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Spring Security Introduction


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This presentation will cover the basics of Spring Security, how Java developers can secure web application using spring security.

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Spring Security Introduction

  1. 1. Spring Security Introduction Presenter: Nishant Handa, Mindfire Solutions Date: 05/05/2015
  2. 2. What is Spring Security  It's a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access control framework for web applications/ web services  It is build on top of Spring Framework  It handles authentication and authorization and alot of things
  3. 3. What Spring Security is not  Firewal, proxy server, intrusion detection system  Operating system security  JVM sandbox security
  4. 4. What I am Assuming  You are familiar with Java  You are at least somewhat familiar with Spring Framework
  5. 5. What I will cover  Spring security introduction done with that..  Start with minimal security to you web app  User Detail Storage in database  Spring security at view layer  How to enable HTTP Basic security  Password Encryption  Let's customize some by default configuration  Let's add powerfull spring security expression language  Enable HTTPS channel via spring security  Let's implement Remember-Me functionality  Introduction to CSRF attacks..
  6. 6. Minimal security configuration  Register DelegatingFilterProxy in your application  Authentication via in-memory user details storage  Declare Intercept url pattern
  7. 7. Let's store user detail in database  Register datasource for your database as a spring bean  Use this datasource in spring security flow  You can also write your customized SQLs or Java implementation(not cover in this session)
  8. 8. Spring security at view layer  Introduction to Spring security taglibs  Display current user name  Let's control the view rendering on the basis of users role/authorities
  9. 9. Let's add HTTP basic authentication  Just add one simple tag <http-basic />
  10. 10. Password encryption  Better to go with Bcrypt mechanism
  11. 11. Let's do some customization  Customized login screen  Add logout functionality  Customize unauthorized error
  12. 12. Expression based access control  Enable expressions in spring security  Power of @Pre and @Post Annotations
  13. 13. Enable HTTPS channel  Enable https in your container  Force your application to use HTTPS channel
  14. 14. Remember-ME  Simple hash based token approach  Persistent token approach  Let's decide between comfort and security
  15. 15. Security against CSRF attacks  What the heck is this CSRF  Basic protection by spring security
  16. 16. Way to go, this is just the beginning!
  17. 17. Queries????
  18. 18. References  Spring in action 3rd edition  Pro Spring Security By Carlo Scarioni 
  19. 19. Presenter: Nishant Handa, Mindfire Solutions