Interior Design Styles


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What is style in interior design? What are the different types of interior design styles? How to choose your favorite style? These are some of the questions that Dalia Sadany addresses in this article about interior design styles which also includes useful tips and illustrative diagrams.

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Interior Design Styles

  1. 1. nor its variant categories. And it is usuallyDALIA SPEAKS "Dalia Sadany ASK Magazines design ignorantly demolished into the two most common ones , "The classic " and " The modern" ,regardless from the fact that throughout history there are hundreds and hundreds of consultant, Chief Designer & Founder of Dezines Architecture & Interiors, different styles each with their distinctive , character , motifs and usable elements that define it individually among all others , but Managing Director & Partner of Decon some styles are mixtures of other styles and are a little bit more difficult to differentiate. Contracting as well as the creator of the Styles can be classified by history and new furniture brand GUSH is dwelling dates for example Art nouveau style , or eras and their economical influences such into the world of Architecture, Interior Design landscaping ,and Contracting." as Industrial or by regions and countries and their inspirations as in Mexican style or by provinces such as urban styles like English country . I have categorized the most popular ones shown in the diagrams and Please note, that this is not a formal classification, it is merely my own personal set of tiers that simplifies grouping these numerous styles in a manner that I can relate to, into what I have called Old and In the article covering the role of the pleasing collage , that has the "it" factor, that New world styles as well as a third grouping eminent Architect ,and the glamorous you cannot synopsize it into one landmark known as Country and Ethnic styles. (See Interior Designer , i pinpointed a vital fact that stands out , it is the whole combination. diagram on the next page.) that in order to achieve a successful design Its the efficacious proficiency to be you need to gather up your preferences and appreciated by everyone regardless of their I have used these labels in relation to the hand it over to your designer as a guide line tastes, they do not necessarily have to like it vibe that each category emanates, for to be taken into consideration enabling , but admire the taste, art and enthusiasm in instance the set under the name “Old World” him/her to design the required project which it was presented by. emits an aura of classicism, display of details in a flowing manner that embodies your and craftsmanship as well as a general feel fondness and is complemented by studied Style in relation to interior design can of authentic timelessness .As for the “New sciences into a coherent reality. mean many things but overall it sums up World” it is a group of styles that breathes the ability to be able to create an interior freshness, they radiate airiness, simplicity One of the most important preferences that that has a crystal clear “good taste” that and a mirror to revolutionary movements any home owner should tackle and decide flows within the space, is harmonious, to all that is traditional throughout their upon, is his favored style whether in the actual well balanced, comfortable, practical, times. Put into consideration that each style architecture of the building or its interior. aesthetically pleasing to the eye and an is dated in the time when it emerged and Even furniture production , mirrored certain overall creation that is memorable. It is sometimes when it ended and ordered via styles , and its progression and evolution was created by individuality in personality a timeline so you can know the progression directly proportional to the variant eras and translated in every detail. of styles through time, so you can see that it their corresponding influences. wasn’t the dates that distinguished each of the two categories, it’s the essence. Finally I But prior to listing and dwelling deeply into have the “Country “batch which is obviously What are the types of styles in the most common styles used in interior A lot of people use this word flamboyantly with associated with certain countries and their interior design? design , we need to define first what is style? no comprehension of its genuine definition distinguished ethnic influences. What does this widespread term means? How to apply that ideology ? How to master the ability to decide upon ones preference of a certain style as oppose to another? Style in interior design is a concept not far What is STYLE in interior design? from style in clothing , anyone can dress All 3Dmax shots are created by Dezines-Dalia Sadany Creations themselves, but how many can stand outIn the previous nine articles it was my the majority of the home owners who have each pro and eventually an immense chaos and look distinctively "Stylish"? Someendeavor to simplify a rather dreary task of little or no knowledge of how to tackle such a springs in the sequence of execution which people have the natural ability to visualizeconstructing your dream home , especially to mission. With my long experience in dealing is translated into loss of time and money. I an entire outfit down to its minute piece of with several homeowners from different elucidated on the steps of constructing your accessory and it is well known that the trick milieus , the most common misconception aspired vicinity ,I elaborated afterwards on is in the clever use of accessories to create lies in their lack of awareness in how to the players involved in the process in full the eye catching "Look" or "Style" , the same organize and plan the protocol used to turn a microscopic details , whether The Architect principle applies to interior design. dream project to a vivid reality in the easiest , The Interior Designer, The Landscape , least expensive manner . And the second Designer or The contractor with his several Without the need to flaunt big most common perplexity is not identifying specializations and I explained later the terminologies , style is taste and charm , the the specific role of each professional needed methods of which you can use to construct ability to combine numerous factors and and the correct order of appearance of your project . items in a well balanced , harmonious, eye20 ASK DECEMBER 2012 ASK DECEMBER 2012 21
  2. 2. on your own personal taste, your likes andDALIA SPEAKS dislikes, what you are comfortable with STEP THREE Keep an observant eye and can live with. wherever you go Designing an interior especially A lot of owners who decide to tackle the residential and specifically your own ordeal of decorating their projects, whether residence , is a full time job while it lasts a private residence, a retail or a commercial , you have to always keep your senses project , could have already their own style alert wherever you go for a catchy twist or taste , but probably just don’t know how , a new idea , a brilliant solution , or an to identify it or know it’s complementary unorthodox manner of treatment for a features. For others who do not, then a material, as well as finishing materials homework should be done , and to make it themselves , that only professional non problematic , I will summarize it in the designers are aware of their availability following points; and usages. So , keep an observant eye, and a ready camera, when you go out to A useful piece of info ; interior elements are dinner in a fancy restaurant , or watch divided into two categories, hard interior a movie in a beautifully finished and and soft .Hard interior is all items that are furnished theatre , or even when you have installed such as flooring , wall treatments, a meeting in a lavish office .... You never ceilings treatments, window types and know , what you can discover, like, want to treatments, doors and their uncountable save and create upon round the corner. designs , and of course paintings and colors which is a part of ceiling and wall P.S. An understanding and appreciation solutions. As for the soft elements , its all for art is also essential, , art galleries that is placed and variable such as furniture, and exhibitions are also a rich source of lighting, curtains, accessories, carpets and inspiration rugs and art pieces. Please refer to the Interior Design article in ASK magazine , dated December 2011. STEP FOUR Have your own clipboards with all bits and pieces Get a file and create a sleeve for every Magazines, books and websites room in the house. Don’t forget the halls STEP ONE Educate your self and entrance. Make sure to create a sleeve Flick through magazines, books and to keep your plan layout. You will need it the internet, they are a rich source of later. Take note of the colors and fabrics that information. Start with the internet. There complement each other well ,bookmark all are thousands of websites about interior the interiors that “catch your eye” on first design and styles. Have a browse through glance. Think about what you would have the pictures and save whatever catchs your done differently to put your own mark on eye in your favorites for printing. Don’t play the design. Print out all the images you saved safe. Save everything you like at this stage from surfing the net , also do not forget the and filter through later. When browsing pictures you have taken of features, furniture through the pictures you need to train , ideas that appealed to you .I will be yourself how to look. Look at the different discussing most of the styles in the next few hard and soft elements in the pictures. You articles , so get your markers ready . may not like the interior in the picture as a whole, but when you look deeper there maybe one hard or soft element that catchs STEP FIVE Analyze your choices your eye. Save it and make a note of what Go back now through all the book marked exactly you liked. This takes a bit of training. pages and you will start to see a pattern The more you look at pictures the more you of the style that you like. It is the same develop a sense of style and color themes. when you are going through a decorating store, there will always be a certain style of professional guidance , as a consultancy fabric that you are most drawn to, a style ,and find out about those styles and theirIn following articles the most common sense? Or could it be an achievable decision of furniture, paintings, decorative lighting STEP SIX Seek professional help This protocol I usually advice owners to interpretation to color, furniture, fabrics , STEP TWO Walk around retail shopsstyles will be discussed in details, with all via following a manual of scrupulous Take a walk through several furniture, etc. Think about your design space now and follow through whether they are going to flooring, accessories etc.its unique features and elements, how to instructions? Well, as I mentioned, some lighting and accessories stores. Pick out the pieces you already own. Which styles hire a professional to design their projectobtain your favorite style of all putting into people are naturally gifted and can identify forms and colors that you find really do you love, and which styles are you not or not , since it is always helpful for us Interior designers help you find yourconsideration that blending styles is also effortlessly their favored style, but the appealing , and take notes of every item you so crazy about? What feels comfortable to designers to deal with a client that has an style. A good designer will subject you to acommon. In fact a lot of the new styles are a majority are incapable of deciding upon like , talk to retail sales people and discuss you, and what makes you shudder; if youre idea of his own preference, even if it is not comprehensive survey to get to know yourcombination of others. Examples are eclectic their preference smoothly and undoubtedly. the mix and match of items , most of them really are honest with yourself? Imagine cultivated, organized or refined. So if your likes and dislikes. They will discuss your(several periods and styles brought together) are trained professionals in their fields and the fabrics you enjoy, the furniture styles intention is to hire a pro do your homework needs and functions for each room and Everyone wants their designed space would be of immense help . Do not forget you long for, and the colors that perk you up and be fully prepared to present your the mood you want to create. In doing so to be stylish, beautiful and impressive fabrics shops for upholstery and curtains, and make you feel at home. As you look at a clipboard with your book marks on it to they will show you different interior styles, to themselves and others. That’s easier they could advice on the fabrics that variety of model interiors you should beginHow to choose your favorite discuss with your designer. fabric and textures. In the end they use thisOne of the most generic questions that said than done, this task is as daunting compliments your intended feel .But make to get a sense of what really attracts you in information to come up with several designInterior design style?I face in my long years of dealing with as creating a color scheme. There are sure you talk to a professional personnel style, color, and form Once you have some If you are handling the job of designing options for you to choose from. Its a funclients is usually; Is the aptitude to pinpoint hundreds of interior design styles out not merely a sales rep. ideas about what you like and dont like, its your space yourself , and after following exercise. The final result is something youclearly ones favored style a naturally gifted there choosing which is for you depends time to go shopping! the above protocol you are still at loss seek contributed to create.22 ASK DECEMBER 2012 ASK DECEMBER 2012 23
  3. 3. DALIA SPEAKSTips1-Be sympathetic to your environment. If you have a Renaissance Style home( Like some of the magnificent houses in Heliopolis), you don’t necessarily have to decorate it in that same period, but you do need to be sympathetic to that style as you can’t ignore the bones or structure of the home. You can compliment a fresh new style in the interior but maintain the breath taking moldings in the high ceiling for example .It sometimes breaks my heart when home owners throw away the fascinating colored Tuscan or Andalusian floor tiles for instance, that we all saw in our grandparents houses, for commercial porcelain or ceramic tiles. Please cherish the authenticity and compliment on it.2- There are so many design styles to choose from, chances are you can find one (or two or three) that really appeal to your senses. Choosing your own design style will take some time and some research, but you dont have to redo the whole house at once! When you discover the style thats right for you, you can take your time creating rooms that resonate with your own special design melody. So take your time , do not rush your decisions, better safe than paying a lot of money in redoing something you do not like.3- Remember that the whole point of ascertaining your style is to cleverly maximize of the potential of a space using all the skills, knowledge and tools 5- From my experience most people like available. Think about the room you want different looks, but most don’t want to to decorate, too. A bathroom may be a experiment. The popular styles here cozy, comfortable space, while a kitchen are contemporary and modern for the may make more sense with smooth, clean younger generation and French classic for lines and ultra-modern appliances. The the more mature generation, Do not freak out, take a leap, dig into different styles , venture into uniqueness if your target is design style may depend at least a to stand out. Do not settle for investing little on the room and what it dictates.4- The thing about choosing design style is what makes you feel comfortable and home. There are no rules. You probably in enhancing a "déjà vu" interior, like more than one style. You may decide create a fresh unseen one. 6- Eclectic , is a well known style that is a to go with one look throughout the house combination of several other styles. Be a or even combine them. At the end of the day it is your living space and if you love it maverick, do not shy out, mix styles , that’s what counts. Everybody is different it will be different, you may still call it so there is no such thing as a good style eclectic , but you can add a slash and and bad style, but there is something as your name to it. a good design and poor design. A well Live the mood to the fullest , its useful to designed space is one that is pleasing to cultivate your vision in order to achieve the eye and functional. It wont take you your aspired goal of choosing your favorite long before you start hating your new style , yet it is also a permanent refining of beautifully designed kitchen if it isnt ones taste. convenient to cook in for example. After You can reach me at my email all the research, guidance and help you will get, still create what appeals to you , its your space after all.24 ASK DECEMBER 2012 ASK DECEMBER 2012 25