Promo Voip Drupal Hands On Experience Webinar


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Overview of VoIP Drupal - very short Promo.

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Promo Voip Drupal Hands On Experience Webinar

  1. 1. The VoIP Drupal Platform Open SourceHello DrupalA Hands On Experience Mind Blowing Extraordinary API Series of Tutorials
  2. 2. Goal: Introducing a series of Hands On Webinars, whereparticipants actually get parts of VoIP Drupal up andrunning on their server.Value for Site Administrators: Learn how easily VoIPDrupal modules can be integrated with your site.Value for Developers: An introduction to customizingand creating new VoIP Drupal modules, scripts andapplications built on top of the VoIP Drupal Platform.
  3. 3. How Things Work
  4. 4. At the end of each Webinar you will have added a newfeature to your Website.You will enable your site visitors to interact with yourWebsite, using a telephone, voice or SMS. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN???? Here is just one idea...
  5. 5. Hello shopping cart, What is the total due on my order? OK. Call me when it is ready to ship! and one more idea...
  6. 6. People love to fill out forms on your Website... NOT! You cant get away that easily! Your account can I want to register for the be created using your contest, but I do not want to caller ID information. fill out a bunch of forms! BIG CONTEST!!!
  7. 7. Potential VoIP Drupal ApplicationsVoIP Drupal is a PLATFORM that many applications can be built upon Call centers 2-1-1 and 3-1-1 community hotlines Phone - and SMS - based surveys Group communications Story recording / playback Audio speed dating services Language training Audio tours Adventure games Interactive community radio programs Emergency announcements Get Out the Vote campaigns
  8. 8. VoIP DrupalModulesThese are the modulesthat work together as theVoIP Drupal PlatformIn this series ofhands on Webinars,we will walk youthrough installationand configuration ofeach VoIP Drupalmodule.
  9. 9. Other WebinarsVoIP Drupal for Non-Programmers Learn what you can do with VoIP Drupal without any programming skills. Easily install and configure several features using only your browser20+ sample scripts that can be customized The VoIP Drupal core module includes scripts that can be used as they are, or modified to suit your needs.Modules that you can install and use right out of the box!Visual programming language for novice developers and fastprototyping
  10. 10. Episode #2
  11. 11. Who is this for? Site Adminsistrators #2 Setup and Configuration of VoIP Drupal Modules without ProgrammingWalk through the setup and configuration of VoIP Drupal modules that are very userfriendly. No programming skills are needed to setup advanced interaction of the phonesystem with your Drupal Website. More than twenty sample scripts are included with the core VoIP Drupal module. Many of these scripts can be used without editing. This will allow you to have immediate functionality of some very advanced features. "VoIP Drupal with little or no programming" -- explore what VoIP Drupal can do out of the box. These are just a few of the modules we will cover***This topic will be comprised of several short Webinars that cover a few modules at a time.
  12. 12. Who is this for? Site Adminsistrators #2 Some of the Modules we will setup and configure:AudioField - Using CCK to add an Audio field to content typesAudioRecorder - Enable users to post audio messages on your WebsitePhoneRecorder - Enable users to call your Website and interact in several ways.Small Office Script - Dial 2 for support, 3 for billing etc.AudioBlog - Enable posting of Audio and Text content from phonesClick2Call - Enable your Website to make outgoing phone callsExtensions - Enable phone extensions for users, or for pieces of content
  13. 13. Episode #3
  14. 14. Who is this for? Developers + Site Admins#3 Setup and Configuration of Visual Voip Drupal WorkspaceThis Webinar will show you how to create scripts using the visual editorcomponents. Drag and drop scripts elements into the workspace to arrange eventsfor user interaction or routing calls.
  15. 15. Hello World$script = new VoipScript(hello_world);$script->addSay(hello world);$script->addHangup();
  16. 16. $script = new VoipScript(voipscript_small_office_ivr);$script->addSay(t(Welcome to our office hotline.’)); Office Hotline$script->addLabel(‘office_menu’);$options_menu = t(‘For sales, dial 1. For customer support, dial 2. For hours of operation, dial 3. To hang up, dial the star key.’)$input_options = array( ‘1’ => ‘sales’, ‘2’ => ‘customer support’, ‘3’ => ‘hours’, ‘*’ => ‘hang up’, ‘I’ => ‘hang up’, ‘t’ => ‘hang up’);$invalid_msg = t(‘Invalid option selected.’);$script->addRunIvrMenu($options_menu, $input_options, $invalid_msg);$script->addGoto(‘%ivr_option_selected’);$script->addLabel(‘sales’);$script->addSay(‘Sales department’);$script->addGoto(‘hang up’);$script->addLabel(‘customer support’);$script->addSay(t(‘Customer support department’));$script->addGoto(‘hang up’);$script->addLabel(‘hours’);$script->addSay(t(‘Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.’));$script->addGoto(‘office_menu’);$script->addLabel(‘hang up’);$script->addSay(t(‘Thanks so much for calling our office. Bye bye.));$script->addHangup();
  17. 17. Display of VoIP Drupal Blocks, Widgets and Phone Numbers on your siteAlthough there are many ways to display the new VoIP Drupalfeatures on your site, this is not something that we will go into atgreat length. We will cover a few basic ways to integrate the newcalling features, but there are so many ways to include userinteraction with these modules, we feel that is best left to you,your site administrator and designer.Each Webinar is labeled for an audience – Site Administrators orDevelopers - most will include both. There are many featuresthat can be implemented by a site administrator without anyprogramming knowledge, but there are also many ways tocustomize each VoIP Drupal module and each script. A smallamount of PHP knowledge will allow you to edit scripts andcreate custom functionality.
  18. 18. Key Benefits of the Platform Facilitates the construction of unified communications systems integrating SMS, email, web, and voice Makes Drupal accessible from any phone – no data plan required! Enables the expansion of “community plumbing” beyond the web Is open source and free – you are in control
  19. 19. Benefits for AdministratorsEasy installation and configuration – no programming requiredFully customizable – enable only the features you needRun as part of the Drupal system itselfEnable access to VoIP Drupal features using roles and permissionsAssign Rules, Actions and TriggersEnhance user interaction with ready-to-use audio blogs, click2callfields, phone recorders, audio announcements, etc.
  20. 20. Benefits for DevelopersWell defined API that can be extended to other VoIP services20+ sample scripts that can be customized20+ modules that already implement common functionalitySimple, yet powerful PHP-like scripting languageVisual programming UI for novice developers and fast prototyping
  21. 21. Ways to Get Involved Join Play with script examples in the sandbox at Create new modules, new sites, tutorials Contribute code and documentation Organize meetups in your area – Help us spread the word, using social media!
  22. 22. Lets go create and edit a script in the sandbox! 1 Open a browser and go to 2 Log in on the left: User name: voiptest Password: voiptest3 On the right, click on “Create VoIP Scripts” Edit the text that says “your message here” and save the script.4 On the right, click on “Listen to your own VoIP Scripts” Fill in a Title, then select the script you just created from the Click2Call list.6 Save, then click on the Title link that appears and type in your phone number.
  23. 23. Upcoming VoIP Drupal Events List of Future Webinars, Meetups and Events Stay tuned to for dates of future Webinars Office Hours: Every Wednsday at noon EST. We will be answering questions and discussing VoIP Drupal-related topics. To participate, meet us at the newly created VoIP Drupal chat room:
  24. 24. Presented by: Micky Metts For additional information on the VoIP Drupal Project: voipdrupal.orgSpecial Thanks to: Dr. Leo Burd and the MIT Center for Civic Media - Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert -