Physical Training Risk Assessment


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Physical Training Risk Assessment

  1. 1. RISK MANAGEMENT WORKSHEET1. Organization and Unit Location:710th ASMC, IL ARNG, North Riverside Armory2. Page:1of13. Mission/Task:Classroom Instruction4. Begin Date / Time Group:(DDTTTTRMMMYY)5. End Date / Time Group: (DDTTTTRMMMYY)6. Date Prepared: 7. Tasks8. Identify Hazards9. Initial Risk Level10. Develop Controls11. Residual Risk Level12. Implement Controls (“How To”)13. Who/How SupervisedConduct Physical Training (PT)TerrainHot Weather / DehydrationWild LifePhysical InjuryProfiles and Special PopulationsInclement WeatherM FORMTEXT   FORMTEXT   FORMTEXT  M FORMTEXT   FORMTEXT  MMMMCarefully examine PT area prior to conducting activities;Drink water and monitor intensity;Practice awareness, look prior to sitting down;Conduct proper warm-up;Stay within profile limits;Read weather report; Dress appropriately; L FORMTEXT   FORMTEXT   FORMTEXT  L FORMTEXT   FORMTEXT  LLLLWarn participants about uneven terrain; Conduct PT on the best site availableEnforce regular hydration; Participants bring full canteens or water hydration systems to PT;Brief participants;Brief participants;Brief participants;Brief participants;SGL and PT InstructorSGL and PT InstructorSGL and PT InstructorSGL and PT InstructorSGL and PT InstructorSGL and PT Instructor14. Overall Mission/Task Risk Level After Countermeasures are Implemented: (Circle Highest Remaining Risk Level)LOW (L) MODERATE (M) HIGH (H)EXTREMELY HIGH (E)15. Prepared By: 16. Authority:<br />