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Manuel Armañones - Mesa redonda: Health 2.0


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Presentation of Workshop on Technology for Healthcare and Healthy Lifestyle 2011

Friday 2nd Dec 2011
Mesa Redonda I

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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Manuel Armañones - Mesa redonda: Health 2.0

  1. 1. +III Workshop on Technologyfor HealthCare and Healthy Life Polytechnic University of Valencia Looking forward the “classical” e- patient: approach to a typology PSINET Research Group Open University of Catalonia. @armayones
  2. 2. + Challenges in Health Social Networks  We need to know more about “Law of attrition” here is the observation that in any eHealth trial/tool a substantial proportion of users drop out before completion or stop using the application. (Eynsebach;2005)  “Our user (APTIC) shows a high level of self-efficacy, perceived social supports in the PRE analysis” …Can we improve more the “key variables”? What about the rest of patients?  Our (unrealistic) vision: “If I create a “wonderful” Social Network , people will come”.  Not taking in account the role of Facilitator/ Community manager? …Are you specialist in human behavior? ….Captology.
  3. 3. + Do you have questions like?...  Why the people “hate” my Social Network?  Why they don’t are “active users” with a high level of participation?  Why they don’t come? It’s “Free” and “Wonderful tool for the patients”  Why we are working for only a part o population? At list……
  4. 4. + Where are the ePatients?
  5. 5. + We need to know more about ePatients: Evaluating all their characteristics:  Educational level  Age  Attitudes  Informatics skills  Informational skills  Reading level  Writing skills  Social skills  Expectative about health/disease  Interest in collaborate in research
  6. 6. + Our approach  Survey/Focus Group/In-deep interviews about demographic and social information  Use of two specific Scales (or create one) -eHeals Scale: eHealth Literacy Scale -Patient Activation Measure Scale.
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  10. 10. + eHealth Literacy Scale I know what health resources are accessible through the Internet. I know where to find useful health resources on the Internet. I know how to find useful health resources on the Internet. I know how to use the Internet to find answers to health issues. I know how to use the information you find on the Internet about health for me to be helpful. I have the skills to assess health resources found on the Internet. I can distinguish in Internet health resources of good quality of poor quality I feel safe when using Internet information in making health decisions.
  11. 11. + Patient Activation Measure (PAM)  When all is said and done, I am the person who is responsible for managing my health condition.  I am confident that I can take actions that will help prevent or minimize some symptoms or problems associated with my health condition.  I know what each of my medications do.  I am confident that I can tell when I need to go get medical care and when I can handle a health problem myself.
  12. 12. +  I know the different medical treatment options available for my health condition.  I have been able to maintain the lifestyle changes for my health that I have made.  I know how to prevent further problems with my health conditions.  I am confident I can figure out solutions when new situations or problems arise with my health.  I am confident that I can maintain lifestyle changes like diet and exercise even during times of stress.
  13. 13. + But, if…we combine both..? eHealth Literacy/ High PAM Low PAM PAM High eHealth “Ideal” ePatient “Digital Citizen” Risk Low eHealth “Analogic patient” patient/Exclusion
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  23. 23. + At the end…The Personalized intervention with ePatients can be a good strategy to improve our knowledge about  PersonalizedMedicine: Right Drug, Right Patient, Right Moment  Personalized ePatient Intervention  Right Social Media Tool, Right Person, Right Moment
  24. 24. + Thanks for your attention! @armayones