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I. Akhund App Engagement Dynamics Social Developer Summit


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Social Developer Summit

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I. Akhund App Engagement Dynamics Social Developer Summit

  1. 1. Tripling user signups in 1 month<br />A Study on picking KPIs and a framework for improving them.<br />
  2. 2. Me and Heyzap<br /><ul><li>Immad Akhund, Co-founder at
  3. 3. Platform for Social and MMO games online
  4. 4. Distribute Games to 220,000 websites
  5. 5. Users signup through Heyzap to play games</li></li></ul><li>What are KPIs?<br /><ul><li>KPI is a measure of performance
  6. 6. KPIs are important to succeed
  7. 7. Example: Facebook and its Monthly Active Users
  8. 8. For Heyzap, User Signups were the main focus 2 months ago</li></li></ul><li>Approaching KPIs<br /><ul><li>Need good metrics
  9. 9. Existing Channels for optimizing KPI
  10. 10. New Channels for improving KPI</li></li></ul><li>Technology to measure Metrics<br /><ul><li>Funnel tracking framework
  11. 11. A/B testing framework
  12. 12. We mostly built internal custom frameworks</li></li></ul><li>Existing Channels to Optimize<br /><ul><li>Find places where most improvement is possible
  13. 13. Focus on the funnel:
  14. 14. Reduce Drop offs
  15. 15. Remove steps in the funnel
  16. 16. A/B test everything</li></ul>Non-Heyzap User<br />Heyzap User<br />
  17. 17. Existing Channels for Heyzap users<br /><ul><li>Social Games had a direct signup screen and millions of users with low conversion.
  18. 18. Conversion went from 5% to 10%</li></li></ul><li>New Channels<br /><ul><li>Find places with a lot of attention
  19. 19. Focus product development towards KPI
  20. 20. Brainstorm completely new ideas</li></li></ul><li>New Channels for Heyzap<br /><ul><li>Widget – millions of hits but no signup
  21. 21. New games and site partners
  22. 22. New channels had an order of magnitude increase in user signups</li></li></ul><li>Limitations of KPIs<br /><ul><li>Many improvements have negative repercussions
  23. 23. Can lead to short term thinking and tunnel vision
  24. 24. Picking the wrong KPI is bad
  25. 25. KPIs should change as you evolve</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion<br /><ul><li>Picking the KPI and complete focus on it will give results
  26. 26. Picking the right KPI is important
  27. 27. New channels were more important than optimizations
  28. 28. Not so subtle plug: Join Heyzap if you are making Social Games to find new channels of distribution online </li>