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Be Your Own Patient Advocate (Really!)


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A deck built for a women's event in Richmond VA. It exhorts people, particularly women, to be their own patient advocates. Don't be a meat puppet!

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Be Your Own Patient Advocate (Really!)

  1. 1. Women + Healthcare This presentation was built for HCA Virginia's Spirit of Women Girls' Day Out on Oct. 7, 2011 (the message works for ALL women!)
  2. 2. ... 'cause you'll do the best job. Really. Be Your Own Patient Advocate
  3. 3. Patients
  4. 4. Patients
  5. 5. Customers
  6. 6. Without Patients Customers A doctor's just another dude (or dude-ette) in a white coat.
  7. 7. We are ALL patients customers
  8. 8. Who makes 80%+ of all household decisions? I'll give you three guesses. 1st two don't count...
  9. 9. Health care = SHOPPING?
  10. 10. Act like a CUSTOMER, get treated like one.
  11. 11. Ask friends. Ask colleagues. Use the web.
  12. 12. If you're not comfortable with the healthcare shopping metaphor ...
  13. 13. Ever hire anyone?
  14. 14. HIRE your doctors! No. I'm NOT kidding.
  15. 15. Healthcare is ... Collaboration Teamwork Research Project management Data management A WORKING RELATIONSHIP!
  16. 16. Data, data, who's got my data? If doctors and patients could freely exchange information and data, who knows what might happen?
  17. 17. Doctors + Patients X Data Sharing = REAL Health Care Reform
  18. 18. Alphabet soup is an issue HIPAA HIE FHITSOP HITRUST HITECH BHIE CCHIT E-I-E-I-O
  19. 19. So what's a grrl to do? Know your history Know your risk factors Keep your own records
  20. 20. Family History Diabetes Cancer Stroke Hypertension Asthma Cataracts Heart disease Glaucoma
  21. 21. Personal History Smoking Weight Activity level Stress level Geographic location (this is MUCH bigger than you'd expect) Geographic history (where did you grow up? where have you lived?)
  22. 22. Record Keeping Excel spreadsheets are AWESOME tools RIP Google Health: build your own on or If your provider has an online patient portal: USE IT
  23. 23. "Airplane Rules" Take care of YOURSELF first Monitor your habits: what can you change? You are what you eat
  24. 24. Become an e-Patient Empowered Equal Engaged Enabled Equipped Emancipated Expert
  25. 25. "My doctor won't play" Two words: YOU'RE FIRED.
  26. 26. Digital Patients Bill of Rights Shared access to my data Attitude of collaboration and mutual respect The patient is the largest stakeholder Transparency and authenticity across all areas Voice of the patient is a legitimate (clinical) source The right to efficient communication with providers who utilize the technology that we need ~Philadelphia PA, September 19, 2011 (I was there!)
  27. 27. Let's review: Ask questions Work to understand the answers If you don't understand, keep asking Don't be a diva, but do be fierce on your own behalf Keep your own records Ask for copies of everything Don't be a meat-puppet Stay INSIDE the car YOU healthcare system
  28. 28. Resources e-Patients movement: WEGO Health: Health Central: Dept. of Health + Human Services: Condition-related pages: [name-that-disease].org
  29. 29. Our Bodies, Ourselves? YOUR body. YOUR self. YOUR responsibility.
  30. 30. ? Have questions? Contact me!