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"This is why I'm Broke.."


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Published in: Marketing
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"This is why I'm Broke.."

  1. 1. To begin my analysis of Let me start off by saying: is a well-constructed, well- optimized website. -Only calls for minor improvements.
  2. 2. BRIEF INTRO/BACKGROUND connects its users with a wide variety of cool products to buy. Regardless of the price.
  3. 3. Price Range DOES NOT apply, hence why you’re broke.
  4. 4. While 1/100,000 visitors MIGHT actually buy this, advertising products such as a “Diesel Powered MechWarrior” are attention-grabbing, especially to males. What guy wouldn’t want to have one of those to play with?
  5. 5. ACCORDING TO GOOGLE TRENDS: The popularity of gift searches for men compared to women, children, etc. is something that should keep in mind when displaying their products. Perhaps carrying more male-oriented products.
  6. 6. GRAPH 1: KEYWORD POPULARITY (GOOGLE TRENDS) The keywords used include: -Blue: “gifts for men” -Red: “gifts for women” -Yellow: “gifts for girls” -Green: “gifts for guys” -Purple: “gifts for kids”
  7. 7. Searching for gifts online is on a downward spiral peaking in 2012.
  9. 9. External Focus: Still, leads the niche market that the company serves.
  10. 10. GRAPH 3: POPULARITY (EXTERNAL FOCUS) Recommendation: Keep improving, stay on top of related trends, build on core strengths.
  11. 11. The website flourishes off of quirky, whimsical, clever product descriptions.
  12. 12. EXAMPLES: Their product descriptions serve as highly-effective calls-to-action.
  13. 13. Internal Focus: There were some areas where the website could improve.
  14. 14. RECOMMENDATION: These include: • Adding Google/Bing Webmaster tools • Removing pages with URL’s of 3 subdirectories • Creating HTML sitemap • Addressing robot.txt file (Example below) Taking these steps would improve crawlability and technical performance.
  16. 16. GRADES: Crawlability: B+ Relevance: A Popularity: A+ Conversion: A+
  17. 17. TAKEAWAYS -Really well-made website -Popular, fun, and keeps people coming back -Extremely strong calls-to-action -Should focus on male market Recommendation: Shop with caution.
  18. 18. Contact me with any questions, comments, or.. Compliments. Email: Thanks for viewing!