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2014 IHRSA Legislative Infographic


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IHRSA State Legislative Advocacy in an easy to read infographic

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2014 IHRSA Legislative Infographic

  1. 1. 77 IPIRIOTEIGIIINIGIHIEIHEALTH” or YOUR BOTTOM LINE . |I . Il‘ '1I—I' (E) NEUTRALIZEO ACTIVE A THREATS THREATS Palenllal Ieglslalmn Identuien helore the session which was not Introduced. l. Sales tax on health club rnernhersmps (PA) 2. Legislation that mandates AED use wIthcul m)vIuIng adequate IIabIIIly protectons (OH. 3. FlestrIctIcns on health club membership contract cplIcrIs lcr consumers and clubs (NJ) IHRSA has a 100% success rate neutralizing legislative threats since 2012. WELLNESS MOMENTUM TOTALBILLS Q BUILOINO TRACKED sInce 2010, lhe number ol bllls promoting health and wellness has Increased as a percentage or lolal mus ”“"‘”9' °’ “N5 "“’°"“°9" “V “I9- $ OPPORTUNITIES REALIZEO opportunmes IGBMIIIBG pncr to me 2uI4 sesston that were ulllmalely Introduced In Ieglslallon. physical education bills introduced in 2014 financial incentives introduced in 2014 general wellness bills introduced in 2014 4.OI5‘r*IIIII1l&Il”I'Il""'I""‘“ 99% II. ?‘5'5‘. I'I'i‘I-"'“"""‘ CONTACT US ATOR | HIlSA. ORIi QCAMPAILIN-IHEALIH IHRSAJETACIIVE ‘V I . i; 3 . r%, .fi*m: ~«: xc