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Record APFT Failure Counseling Template


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Record APFT Failure Counseling Template

  1. 1.                        710th Area Support Medical Company      To: • Discuss the soldier’s Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) failure on a record test IAW AR 350-1 Chapter 1-24 • Discuss the possible methods in which to correct substandard performance • Discuss the possible repercussions of consecutive record APFT failures      Results of APFT: • On       you were administered an APFT (Record Test). You achieved the following scores: o Pushups (reps/score):      /      Sit-ups (reps/score):      /      2 Mile run (reps/score):      /      • You failed to achieve a passing score in the following events: (indicated by the check mark) o Pushups: Sit-ups: 2Mile Run:Actions: • As a result or your performance I am directing that the following actions be taken (indicated by the check mark): You be enrolled in the special populations PT Program beginning      , located at      . In accordance with AR 350-1 Chapter 1-24e(5) you should be flagged under AR 600-8-2 until you pass the APFT. This flag will stop all favorable actions and will only be removed upon successful completion of the APFT. You will be required to keep a weekly log of your Physical Training. This will be given to your squad leader for review by the platoon sergeant. You be removed from participating in unit sports teams. You be barred from reenlistment      .In addition, I am informing you that you have 3 months (90 days following the initial APFT failure) in which to retake and passyour APFT. When you feel you are ready to re-take the APFT, you will require approval from the unit commander IAW AR350-1 Chapter 1-24e(5). Should you fail two consecutive “For Record” APFTs you may be separated from the military.      
  2. 2. • Soldier received and signed notification of possible separation for continued substandard performance IAW AR 635-200 Para 1-18 (a).       • Soldier gave the following reasons for poor performance during this APFT:       • We will conduct a follow up on this counseling within one month to discuss progress.                  • Encourage the soldier to conduct PT on personal time to improve his/her physical conditioning. • Offer the soldier the opportunity to do PT with me. • Monitor progress