fans-of-MoDILA/123804271049272