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Valley View United Methodist Church Visitor Experience Journey     ExpEriEncE     Moments of Truth                        ...
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Blair IxD Thesis - Visitor journey map


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Supplemental file to the thesis presentation

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Blair IxD Thesis - Visitor journey map

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Valley View United Methodist Church Visitor Experience Journey ExpEriEncE Moments of Truth unique sanctuary met a nice exiting parking didn’t single out helpful man was easy ENHANCED elevator was quick visitors big building learned about the non-pushy follow- friendly greeting were a lot of people good style of community up from church for service service BASELINE thanked for coming plenty of childcare was social areas parking available were active no communion few introductions DIMINISHED didn’t see map was daunting crowded cafe visitor parking got turned around website was unsure we could unsure where finding a room is hard to use find kids easily after to go next confusing child care lacked security moDE AnticipAtion Entry EngAgEmEnt Exit rEflEction touchpoints finding parking entering finding finding the filling out worship finding finding existing finding car receiving a information the building child care sanctuary visitor card participation children the cafe the building visitorbEhAvior sEtting home parking lot lobby hallways sanctuary hallways cafe lobby parking lot home nArrAtivE Made a decision to go to church on Sunday. Drove to the church, plenty of parking in Went into the front doors. Were greeted We go up the elevator. The stairs to the sanc- There is a friendly per- son there who greets An usher is there to hand us a program. The sanctuary was pretty. Songs were of After the service we left the sanctuary, but We all went to the little café. It was very We could see the front doors from our seats It was pretty easy to find the car. We were When we got home we felt good about the front. by two nice women. tuary are easy to see, us and asks us to sign We find seats. a traditional nature. We out a different door. crowded with people so we headed for the up a hill so we had a morning overall. Haven’t gone since the They gave the kids they are right in from our child in on the liked that. Totally threw me off. but you could tell it exit. We were thanked good vantage point. kids were born. Ap- Didn’t see the visitor The pastor introduced Mid afternoon a high-fives and shook of us. Not sure about sheet on a clipboard. Had to pull out the was very popular. for coming by the prehensive about it. parking area until we themselves to us when We wished there was representative from both my wife’s hands the toddler room. I Seems OK, I am map like a tourist. people at the doors. were walking to the we were waiting to communion. Disap- We got our food and the church stopped by Decided to look for a and mine. Pretty quiet refer to the map. Not feeling better about main entrance. Mildly start. That made us pointed about that, but A nice older man drink and sat at a with a nice mug with local church. here but there is noise sure if this is the same leaving him here. He annoyed. Wished we feel good. I guess they do it once asked if he could help table in the next room. some cocoa mix and nearby. level as the sanctuary seems to be happy Google search. knew to look for it. a month. Seemed odd. us. We asked how Had a very pleasant some materials from or not but I assume playing. Didn’t really talk to Not sure where to go to get to the toddler conversation with the the church. They did Looked at the Valley Building looks nice. it is. anyone else though. Message was good. next. Nothing obvious. I ask how they will room. He lead us to man. not ask to come in just View website for loca- Kind of big. Pastor didn’t seem too Takes a couple of min- notify us if there is a During the service we the room which was to deliver the mug. tion and times. Was Want to hang up out pushy which was nice. He told us all about utes to find the toddler problem. She hesitates are asked to fill out very nice. a little hard to use but coats but I don’t see a It seemed comfort- the church and the A couple of days later I room in the preschool then says they will a small form on the we were able to find coat rack. able. He asked if we were services they provide pulled out that mug of area. “come get us”. That bulletin to register at- the basic information. new and if we wanted to the community. coffee and it reminded Have to ask the got me back to being tendance. Everyone is Not sure exactly what to get a cup of coffee me to give them an- woman where to go. apprehensive. doing it so we do also. He left us to go to his they are about but it and a muffin, “on him”. other try. Maybe next She gives us a map Sunday school class. is close so we’ll give Used the map to go Happy they didn’t We were very happy to time we will know a and directs us up the We felt pretty good it a try. down the hallway to single out any visitors. meet him. little more how things elevator then to go about our visit right the sanctuary. Was work. Got everyone ready down the stairs to the There is a time when then. pretty crowded near in time sanctuary. Confused the children can go up a stairwell. A lot of by this a little. to hear a special les- people coming and son. Ours went. Then Map is a little intimi- going. they said to go with a dating. We see a big sign that person to a children’s Ask about the kids. says “Sanctuary” by church. This worried She tells me the two doors. We go in us. We had no way of children’s plan. Since and go down a flight of knowing where they we have a toddler, I stairs to the sanctuary. were going. We told need to take them to ours to come back the toddler room. She and sit with us. shows me on the map where that is. I am immediately nervous about finding it. Randall Blair, Dec. 2010