Last Pitch Standing


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Want to really energize your presentation skills? Here are some tips on how you can open up your comedy chakras.

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Last Pitch Standing

  1. 1. © Mighty Casey Media Last Pitch Standing Using Comedy to Banish BORING From Pitches + Presentations
  2. 2. © Mighty Casey Media Funny. Business.
  3. 3. © Mighty Casey Media Be the real you. Everyone else is taken.
  4. 4. © Mighty Casey Media But the real me is so... <ul><li>Boring
  5. 5. Shy </li></ul>
  6. 6. © Mighty Casey Media Au contraire, mon frere. (or mon soeur)
  7. 7. Do your audiences look like this? © Mighty Casey Media
  8. 8. © Mighty Casey Media OK, Casey... So how do I keep 'em AWAKE?
  9. 9. © Mighty Casey Media First rule: BE PRESENT
  10. 10. © Mighty Casey Media Being PRESENT: Engages you Engages your audience Engages your likability
  11. 11. © Mighty Casey Media All Comedy is PERSONAL
  12. 12. © Mighty Casey Media So...who are YOU? <ul><li>Technical presentations?
  13. 13. Product or project pitches?
  14. 14. Team meetings?
  15. 15. All of the above? </li></ul>
  16. 16. Comedy is just like: Plumbing, Lego, or Building a house © Mighty Casey Media
  17. 17. © Mighty Casey Media Building Block #1: What's your point?
  18. 18. © Mighty Casey Media Topic Examples Crazy clients The boss from hell Road trip from hell Bumper stickers Mammograms The Rockefeller Center Christmas tree
  19. 19. © Mighty Casey Media Building Block #2: What's your point of view – your comedy premise? What does the audience need to know to get it?* * 90% of the audience MUST get it, or no laughs!
  20. 20. Point of View / Premise Examples <ul><li>This project has given me Tourette's Syndrome.
  21. 21. I want to vote my project team off the island.
  22. 22. I thought my mother was unreasonable. Then I met my wife.
  23. 23. Software manuals are written by Martians. </li></ul>© Mighty Casey Media
  24. 24. © Mighty Casey Media Building Block #3: Attitude * This is crazy... You wouldn't BELIEVE what... What is UP with... (and so forth) *also called Persona
  25. 25. © Mighty Casey Media Got Attitude? <ul><li>Confused
  26. 26. Scared
  27. 27. Disgusted
  28. 28. Resigned
  29. 29. Amused </li></ul>
  30. 30. Building Block #4 Action! <ul><li>Don't just say it, BE it
  31. 31. Action(s) speak louder than words
  32. 32. What your audience sees and feels drives more than 50% of their reaction to you
  33. 33. It ain’t the words, it’s the motion </li></ul>© Mighty Casey Media
  34. 34. © Mighty Casey Media Building a joke, a/k/a bit: Set it up in no more than TWO LINES
  35. 35. © Mighty Casey Media Third line is the PUNCH LINE. Make it end on your punch WORD, Make that a word that's short and... well...PUNCHY
  36. 36. © Mighty Casey Media Comedy categories: Absurdity Incongruity Sudden shift in status One of these things is not like the other Surprise twist
  37. 37. Got an Inside Joke? Inside information can really punch up a bit Find out who’s in the audience, and tailor the bit(s) Ever want to get a client to really notice you? © Mighty Casey Media
  38. 38. © Mighty Casey Media Never forget the power of REHEARSED SPONTANEITY!
  39. 39. Worst Case Scenario ... <ul><li>I forgot!
  40. 40. The microphone stopped working!
  41. 41. Guinness Book of World Records dish-drop!
  42. 42. …and the scariest of all - the heckler! </li></ul>© Mighty Casey Media … for speakers
  43. 43. OK, I’m Presenting TOMORROW…! The internet = Instant Comedy! Play with search terms on Google, see what comes up Find a joke, then PERSONALIZE it! © Mighty Casey Media
  44. 44. Remember this…. Comedy is a muscle Exercise will strengthen it, and make it grow Find your sweet spot, and work it © Mighty Casey Media © Mighty Casey Media
  45. 45. © Mighty Casey Media To review: Be present Make it personal Use rehearsed spontaneity Keep bits short + PUNCHY Remember the 'worst case scenario' strategy
  47. 47. © Mighty Casey Media Thank you! Any questions?
  48. 48. © Mighty Casey Media Tips + worksheet @ Mighty Mouth Blog Also check out Cancer for Christmas: Making the Most of a Daunting Gift Twitter @MightyCasey @CancerForXmas [email_address] (804) 467-5716