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Ihrsa trend report_q2_2012

  1. 1. The IHRSA Trend Report ! Focus on consumer leisure time & activity ! Second Quarter 2012 ! August 2012 !International Health, Racquet, & Sportsclub Association ! ! ! Research powered by Leisure Trends Group (Boulder, CO)! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  2. 2. WelcomeThe International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association is pleased to present the IHRSATrend Report: Second Quarter 2012 Executive Summary. This report provides in-depth analysisof member, non-member, and former member behavior within and outside of health clubs. Clubapplications are also included to make findings actionable and profitable for club operators.Over the second quarter 2012, 12% of Americans ages 16 and older were members of a healthclub. Roughly one out of five were former members, while seven out of 10 had never beenmembers before. Former and non-members present opportunities for club owners.Balancing member retention and acquisition efforts is no easy task. However, the role healthclubs play in improving health is critical as physical inactivity continues to compound lifestyle-related illnesses. This report provides valuable information on how to keep your currentmembers engaged, lure back former consumers, and reach non-members. Jay Ablondi Melissa Rodriguez Executive VP of Global Products, IHRSA Senior Research Manager, IHRSA ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  3. 3. Health Club Membership ! 12% of Americans ages 16 and 12% older belonged to a health club Current over the quarter ending June 12% 30, 2012.! 19% of Americans ages 16 and older were former members; 19% 70% had never been members Former of a health club.! 19% Q2 2009 Q2 2012 70%Non-Member 69% Q: Are you currently a member of a health club?! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  4. 4. Health Club Members " Why People Join" To feel better about myself 59.5% Three out of five members cite To look better 54.4% “to feel better about myself” as a To lose weight 51.1% reason for joining their health club.! To build muscle 44.7% To maintain weight 37.1% More than half select “to look better” and “to lose weight” as a I need to stay in shape 26.2% reason for joining a club.! To maintain strength 25.7% Less than 6% cite “to gain weight” To stay flexible 23.4% as a reason for joining.!For a specific health concern 20.1% I need to get in shape 19.5% To impress others 8.6% To gain weight 5.5% Q: Which of the following are personal goals for using the health club you currently belong to?! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  5. 5. Health Club Members " Why People Stay" For overall health/wellbeing 65.7% The variety of equipment, strength and 49.4% cardiovascular equipment Roughly two-thirds of members To get my work out in, rather than to socialize 43.5% stay at their health clubs for overall health/wellbeing.! I need get in shape/stay in shape/stay healthy 30.1% Access to group exercise classes 26.7% Equipment variety keeps members returning to their Its at a convenient location to me 25.5% health clubs as nearly half select My friends and family work out at the health club 21.6% this option as a reason for staying.! To make progress with my personal goals 21.6%I feel obligated to go to the health club because of the money I spend on my membership 19.5% More than one out of four members cite “access to group Access to fitness professionals 18.5% exercise classes” as a reason for To have fun 17.5% staying at their clubs. ! The social aspects of the health club 17.0% Q: What keeps you coming back to the health club you currently belong to?! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  6. 6. Health Club Members " Why People Quit" It was too expensive/I could not afford it 44.2% I could exercise somewhere else for free 27.8% I wasn’t using my membership/I wasn’t going 26.2% Cost is the number one reason I moved/the location was no longer convenient 23.4% why former members left their It was too crowded 12.3% health clubs.! I felt out of place 12.0% I lost my job 8.7% Slightly more than one out of There was no one there to guide me 8.0% four left their club because they I developed an injury/surgery/other condition 7.4% weren’t using theirI wanted to participate in another type of exercise 7.4% membership/weren’t going to I did not like to exercise 6.3% the health club.! I met my fitness goals 6.2% One out of five left their clubs It was too intimidating 6.1% because the location was no Nobody I knew went to my former health club 6.1% longer convenient.! I didn’t reach my fitness goals 4.7% I didn’t know what to do there 4.7% Other 2.9% Q: Why did you leave/quit your former health club? ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  7. 7. Health Club Members " Why People Don’t Join" Too expensive/cannot afford 58.4% I exercise somewhere else for free 29.6%I participate in another type of exercise outside the health 18.7% club Nearly six out of 10 consumers cite I would feel out of place 16.3% cost as a barrier to joining health clubs.! I do not exercise 15.5% No Time 14.0% Three out of 10 non-members exercise somewhere else for free.! There is no health club located close to me 12.9% Its too crowded 11.3% Non-members also cited “I would feel out of place” and “I do not Nobody I know goes to a health club 10.7% exercise” as barriers to joining a I dont know what I would do there 8.4% club.! I have an injury/surgery/other condition and therefore 7.7% cannot join a health club I am too out of shape to even think about it 7.3% I might hurt myself 1.9% I am not sure there is someone there to guide me 1.4% Q: What keeps you from joining a health club now? ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  8. 8. Consumer Leisure Time" ! Current, Former & Non-Members 59.9% 56.4% TELEVISION 60.8% Three out of five current 59.3% members watch television in 34.0% their free time.! 26.1%COMPUTER-RELATED 21.8% Non-members are more likely 31.1% to choose computer-related 28.4% activities in their free time than 36.7% former or current members.! READING 26.2% 29.7% Former members are more likely to choose reading than 9.7% 10.5% current & non-members.! CHORES 12.0% Non-Member 10.1% Former Member 8.2% Current Member 14.3% Overall SHOPPING 13.4% 9.9% Q: Yesterday, what did you do during your free or leisure time.! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  9. 9. Consumer Leisure Time Preferences" ! Current, Former & Non-MembersCurrent Member Former Member Non-MemberTelevision Television TelevisionMovies Reading ReadingReading Spending Time/Visiting Movies with Family & FriendsSpending Time/Visiting Movies Video/Computer Gameswith Family & FriendsExercising Walking/Swimming Spending Time/Visiting with Family & Friends ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  10. 10. Sport, Recreational & Physical Activities" Current, Former & Non-Members ! 55.6% Current and former health club Non-Member members are more likely to 44.4% participate in sport, recreational, and fitness activities than non- members. ! 28.5% More than half of non-membersFormer Member did not participate in any sport, 71.5% recreational or fitness activity in No the last three months.! Yes 12.3%Current Member 87.7% Q: In the last three months, have you participated in any sport, recreational, or fitness activities? ! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  11. 11. Top 10 Physical Activities" Current Members ! Walking 38.7%Bodybuilding/Weightlifting 28.9% Health club members can participate in several popular activities at their Jogging/Running 27.5% health club:! •!Walking! Swimming 27.2% •!Bodybuilding! •!Jogging/Running! Health Club/Spa 24.3% •!Swimming! •!Spa! Exercising 22.6% •!Exercising! Basketball 17.6% In efforts to address some of the other popular activities among Bicycling 15.3% members, health clubs can offer sports-specific training or sports clubs focused on basketball, bicycling, Tennis 14.6% tennis, and/or football.! Football 11.8% Q: Which sport, recreational, or fitness activities did you participate in during the last three months?! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  12. 12. Top 10 Physical Activities" Former Members ! Walking 51.5% Former members participate in several activities that can be Swimming 28.5% enjoyed outdoors. However, former members may also Exercising 24.9% participate and/or train for popular activities at their local Jogging/Running 24.2% health clubs.! Basketball 15.4% •!Walking! •!Swimming!Bodybuilding/Weightlifting 14.9% •!Jogging/running! •!Bicycling! Bicycling 13.1% •!Hiking/backpacking! Bowling 9.9% Former members are more likely to participate in swimming than Hiking/Backpacking 9.5% non-members. ! Tennis 7.0% Q: Which sport, recreational, or fitness activities did you participate in during the last three months?! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  13. 13. Top 10 Physical Activities" Non-Members ! Walking 45.5% As noted previously, more than half of Exercising 22.5% non-members (55.6%) did not participate in sports, recreational, or Jogging/Running 18.3% fitness activities for the quarter ending June 30, 2012.! Swimming 16.1% Less than half participated in walking. Bicycling 14.3% Only one out of four exercised, while slightly less than one out of fiveBodybuilding/Weightlifting 13.5% participated in jogging/running.! Basketball 13.2% Clubs can meet the needs of non- members lacking regular exercise and Hiking/Backpacking 10.1% physical activity.! Fishing 6.1% Yoga 6.1% Q: Which sport, recreational, or fitness activities did you participate in during the last three months?! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  14. 14. Activity Participation Barriers" Current, Former & Non-Members ! 42.3% Once I meet my other obligations, I am too tired 38.5% 37.6% 34.6% Work obligations 37.2% 30.1% 25.9% Family obligations 27.7% 21.2% 15.2% I dont have anyone to participate with 10.7% 20.8% Non-Member 13.8% Cost 7.3% Former Member 13.2% Current Member 3.2% No time 2.7% 10.3%It is difficult for me to get to a place where I can participate in 26.1% 17.0% my favorite activity 8.7% 4.1% Weather 4.2% 4.9% 2.2% Health 4.6% 3.7% Q: What keeps you from participating in your #1 favorite sport more often?! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  15. 15. Leisure Types*" All Americans! Who are the Leisure Types™? I am a Healer " I’m overworked and stressed. Just let me recover from the workday grind. ! 15% 6% I am a Hubber ! My home is the hub of my universe–not just a place to 34% eat and sleep. "24% I am a Spectator Entertain me. I don’t want to work too hard at having fun. " 21% I am an Adventurer I live for new experiences or adventures and the accompanying adrenaline rush. " I am an Achiever I love a challenge and the chance Achiever Healer to win. I always strive for a personal best. ! Hubber Spectator Adventurer *Leisure Types™ is a proprietary categorization of consumer behavior by the Leisure Trends Group. ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  16. 16. Leisure Types*" Current Members ! One out of three current members are healers.! 17% 15% One out of five current members are spectators.! 19% Current members are more likely to be 32% achievers than former and non-members.! 18%Achiever HealerHubber SpectatorAdventurer *Leisure Types™ is a proprietary categorization of consumer behavior by the Leisure Trends Group. ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  17. 17. Leisure Types*" Former Members ! Two out of five former members are healers.! 6% 19% Slightly more than one out of five are spectators.! 39%22% Former members are more likely to be adventurers than non-members.! 14%Achiever HealerHubber SpectatorAdventurer *Leisure Types™ is a proprietary categorization of consumer behavior by the Leisure Trends Group. ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  18. 18. Leisure Types*" Non-Members ! One out of three non-members are healers.! 13% 5% One out of four non-members are 33% spectators.! 25% Non-members are more likely to be hubbers than former members.! 24%Achiever HealerHubber SpectatorAdventurer *Leisure Types™ is a proprietary categorization of consumer behavior by the Leisure Trends Group. ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  19. 19. Opportunities – Current Members !Profile! Opportunities!•! Why They Join! 1.! Track and celebrate progress of members.! –! Feel better! –! Include a “member of the month” segment in your club e-newsletter to recognize member progress.! –! Look better! –! Implement a “club points” program in which –! Lose weight! members accumulate points to use towards club amenities as they reach for goals. !•! Why They Stay! 2.! Host in-club contests.! –! Overall wellbeing! –! Reward the most frequent users over the summer to encourage continued attendance over off-peak –! Variety of equipment! months.! –! Get my workout in, rather than –! Promote weight management over the holidays by to socialize! rewarding members that stay on track with their weight loss goals. !•! Popular Physical Activities! 3.! Offer spa amenities.! –! Walking! –! Larger clubs may expand on current spa services –! Bodybuilding/weightlifting! and offer lunch-break length massages or pedicures. ! –! Studio/smaller clubs may consider contracting a –! Jogging/Running! message therapist during peak hours.!•! Leisure Type: Healer/Achiever! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  20. 20. Opportunities – Former Members !Profile! Opportunities!•! Why They Quit! 1.! Former member outreach. ! –! Keep in touch with former members with targeted –! Cost! emails, surveys, and promotions.! –! Exercise elsewhere for free! –! Offer and promote non-member amenities available such as personal training, spa, and group exercise.! –! Wasn’t using membership! 2.! Former member pricing plans.! –! Convenience/location! –! Offer discounted membership pricing for former members for the first 3-6 months of their tenure. !•! Popular Leisure Activities! –! Offer a one-time partner/group training to –! Television! encourage frequent exercise with family and –! Reading! friends.! –! Spending time with family & friends! 3.! Cultivate the former member’s interest in the outdoors and adventure.!•! Popular Physical Activities! –! Organize an in-club hiking group for day trips in the –! Walking! spring and fall.! –! Swimming! –! Offer customized training and/or group exercise programs for an outdoor-oriented active vacation.! –! Exercising! –! Form partnerships with local outdoor sporting•! Leisure Type: Healer/Adventurer! good retailers in efforts to offer member benefits at local stores. ! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  21. 21. Opportunities – Non-Members !Profile! Opportunities!•! Why They Don’t Join! 1.! Promote limited-time discounts to prospects.! –! Target communications of discounted membership –! Cost! plans to prospects who never joined.! –! Exercise elsewhere for free! –! Market limited-time discounts on personal training, food & beverage, spa services, and other amenities.! –! Participate in another exercise! 2.! Integrate technology & entertainment into –! Would feel out of place! club offerings. ! –! Smartphone apps & an online club social network•! Popular Leisure Activities! can keep members engaged away from the facility.! –! Television! –! Cutting edge interactive fitness equipment can help –! Reading! entertain and engage potential members. ! –! Movies/Computer Games! 3.! Make the club feel like home.! –! Implement a prospect and new member welcome•! Popular Physical Activities! program with targeted communications (electronic –! Walking! & print) and coupons for in-club amenities.! –! Exercising! –! Offer complimentary fitness club orientation and consultation with a trainer.! –! Jogging/Running! –! Offer quarterly fitness evaluations to ensure•! Leisure Type: Healer/Hubber! members are using the club and are on track with their goals.! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  22. 22. Contact DetailsIHRSAThe International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association is the fitness industry’s onlyglobal trade association. IHRSA represents over 10,000 for profit health and fitnessfacilities and over 570 supplier companies in 71 countries.Jay Ablondi jma@ihrsa.orgMelissa Rodriguez mr@ihrsa.orgLeisure Trends GroupLeisure Trends Group is the leading provider of consumer research, retail marketintelligence (retail sales tracking) and integrated CRM/Direct Marketing services for thesports, recreation, hospitality, travel and entertainment industries. Suppliers, retailers,associations, resorts and financial analysts rely on Leisure Trends Group for actionableconsumer insights, accurate retail sales data that includes margins and inventory, andinnovative targeted marketing solutions. For more information visitwww.leisuretrends.com or contact:Julia Day jday@leisuretrends.com ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  23. 23. Background & MethodologyLeisure Trend Group’s LeisureTRAK® tracks behavior in over 240 leisure, travel, sports and recreationalactivities. This ongoing, quarterly study of Americans (4,000 annual interviews) began in 1989 and givesLeisure Trends Group deep insights into how Americans spend their leisure time.Each quarter, 1,000 online interviews are conducted using scientific sampling and a random onlinemethodology to reach a representative sample of the American population, age 16 and over. Adisproportionate stratified random sample by census region and gender is used for the study to ensureaccurate representation from these subgroups. If necessary, weighting is used to match census data forage. Only Americans age 16 and older are interviewed. Interviewing for the LeisureTRAK® is spread over14 consecutive days in each quarter. The overall results are projectable to the United States population,age 16 and over, with a margin of error of +/- 3.0% at a 95% confidence level.In 2008, the International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) contracted with LeisureTrends Group to add four (4) custom, proprietary IHRSA questions to the third quarter fielding (September,2008) of LeisureTRAK® as well as the next three (3) fieldings. The four IHRSA questions were repeatedeach quarter to provide a final respondent sample of 4,000 with a margin of error of +/- 1.4% at a 95%confidence level.In 2011, IHRSA contracted with Leisure Trends Group to add the same four (4) proprietary IHRSA questionsas well as a fifth proprietary question to the third quarter fielding (September, 2011) of LeisureTRAK®. Acomparative analysis of responses to the four (4) proprietary IHRSA questions from 2008 to responses tothe same four (4) questions in 2011 are included in this report, where comparisons are possible. ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  24. 24. Research Objectives Four original questions were added to the fielding of LeisureTRAK® to meet IHRSA’s objectives in 2008: -! To determine how many Americans are currently members of a health club or have been members in the past. -! To understand how members and non-members are different in a variety of areas both demographically and psychographically in terms of how they view leisure time and what motivates them to choose leisure activities. -! To uncover the motivations and goals of current members. -! To discover the barriers to joining a health club for non-members. One new question was added to the fielding of LeisureTRAK® in 2011 to meet IHRSA’s objective: - To investigate reasons for leaving or quitting a health club membershipIHRSA’s Questions1.! Are you currently a member of a health club? (A dues paying member with a daily punch, monthly, seasonal, or annual pass.)2.! What keeps you coming back to use the health club you currently belong to?3.! Which of the following are personal goals for using the health club you currently belong to?4.! What keeps you from joining a health club now?5.! Why did you leave/quit your former health club?**New in 2011 ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  25. 25. Respondents & DefinitionsSubgroup analysis is presented where relevant. These subgroups are divided as follows:Members: Those who are currently a member of a health club.Non-members: Those who are not currently a member of a health club.Former-members: Those who were members of a health club at one time but are not currently.Leisure Types Definitions:I am a Healer "I’m overworked and stressed. Just let me recover from the workday grind. !I am a Hubber !My home is the hub of my universe–not just a place to eat and sleep. "I am a Spectator "Entertain me. I don’t want to work too hard at having fun. "I am an Adventurer "I live for new experiences or adventures and the accompanying adrenaline rush. "I am an Achiever "I love a challenge and the chance to win. I always strive for a personal best. ! ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !
  26. 26. This report is privileged and contains confidential information for the InternationalHealth, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA). It may not be copied,published, reproduced, used, or divulged to others in whole or in part without theexpress written consent of Leisure Trends Group.The Leisure Trends Group name, or LeisureTRAK® may not be used in any paidadvertising in support of a product, service, or point of view without prior review andapproval by Leisure Trends Group.A note about Copyright: If data from this report is reproduced, IHRSA and LTG mustbe referenced as the source. Leisure Trends Group must review and approve allpress releases and other documents prepared to assist in the public dissemination ofall survey and research data it provides; Leisure Trends Group will complete thisreview within 48 hours of receipt, usually within 24 hours. Contact the Leisure TrendsGroup at 303-786-7900 x107 or jday@leisuretrends.com. ! ! !ihrsa.org/research ! !