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Fami Sourcing – Well Known Sourcing Company in China


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We are the experienced source company, helping small startup clients to set their business. As sourcing agents in China for years, we know supplier's tricks well and also provide you other services like transportation etc.

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Fami Sourcing – Well Known Sourcing Company in China

  1. 1. Tips to Find Good Sourcing  Agent in China
  2. 2. What Does Sourcing Agent Do? Sourcing agents can provide a one­stop service for your  international  trade  buying  needs,  including  free  sourcing,  translation,  price  negotiating,  buying,  quality control, documents and shipping. The aim is to  make your buying, especially from countries like China  easier, faster, cheaper and safer. Finding a product in  China  that  will  meet  your  quality  and  price  expectations  can  be  a  daunting  task.  They  help  you  find  capable,  honest  and  reliable  Chinese  manufacturers  delivering  quality  products  at  competitive prices. 
  3. 3. •Fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese •Thorough knowledge of the Chinese business culture •Experience in managing Chinese suppliers •Category and sourcing process experience •Quality Control experience •Audit experience •Logistics experience Important Points While Choosing Sourcing Agent
  4. 4. To Setup Your Business in China Contact Fami  Sourcing Fami  Sourcing  ­  We  offer  reliable  and  affordable  supply  chain  management  solution  to  the  startup  companies  in  China.  We  have  the  expertise  in  interpreting  &  translating,  product  sourcing  and  quality control.
  5. 5. How to Find Best Sourcing Agent in Guangzhou? Want to setup your business in  Guangzhou? Visit Fami Sourcing.  We provide you the all sources for your business like transportation,  shipping,  price  to  delivery  and  supervision  services  as  per  your  requirements.  Visit our website for more details.
  6. 6.               Address:              2A, No.18, XiaoChun Str., Baiyun District,                     Guangzhou, China                       Phone: +86­136 1002 3833                              
  7. 7.               Address:              2A, No.18, XiaoChun Str., Baiyun District,                     Guangzhou, China                       Phone: +86­136 1002 3833