Huh? You Want Me To Be A Social Media Ambassador?


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... or a guide on how to be more social at your next trade show, conference or event for your company.

As Head of Social Media for SAP in North America, I've created many enablement programs and sessions to help lead our conference and event attendees to use social to help amplify, engage and convert at events!

Here is an easy read deck with lots of pictures to give you an idea on how you can get the most out of social media for your company at that next show!


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Huh? You Want Me To Be A Social Media Ambassador?

  1. 1. You Want Me To‘BE SOCIAL”At The Trade Show?@GerryMoranA How To Guide To Be An On-site Social Media ContributorFor Your Company At Your Next Event Or Conference.
  2. 2. Ready to be a news reporter?
  3. 3. Tell The Story For OthersReport on things that others can virtually experience• What are they missing?• Where can they go to seevideo, pictures or blog posts?• What are the key points andtake-aways?• Be available for questions.• What’s the vibe?• Build up the story so theywant to attend the next time.@GerryMoran
  4. 4. The#CommonDenominator.
  5. 5. #SAPPHIRENOW + #HANA= Good Tweet!Follow & Use The Right HashtagHashtags are the common denominator for all event messages(if you were attending SAP’s SAPPHIRE NOW)@GerryMoran
  6. 6. You need to take some photos!
  7. 7. Take 3 Photos At Every SessionBe creative and capture the moment for others• Sit up front at every session• Walk up to front if needed• Take close-up photos• Tweet pic with hashtag• Instagram with hashtag• Email to your channelmanager@GerryMoran
  8. 8. What’s interesting to shoot?
  9. 9. What Should You Photograph?If you don’t photograph things, who will? (be interesting) Charts & Graphs Event-related branded Items Speakers Employees Scene-setting Photos Group shots Be creative@GerryMoran
  10. 10. Who is using Instagram?100M as of April, 2013
  11. 11. Should you always be Tweeting?
  12. 12. No! Just 2-3 Tweets Per Session Speaker quote Bullet point from slide Question from crowd Picture Key fact or figure Your insight Be positive!@GerryMoran
  13. 13. Whose Twitter channel to use?
  14. 14. Use your ownsocial mediachannels
  15. 15. How about the big interview?
  16. 16. The Big InterviewInterview attendees for YouTube and blog content• Anyone can and should do• Introduce yourself• Commit to a 60- to 90- secondinterview• Tell them your questions• Tell them how you are going to use thevideo• Ask them to complete the release formif required by your company
  17. 17. OK, but what do I Tweet?
  18. 18. Share other Tweets.
  19. 19. Retweet With A PurposeAdd a little something to each RT. Don’t be an echo chamber@GerryMoran
  20. 20. Personalize your Tweets!
  21. 21. Personalize The ExperienceBe casual, fun and don’t overuse technical language@GerryMoran
  22. 22. Listen. Respond. Engage.
  23. 23. Respond and EngageQuickly respond to questions and comments@GerryMoran
  24. 24. Don’t be a wallflower.
  25. 25. Participate In The ConversationPay attention to topics, hashtags and posts … and engage@GerryMoran
  26. 26. Communicate breaking news!
  27. 27. Break AnnouncementsUpdate your contacts in real time with any event news@GerryMoran
  28. 28. What about having fun?
  29. 29. Yes! Have Fun!Humanize the event by adding a little personalization@GerryMoran
  30. 30. Listen to the presenters and …
  31. 31. Quote The PresenterPass on key quotes from event sessions@GerryMoran
  32. 32. Should you direct message?
  33. 33. Yes! Direct MessageDirect message to break through their email clutter@GerryMoran
  34. 34. Should you drop names?
  35. 35. Yes! Drop Names!Mention Twitter handles of speakers, etc. in your Tweets(just remember to not to start the Tweet with their handle)@GerryMoran
  36. 36. And, at the end of the event…
  37. 37. Say Thank You!Message clients, analysts, and influencers privately to breakthrough their email clutter@GerryMoran
  38. 38. Things to avoid!
  39. 39. Twitter Don’ts• DON’T go overboard on yournumber of posts. This is qualityover quantity.• World Tour was great!!!#SAPWT (10 times!)• DON’T post anything negative orderogatory about SAP, presentersor presenter companies• Did NOT agree with speaker’spoint on #mobility! #SAPWT• DON’T post pictures of people ifthey have asked you not to• DON’T be overly technical• Wow! Looking forward to first EDWprocessing in-memory!• DON’T provide information that couldviolate NDA terms• Guy Kawasaki spoke about what you canexpect o see from SAP next year!#SAPWT• DON’T delete or suppress negativecomments that you may receive• @GerryMoran …. What you TALKINGabout??? #SAPWT@GerryMoran
  40. 40. Listen through the clutter?
  41. 41. Use Hootsuite To View TweetsDownload: Hootsuite For iPad & iPhone(iTunes) Add a stream for your hashtag@GerryMoran
  42. 42. What social ‘equipment’ to bring?
  43. 43. Bring The Right StuffPack light and use your tools to do double-dutyMobile device to connectto InternetChargeror batteryI’d use yoursmartphoneinstead to takevideosList of hashtags,speaker names,and anyone elseyou want toreferenceGet to the event 30minutes early to take picsand record videos &interviews. Plan to stayuntil the end!Bring a creativeattitude andmake youreditorial mark!Mic to help withbacground noise@GerryMoran
  44. 44. Good luck!
  45. 45. What’s Your Next Step?@GerryMoran
  46. 46. So, What Is Your Next Step?Contact me or 215-817-4085 to set up a social media coachingsession.@GerryMoran
  47. 47. Thanks!@GerryMorangerry.moran@marketingthink.comMarketingThink.comSocial Media And Marketing Coaching Blog@GerryMoran215-817-4085