ipr applications of pcr pcr types components of pcr dna polymerase primer designing reagents used in pcr instrumentation of pcr principle of pcr evolution of pcr introduction of pcr stability testing protocols validation infringement storage labelling packaging evaluation test for creams types of creams creams fpqc ipqc applications of elisa sandwich elisa indirect elisa direct elisa noncompetitive elisa competitive elisa types of elisa principle of elisa elisa tests for butter analysis preparation of butter sample analysis of butter butter analysis maldi esi fab apci appi ionization techniques ion sources principle of mass spectroscopy rt-pcr steps involved in pcr pcr cycle reaction components in pcr enzymes in pcr history of pcr control of micro-organisms in butter rancidity of butter equipment used in butter analysis microbiology of butter sample preparation for analysis of butter apparatus used for butter analysis butter characteristics principle of flame emission spectroscopy applications of flame emission spectroscopy limitations of flame emission spectroscopy instrumentation of flame emission spectroscopy flame emission spectroscopy fes ria radioimmunoassay applications of ria methods of ria theory of ria principle of ria immunoassay solvents in pharmaceuticals levels of residual solvents limits of residual solvents classification residual solvents general principles of impurities evaluation of impurities factors affecting impurities elemental impurities identification of impurities applications of uv double beam uv single beam uv instrumentation of uv-visible spectroscopy beers-lamberts law electronic transitions uv-visible spectroscopy ich guidelines for stability types of stability drug stability calibration validation of ftir validation of gc qualification of ftir qualification of gc qualification of instruments significance of protein drug binding factors affecting protein drug binding binding of drugs to blood components mechanism of binding of proteins protein binding of drugs protein binding interactions protein binding documents required for patenting process of patent types of patent patent rules of fragmentation applications isotopic peaks metastable ions fragmentation process mass fragmentation mass spectroscopy markman v. westview literal infringement pharmaceticals industrial design gel chromatography applications gel chrromatography acrylamide gels agarose gel sephadex dextran dielectric constant ionic strength buffering species ph temperature factors affecting stability stability crude drugs heavy metals cadmium lead arsenic limit test pharmaceutical validation doctrine of equivalence astra zeneca
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