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Progressive Web Apps, the new mobile-first website


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What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)? Learn about this new enabling technology, and how it can improve your business' digital presence on mobile devices, and in general.

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Progressive Web Apps, the new mobile-first website

  1. 1. we put you in front of your customer | 1-408-200-2211 PROGRESSIVE WEB APP (PWA) Enabling technology for your new mobile site
  2. 2. • Mobile Traffic makes up more than 60% of traffic on the web, and more than 50% of searches. • Content from the mobile version of your website is now prioritized by search engines over the desktop version of that content. • Mobile-first indexing is the new standard in 2018. For these reasons your mobile website design must go beyond a "responsive" site that just re-formats your desktop content. Mobile sites that prioritize user-interactions and presents content in app-like experiences will be the most effective in this new mobile-first world. CRITICAL to Mobile-first are speed and app-like behavior MOBILE-FIRST PHILOSOPHY
  3. 3. Progressive Web Apps are experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of apps. They are useful to users from the very first visit in a browser tab, no install required. PWAs are: • Reliable – Loads instantly, no errors, even in poor network conditions. • Fast – Responds quickly to user interactions, smooth animations and scrolling. • Engaging – Feels like a natural app on the device, with an immersive user experience. In Short, PWAs Offer Excellent User Experience. PWA:ENABLINGAPP-LIKEBEHAVIORONYOURMOBILESITE
  4. 4. PWA: THE NEW MOBILE SITE Deployed to a server Accessed via URL Indexed by search • App-like interaction • Offline usage • No need to download • Push notifications So why progressive? 70% Higher Conversion 3X Less Data Usage Just like your old mobile site:
  5. 5. WHAT MAKES PWADIFFERENT? Faster speed through a mobile optimized experience Keep your users data secure and backed up Efficient local caching for faster performance PWA is a continuing evolution of Google’s “Mobile first” effort Push notifications allow for more immersive user experience
  6. 6. PWA–KEYBENEFITS progressive responsive network independent app like installable secure discoverable notifications linkable reengage
  7. 7. WORKSWELLWITHACCELERATEDMOBILEPAGES(AMP) PWA AMP Responsiveness: The UI must fit the device’s form factor: desktop, mobile, and tablet. √ √ App-like feel: When interacting with the site, it feels like a native app. √ - Connectivity Independent: Works offline (via Service Workers) √ - Re-engageable: Through features like push notifications. √ - Installable: A user able to add it on their home screen and launch it from there. √ - Discoverable: Easily identified and be discoverable by search engines. √ √ Fresh: Serve new content in the app when the user is connected to the internet. √ - Safe: Served via HTTPS to prevent content tampering and man-in-the-middle attacks. √ - User Experience: Uses modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like user experience √ - Instant Delivery: Google Caches the website and deliver it from CDN server - √ Speed: Load time of a page reduces to less than 1 second, website 4 times faster - √ Full Screen: Opens on full screen without any URL bar. √ - Basic Design: Restrict JavaScript, Restrict CSS limits to user to give APP like experience - √
  8. 8. PWACASE STUDY Rivera Maya – Grand Velas
  9. 9. GRANDVELAS:RIVIERAMAYA Deployed PWA service worker on the website Enabled Notifications framework Launched ‘Black Friday sales’ notifications during Thanksgiving holidays
  10. 10. RIVIERAMAYAPWAIMPACT 35% Conversion Rate 23% Conversion Rate • Push alerts to 3% of sessions have 53% higher conversion rate compared to Non-Push • Opportunity to generate 2,344 leads, with 153% conversion, if sent to 100% of sessions 603 Sessions through Notifications 19,090 Sessions without Notifications 215 Qualified Leads 4408 Qualified Leads
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  12. 12. Visit our website to learn more about PWA, and our approach to Mobile-first.