Salvator Awards 2009


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Salvator Awards 2009

  2. 2. ORGANIZER CO-ORGANIZERGENERAL PARTNER GENERAL SUPPORTERMEDIA PARTNERS DAY OF SALVATOR PARTNERSČRo Brno Policie České republikyRádio Čas Městská policie ZlínRTA Zlín Zdravotnická záchranná služba Zlín. krajeAvonet Hasičský sbor Zlínského krajeVychytené.czNeon TVPARTNERS PARTNERSPrior KroměřížValašské internetové noviny Uherské HradištěČSAD Vsetín OtrokoviceIS Produkce LuhačoviceGréta Public KroměřížRestaurant MoravaSvatební studio Dary SvozílkovéMatchballTescomaSawanah JamCukrárna DINO
  3. 3. SALVATOR AWARDS 2009The project is organized by the students of Faculty of Multimedia Communications ofThomas Bata Univerzity in Zlín. Co-organized by the Zlín Region.This year´s awards are presented by the motto:„You do not need superpower, just a big heart.“The project of this year had a few changes: In the category Children´s award was abolished the age limit, professional firefighters, medics and policemen who performed an creditable acts offduty will still be nominated in the categories of professionals – Fireman, Medic,Policeman, it is only possible to vote for the favorit ones on the internet or by post to theUniversity.SALVATOR AWARDS 2009is the seventh year of the traditional awards for extraordinary acts to protect life, health,property and safety of people, which are given to: members of the Integrated Rescue System of the Zlín region, citizens and corporations with a place of residence, a place of business or a brachoffice in the Zlín region.Salvator awards are awarded retroactively for the past year. Salvator awards 2009 valuecreditable acts performed in the year 2009.VISION OF THE PROJECT Appreciate the actions of members of the Integrated Rescue System of the Zlín Regionand highlight their work, point out the extraordinary acts of adults, children and legal persons of the Zlín Regionand express gratitude, disseminate the idea of helping others and raising awareness about the behavior incrisis situations.
  4. 4. PROJECT PHASENomination period (7th January 2010 - 27th January 2010) During this period citizens and members of the Integrated Rescue System cannominate their heroes in each category of Salvator Awards. This year only at theproject web site or by post to the University.Transitional period (28th January 2010 - 3rd February 2010) During this period, nominations are being verified and the first committee is sitting,consisting of representatives of the Tomas Bata University in Zlin, representatives ofthe various components of IRS and last years winner of Salvator awards. Picked upthree nominations in each category, who stepped into the voting period. In categoryChildrens award, a nominee is usually choosen by the Regional Parliament ofChildren and Youth Zlín Region.Voting period (4th February 2010 – 25th February 2010) The public vote for the winner in the category Citizen. The categories of Firefighter,Policeman, Medic, Other components of the IRS and Long term activities selectedaward-winning non-partisan commission, composed of teachers and students ofTomas Bata University in Zlín. The winner of the Children award is usually choosenby the Regional Parliament of Children and Youth Zlín Region.Ceremony (11th March 2010) Social event associated with transfer of Salvator awards 2009 in six categories.Day of Salvator (23rd April 2010) Actions targeted particularly at children, there are presented the various componentsof IRS, accompanying program and transfer of Childen award.
  5. 5. SALVATOR AWARDS CATEGORYSalvator AwardsCategoryCharacterizationCITIZEN Individual over 18 years or corporations awards for extraordinaryacts to protect life, health, property and public safety.CHILDREN´S AWARD Children and teenagers unter the age of 18.FIREMAN Members of Fire brigade of Zlín Region or members of theVolunteer fire company.MEDIC Members of medical rescue services of the Zlín Region.POLICEMAN Members of Police of the Czech republic.OTHERCOMPONENTS OFTHE IRS(INTEGRATEDRESCUE TEAM)Members of municial police, non-profit-making companies andcivil association, which can be use for rescue and clean upoperations, Arpy of the Czech republic, Mountain Rescue, Waterrescue service, and other professional services etc. I tis possible tonominate the following organization as a unit.LONG TERMACTIVITIESIndividual or a corporation, nominated for long-term benefits inprevention,assistance during emergencies or crisis situations.
  6. 6. PRESS CONFERENCE6th January 2010U13 University Centre, T. G. Masaryk square, 555510:00 o´clock5 representatives of press agents4 representatives of Thomas Bata University5 media representatives2 general supportem representativesThe press conference took place on 6th January 2010 from 10:00 am in the University CentreU13, T. G. Masaryk 5555 square. Meeting was attended by: Spokesman of MedicalEmergency Service of Zlín Region Olšan Peter, Spokesman of Fire Rescue of Zlín RegionMajor. Mgr. Ivo Mitáček, spokeswoman of the State Police of the Czech Republic, Zlíndistrict headquarters por. Ing. Jan Bártíková, spokeswoman of the municipal police ŠarkaŠkubalová, spokesman of the Zlín Region Ing. Milan Plesar, rector of the Tomas BataUniversity in Zlín, Prof.. Ing. Ignac Hoza PhD., Director of marketing communicationsdepartment Ing. Mgr. Olga Jurášková, Director of Communications Agency Peter PodlešákPh.D., Economics Communication Agency Director Ing. Sarka Hrabinová and projectmanager Martin Brtnická.The media participated in: TV Zlinsko - John Mádrová, thecameraman for Radio ČRo Brno broadcasting from Zlín - Roman Verner and Radio Time –Dušan Chlud.Press conference began the university rector and later followed by the presentation of theproject manager, who introduced the communication campaign and informed about updates to7th year.Mjr. Mgr. Bc. Ivo Mitáček, Ing. Milan Plesar, Martina Brtnická, Mgr. Šárka Škubalová,Superhrdina, mjr. Ing. Jana Bartíková, Petr Olšan.
  7. 7. PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNThe symbol of the seventh annual Salvador Awards is a superhero. When we rememberSuperman, Batman or Spiderman, you can always see the hero saving the beautiful ladyfrom burning houses, linking bridges with his supernatural power or fly around the world 3times in an afternoon, but we never see them giving first aid. Never give mouth to mouthbreath, never pausing arterial bleeding. This year we are trying to promote the idea that youdo not to have supernatural power or special skills to be able to help someone and save lives,but just to have courage and not to be afraid.Therefore, the motto of this years slogan is "„You do not need superpower, just a big heart.“Throughout the campain period we will accompany the superhero, who does not know whatto do in a crisis situation. While on the problem itself he is not enough, but at least he does nothesitate and immediately call for help, as should be done every one.As regards to the promotional campaign, this year we bet everything on one card and wehave implemented a billboard of the size 6x20 metres and hung it on the shoping mall Prior.As supporting elements, we chose the poster in urban mass transportation and animated spotsin the RTA TV Zlín, Greta and the Golden Apple shopping centre. Were carried out severalinterviews broadcast from Radio Brno Zlín.Symbol of this years campaign Superhero we breathe life and became part of the program ofthe ceremony, and on Day of Salvador, where the kids are given out commemorative badgeswith the superhero motive.Day of Salvatorr, because is designed primarily of kindergardens and primary schools, thepromoting was done by contacting headmasters of individual schools and distributing postersand programs for schools, which promised to participate. And this year was proclaimeda literary and art contest.
  12. 12. NOMINATION PERIOD7th January 2010 - 27 January 2010Citizens and members of the IRS (Integrated Rescue System)to nominate a hero through: Nomination forms on the project website By sending nominations at the address of the UniversityThis year there was total number of nomination 49.Nomination period took place from 7th January 2010 - 27 January 2010. During the periodcitizens and members of the Integrated Rescue Systém could nominate their heroes in eachcategory of Salvator Awards 2009. The change from last years was cancellation of the agelimit for childrens heroes in category Children´s award. 49 nominations in 7 categories wereverified in time. Some were repeated (some people and organizations were nominated forseveral times), each nominated act, we counted as one nomination. Furthermore, weencountered a large number of rejection nominations.Policeman - 5 valid nominationsMedic - 1 valid, 1 invalidFirefighter - 3 valid, 9 invalidLong-term activity - 3 validCitizen - 10 valid (and repetitive), 7 invalidOther components of the IRS - 6 force, 4 invalidChildren´s award - 0Individual or a team of people, living or work in the Zlin region, a legal entity with itsregistered office or branch in the Zlin region could be nominated in all categories except forthe Medic and Policeman. Without completing all the information required in the nominationform was invalid nominations.TRANSITIONAL PERIOD28th January 2010 – 3rd February 2010Nominations verified by the realization team1st February 2010 took placet the 1st committeeSelection of three nominees from each of 5 categoriesChoosing a nominee from the category MedicCategory Childrens award had no nominationTransitional period runs from 01st Janury 2010 to 3rd February 2010. For each of the sevencategories are chosen three nominated to the voting period. The committee that took place onthe 1st February 2010 composed of teachers and students of Tomas Bata University in Zlin,winners of the Salvator award 2008 and representatives of the Zlin region selected threestories referring to the voting period in 6 categories. In the category Medic ceded onenomination.
  13. 13. Each of the 15 members awarded 1 to 3 points nominated ones, these points are summed upand select the nominated with the highest numbers.Present were the spokespersons of components of the IRS for clarification of information inthe selection of nominees.LIST OF NOMINATIONPoliceman pprap. Jiří Hnilica, Valašské Meziřičí nprap. Aleš Hromada, pprap. Tomas Halámek, Uherský Ostroh pprap. Petr Pavelka, nstržm. Michael SlovákMedic Dr. Martin Cedidlová, Martin Kasala Dis., Paul Egner, Jan Furyová, StanislavTkadlec, Zdenek Kasala Dis.Fireman Ing. David Žalmánek (acting as the commander of the intervention units shift "B" PSVsetin and units of exchange B PS Zlin) Tomas Vymětalík, station Bystřice Hostýnem Zdenek Kočíř, station Uherske HradisteLong-term aktivity Peter Beránek, leading young firefighters SDH Prusinovice MUDr. Paul Baran, Zlín Josef Krajča, mayor of the county firefighters association of Bohemia, Moravia andSilesiaCitizen Robert Macháč, Brumov-Bylnice Francis Kovář, Morkovice-Slížany Renata Bezová, VítoniceOther components of the IRS Stanislaw Hiller, City Police Zlin Lang, Vladimir (Commander Rescue Team), Zicháček Vojtech, Michael ZicháčekRescue Team Hostýnské Hills Dorčák Josef, Josef Palát, Paul broke down, the Association of Volunteer FiremenPoličná
  14. 14. VOTING PERIOD4th February 2010 – 25th February 2010Citizens have voted in the category of Citizen and chose the winnerRegional Parliament of Children and Youth Zlín region was deletedas there was no one nominated for the Children´s Award19th February 2010 2nd committee chose the winners in 5 categoriesThe voting period (4th to 25th February 2010) an independent committee composed ofstudentsand teacher at the Tomas Bata University, winners of the Salvator 2008 andrepresentatives of the Zlin region decided on the winners in categories Fireman, Medic,Officer, Other components of the IRS and long-term activities.Citizens could have vote forthe winner in the category of Citizen from the 4th to 25 February 2010 through voting formson the website to vote had every citizen of the Czech republic andalien residents in the territory of the Czech republic. A total of 251 votes were sent throughvoting forms on the Internet.
  15. 15. CEREMONY11th March 2010Small stage in Zlin19.00Presenter was Barbara MajíčkováDirect transmission to viewers on www.neontv.czWinners were awarded in 6 categoriesThe ceremony is a social event during which Salvator Award was awarded in six categories. Itwas also the oportunity to meet for members of the Integrated Rescue System, representativesof the Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Zlín Region representatives and citizens, whose actionscontributed to saving lives, health or property.The Ceremony this year took place on Thursday11 March 2010 from 19.00 o´clock on the Small Stage in Zlín. Direct transmission could bemonitored at the university television Winners received a glass sculpturemade by glass design students.The Cremony started with a performance of Fortitude et Ignis. Followed by welcoming theinvited guests, thanking to partners and alternate nominations with accompanying program.Furing the ceremony evening also spoke: Jitka Heřmánková, Vit Bečvář, Lukáš Jašek -Šeklin. Present was even a superhero.Winners, partners and representatives together at the Ceremony.
  16. 16. DAY OF SALVATOR23rd April 2010Recreation area Otrokovice - Štěrkoviště9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.Moderator Ondrej Havlik from Czech TVChildrens Award cancelled- no nominationsParticipation of over 1,500 childrenDay of Salvator was held on Friday 23 April 2010 at the premises of the recreation area inŠtěrkoviště Otrokovice, where was presented work of firefighters, state police, Zlin CityPolice, medics and other components of the Integrated Rescue System. Day of Salvatoropened a joint response by firefighters, medical personnel and police, who intervened withfake accidents and tried to rescue the wounded. Speakers commented on the whole event.Followed by presenting work of integrated rescue system, demonstration of the work ofservice dogs, hit on the water because of collission of two sailboats, displays of divers,fireworks and much more. There were also presentations on the state police horses. After theintervention on the water, interested ones could have a ride on the rescue boat.Part of Day of Salvador was accompanying program for example, the performing groupSawannah Jam, trialbikers, beatbox performance presented by Andrew Havlik.Beatbox show presenter by Ondřej Havlik.
  17. 17. HOLDERS OF SALVATOR AWARDS 2009Salvator Awards - Price of Governor of the Zlín Region awarded this years heroes, whocontributed to saving lives. Ceremony took place on Thursday 11 March 2010 on the SmallStage in Zlín.CITIZEN CATEGORYFrantišek Kovář, Morkovice-SlížanyNominated to provide assistance in a serious accident overturned car, in which were fivepeople. Using straps and its delivery car to bring the crashed car back on the wheels and toextricate the man, who was overwhelmed by it. Nominee withdrew injured, and because hewas unconscious and without vital signs, he immediately began providing first aid.FIREMAN CATEGORYTomas Vymětalík, station Bystřice HostýnemSeveral teams of professional firefighters were leaving for a serious truck accident. Its driverran into section corners in the opposite direction and then crashed into a ditch near the road.The vehicle overturned on its left side and imprisoned in the drivers cab. Rescue work wasextremely complicated. Firefighters managed to get the man from the cab in 2.5 hours.
  18. 18. POLICEMAN CATEGORYpprap. Petr Pavelka, nstržm. Michael SlovakOn 9th October 2009 there was a fire in a house in the village Bojkovice and severe injuryhappened to one of the renters. The local police arrived as the first patrol arrived at the placeof the accident. They began to fire without hesitation with fire extinguishers and buckets withwater. One of the cops bravely rushed into the burning house, trying to get the injured man.Others were pouring water around him to protect him from the flames. Soon after the localvolunteer firemen and policemen came, together they managed to pull out the injured man ofthe house.MEDIC CATEGORYDr. Martin Cedidlová, Martin Kasal Dis., Paul Egner, Jan Furyová, Stanislav Weaver,Zdenek Kasala Dis.Nominees medics interfered with two-year old boy who drowned in a swimming pool of thefamily house. The owners of the house got the boy out of the water and gave him first aidaccorning to instructions of emergency operators. The child was unconscious, not breathingand had a cardiac arrest. It took 20 minutes to the rescue team to recover life functions. Theboy survived without sequelae and returned to normal life.
  19. 19. OTHER COMPONENTS OF THE IRS CATEGORYStanislaw Hillerová, City Police ZlinOn Wednesday 23th September 2009 ain the morning policewoman was informed about aninjured person after a fall. It was the older man, who was unconscious, without a basic lifefunction and had bleeding head injury. Policewoman with passerby made resuscitation andolder, they managed to recover life functions. After then she cleaned the Indry with paperhandkerchiefs until assist health professionals arrived.
  20. 20. LONG-TERM ACTIVITY CATEGORYMUDr. Paul Baran, ZlínMr. Baran doctor for years with excellent results treating women who had problems withpregnancy. Since the seventies working in the field, since 1994 has his own practice. Dealswith risk pregnancies annually solves 150-170 cases, of which about one third are high-riskcases. Organizing courses for pregnant women. Patients are coming to see him from milesaway because of his professional as well as human access. Returned to him not only as happyas a specialist, but also as a great man.
  21. 21. EXECUTIVE TEAMProject Manager: Martina BrtnickáPublic Relations: Jindřich Benko,Karolína Benešová, Michal Spurný, Pavel PíbilMarketing: Michaela Vlková,Martina Hantychová, Veronika Januszová, Lenka ŘímskáFundraising: Jaromir Doležel,Václav Hlávka, Petra Šťastná, Petra GromesováFinance: Lukáš MládekProduction of Ceremony: Ludmila Vašková,Tereza Kolaříková, Markéta Vaníčková, Katarina Svobodová, Lucie MíčkováProduction of Day of Salvador: Alžběta Vintrová,Denise Sládková, Lenka Václavíková, Lucie Mrázkova, Markéta Čejnová, Martin Thoř,Milan AberleThe Art Director: Tereza LukavskáPhotographers - Vojtěch Veškrna, Tomáš JakubecVisual art - Monika Kořínková, Petr Daneš, Tomáš JarošGraphics - Dominik StrandZuzana Votrubcová, Pavel CoufalíkAnimation - Hanka Kotlářová, Jindřich Beneš, Martin Galík, Klára NovotnáIndustrial design - Jiří Hrabina, Markéta PlškováGlass design - Mirek Vašica, Hegerová Tereza, Eliska Frydrychovská, Veronika RekováClothing design – Domana DubnáDirector of the Ceremony - Radovan RakúsWebmaster: Ales SekaninaCONCLUSIONFor the entire implementation team I want to sincerely thank for their cooperation in the pastyear of Salvator Awards 2009. With your help we could to appreciate for the seventh time thisyear the extraordinary action to protect life, health, property and safety of inhabitants of theZlín Region. Thanks for your help, this project can continue to spread the idea of helpingothers and always look for hidden among us heroes.For the implementation teamMartin Brtnická