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Go to-Market Strategy Template - Value Drivers


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Value Drivers are the unique selling propositions that are built for the personas that are most influential in the customers buying process. Value Drivers are tied to a customer’s organizational objectives and provide tangible, quantifiable outcomes that provide value for a customer.

Value Drivers need to be constructed for each of the target audiences or personas identified. In many cases, the Value Drivers will be comprised of a strategic and tactical or operational element and this serves as one dimension of the matrix. In general, Decision Makers and Approvers tend to fall into this category while recommenders and influencers often times comprise the tactical or operational segment. The other dimension of the matrix will be the functional areas within the organization that are critical to the purchase decision. Many times the functions that populate this dimension are Line of Business (LOB) and Information Technology (IT). Each of these groups has different goals, objectives and strategies but each is dependent upon the other for their own success and for the organization’s overall success.

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Go to-Market Strategy Template - Value Drivers

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