Thimbl: decentralised, open source, micro-blogging


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Thimbl is a Manifesto for the Open Web written in code.

The most significant challenge the open web will need to overcome is not technical, it is political.

Welcome to thimbl, the free, open source, distributed micro-blogging platform. If you're tired of being locked in to one micro-blogging platform, or a single social network. Or you're weary of corporations hi-jacking your updates in the pursuit of money, then thimbl is for you.

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Thimbl: decentralised, open source, micro-blogging

  1. 1. THIMBL
  2. 2. THIMBL is a microblogging tool
  3. 3. THIMBL doesn't involve birds
  4. 4. THIMBL or whales
  5. 5. because
  6. 6. THIMBL is decentralized
  7. 7. THIMBL data is stored on the users' own server
  8. 8. THIMBL requires no software!* *...well, just a little bit!
  9. 9. THIMBL connects to the users' server with...
  10. 10. SSH
  11. 11. & finger* * what is a 1970s network protocol?
  12. 12. to access or update their user data
  13. 13. THIMBL is based on Mammatus a distributed webserver that allows fast and cheap scaling
  14. 14. MAMMATUS is designed to create a highly available cluster using simple Virtual Private Servers, available for as little as $5
  15. 15. THIMBL .net does as much as it can client-side, to reduce load HTML5, javascript engines, threading & workers all make this possible. Thanks guys!
  16. 16. THIMBL .net can be run with just finger and ssh installed
  17. 17. THIMBL could should be CLONE CLONE D we don't care how, or why, just that it is
  18. 18. THIMBL is a manifesto for the open web, written in <CODE/>
  19. 19. the major challenge for the open web is political, not technical - Dmytri Kleiner
  20. 20. CAPITALI$M will not fund free and open platforms*
  21. 21. * because it needs to capture profits for investors
  22. 22. In order to capture profit, capital financed platforms need to control user interaction and user data
  23. 23. Free, open systems must be built without capital financing.
  24. 24. Thus, projects that intend to build free and open platforms need to be extremely resource efficient
  25. 25. WHAT THIS MEANS...
  26. 26. SMALL simple, systems. built by small, agile teams in their spare time quickly!
  27. 27. DESIGN systems that can be deployed using common internet services, cheaply
  28. 28. BUILD on existing, established, distributed platforms where possible i.e. email, usenet, irc, finger and not reinventing the wheel
  29. 29. THIMBL achieves this by building upon finger, ssh, http and dns
  30. 30. THIMBL becomes a highly available, open source, distributed social network with very little new code see what we did there? ;)
  31. 31. THIMBL reduces development effort by leveraging existing free software as much as possible Hi Twisted! Hello jQuery!
  32. 32. <intermission>phew</intermission>
  33. 33. THIMBL is a performance as much as a platform
  34. 34. THIMBL is a call to arms: focus on simple systems, extend established platforms take note developers!
  35. 35. THIMBL is OUR example development has been public using old and new social networks
  36. 36. THIMBL is promoting the ideas behind what we're doing as well as the platform itself
  37. 37. the constraints of time and resources are part of our message
  38. 38. simple, early functionality is part of our message
  39. 39. living in the cyberghettos of free, open platforms is part of our message
  40. 40. not keeping up with the Joneses in well financed web2.0 companies is part of our message
  41. 41. THIMBL will succeed with a community. join us and help make a free, open, social network
  42. 42. THIMBL is: <socialNetwork>/thimbl presentation by @mikepearce need help setting up finger or ssh? get in touch!
  43. 43. THX! - savannah williams - the loushe - bayat - CoreBurn - Cayusa - Darwin Bell - Swiv com/photos/25787132@N06/4541845512/ - Ian Crowfeather thanks for the images!