Social Media and Press Release


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Written for a fictitious company based on a set of given facts.

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Social Media and Press Release

  1. 1. Mohan- Writing Sample 2The purpose of this assignment was to take a set of 35 facts about a fictitious cookie companyand write a press release and a social media release.
  2. 2. Mohan- Writing Sample 2For more information, contact: Maureen Mohan 314-799-7260 Email: MOM’S COOKIES BEGINNING FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES AFTER 85 YEARS IN ST. LOUIS ST. LOUIS, April 1, 2012- Mom’s Cookies is opening up franchise opportunities toentrepreneurs around the country. When John Smith became head of Mom’s after his familybought he was looking to create a nationwide brand that can be enjoyed by families all overAmerica. The company expanded into web-based ordering five years ago and now makes upover half of its gross sales. This success proves that the nation is ready for a Mom’s close tothem and gives franchisees a mature and strong business to build on. “Mom’s has decided to expand and offer franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs aroundthe country. The success of the web-based business proves that the nation is ready for a Mom’sclose to them and gives franchisees a mature and strong business to build on.” said head ofMom’s Cookies, John Smith. “This opportunity allows business owners to create a mom and popfeel with a store that lets customers experience a 1930’s cookie store.” Known for its Irish Raisin Cookie, Mom’s has been located in North St. Louis since itopened. The new franchise locations will mirror the original shop which still looks as it did in1928, giving a unique shopping experience to customers. Franchise locations will be locatedeither in malls or as stand alone stores, in addition to its famous cookie Mom’s also has a varietyof gourmet snacks and gifts for its customers. Recently Mom’s partnered with St. Louis based
  3. 3. Mohan- Writing Sample 2Ronnoco Handcrafted Coffee to sell quality coffee in the original Mom’s shop, the franchiselocations will also carry Ronnoco Coffee. Started in 1928 and based in a northern suburb of St. Louis, Mom’s Cookies has atrademark on its Irish Raisin Cookie recipe. It is privately owned and a leader in independentcookie companies. ###
  4. 4. Mohan- Writing Sample 2Contact Information: Maureen Mohan 314-799-7260 MOM’S COOKIES EXPANDING NATIONWIDE AFTER 85 YEARS IN ST. LOUIS Will open up opportunities for entrepreneurs to franchise - Mom’s cookies opened in 1928 and known for its Irish Raisin Cookie. - Web-based section of Mom’s started 5 years ago and now makes up more than half of the company’s gross sales. - The success of the web-based business proves that the nation is ready for a Mom’s near them. - Gives franchisees a mature and strong business to build on. - Mom’s offers 7 other types of cookies as well as a wide variety of gourmet snacks and gifts. - Franchisees will be located either in malls or as stand-alone stores. - The new stores will be modeled after the original giving it the look of a 1928 cookie shop and the customer gets a nostalgic experience. - Jack O’Connell opened Mom’s Cookies in 1928 and named it Mom’s in honor of his mother. - It has been run by the family until 5 years ago when O’Connell’s grandchildren sold it to John Smith who has expanded the company into phone and internet ordering and is looking to make it a nationwide brand. - Mom’s has partnered with St. Louis based Ronnoco Handcrafted Coffee to sell its product in the original Mom’s shop and the franchise locations will also carry Ronnoco Coffee. The RSS feed offers up-to-date relevant information about the company and franchisees. Subscribers will be able to see current press releases and press activity. The Twitter page offers more current information and allows potential franchisees to interact with the company. MORE MULTIMEDIA AVAILABLE BY REQUEST Press releases and white papers available
  5. 5. Mohan- Writing Sample 2 “Mom’s combines 21st century marketing and franchising strategies with high- quality products made in the old-fashioned, traditional ways, and we think that’sthe reason for our current success and the success we hope to enjoy in the future.”- John Smith, owner of Mom’s “The opportunity to franchise with Mom’s is unique in that it allows customers to be a part of the 1928 experience. We are not recreating a 1928 St. Louis cookie shop, but a cookie shop that could have been located on any street corner across the country”- Jack Jones, VP of franchisingThe following links are articles that have been written about the franchiseexpansion.• Link 1 to story written about Mom’s RSS FEED TO CLIENT’S NEWS RELEASES The bottom will include logos for Twitter, Facebook, and DEL.ICIO.US