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2015 Marketing Strategy & Planning Template


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Download the free editable version here:

It's never too late to start planning your marketing strategy. Our 2015 marketing strategy & planning template walks you through the planning process and get executive approval from your boss. This guide is:

- Easy to use: We did all the hard work – just fill in the blanks.
- Direct: Includes a powerpoint that gets right to the point without the fluff.
- Tested over time: Helps organize the most complicated strategies.
- ROI-driven: Includes marketing budget recommendations.

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2015 Marketing Strategy & Planning Template

  1. 1. DELETE ME AFTER READING Congratulations! By downloading this template, you’re already on your way to developing a winning marketing strategy for 2015.
  2. 2. DELETE ME AFTER READING Executive summary This document was developed for three reasons: 1.  Align your marketing programs to your business or product objectives 2.  Obtain executive buy in for your marketing strategy 3.  Develop metrics to measure success (marketing accountability)
  3. 3. DELETE ME AFTER READING How to use this template 1.  Read the slides labeled “instructions” for insight on how to fill out the next slide. 2.  Once complete, delete the instruction slides. 3.  Present to your executive team for buy in (suggested date – first week of December) NOTE: This template is ‘one size fits all’, so feel free to customize as you see fit!
  4. 4. DELETE ME AFTER READING Current Situation: 2014 Highlights This slide puts you in good graces to start the presentation. By showing successes from the past year, it shows you are capable and focused on producing quality results for your business. Content Examples: •  New product launches •  Sales/Revenue Goals exceeded
  5. 5. Current Situation: 2014 Highlights One sentence overview of your highlights. •  Highlight #1 •  Highlight #2 •  Highlight #3
  6. 6. DELETE ME AFTER READING Current Situation: 2014 Challenges This slide shows that though you accomplished much, there were still big hurdles to jump in order to move forward – helping to set the stage for the rest of the presentations. Content Examples: •  Lack of defined budget •  Another Example here
  7. 7. Current Situation: 2014 Challenges One sentence overview of your challenges. •  Challenge #1 •  Challenge #2 •  Challenge #3
  8. 8. DELETE ME AFTER READING Marketing Goals Your goals should align with the overall Business or Product. There should be no more than 3 goals, and they should be quantifiable and specific. Examples of marketing goals: –  To increase revenue from marketing by 10% –  To deliver 15 qualified leads for most profitable product –  To launch a new corporate identity –  To open a new geographical market or industry –  To shorten sales cycle by 10%
  9. 9. Marketing Goals Goal #1: Goal #2: Goal #3:
  10. 10. DELETE ME AFTER READING Strategy Statement Explain in one sentence how you plan to reach your goal. Examples of strategy statements: –  Lead generation: develop an email campaign to all our website leads offering refreshed web content and SEO for 2015 –  Website traffic: develop an online campaign using a mix of organic and paid search campaign to target new startups in the NYC –  Brand awareness: develop a media plan that includes traditional and online media outlets targeted at the healthcare industry
  11. 11. Strategy Statement Insert your strategy here.
  12. 12. DELETE ME AFTER READING Tactics Tactics are a series of steps, actions and/or tasks to put your strategy into action. The output of this is referred to as your “marketing mix”. Example tactics include: •  Marketing research •  Online media •  Sales collateral development •  Email marketing •  Events
  13. 13. Tactics •  Tactic 1 •  Explanation or description •  Tactic 2 •  Explanation or description •  Tactic 3 •  Explanation or description •  Tactic 4 •  Explanation or description
  14. 14. DELETE ME AFTER READING Success Metrics Metrics will answer the question,“what does success look like?” You can group metrics as quantitative vs. qualitative and/or strategic vs. programmatic. If possible, for each metric have a: –  Baseline: where you are today –  Target: where you want to be at the end of the campaign –  Benchmark: an industry average result per metric
  15. 15. Success metrics Success Metric #1 •  Baseline •  Target •  Benchmark Success Metric #2 •  Baseline •  Target •  Benchmark Success Metric #3 •  Baseline •  Target •  Benchmark Success Metric #4 •  Baseline •  Target •  Benchmark
  16. 16. DELETE ME AFTER READING Marketing Budget Your budget should provide you with all the funds you need for the coming year to accomplish your strategy.
  17. 17. DELETE ME AFTER READING Marketing Budget Guidelines •  30% of companies spend between 3-5% of revenue on marketing, with 45% spending over 6% (most of those between 6-10%). •  Approximately 5% of that going to labor (either for a department, or outsourcing to a marketing firm). •  34% of entire marketing program spend (excluding labor) should be spent on Digital Marketing. Source: (a) CMO Council
  18. 18. Marketing Budget Tactic Direct Cost Timeframe PPC $4,000 Monthly CES event $20,000 One time - January Content development $5,000 Monthly Website $10,000 One time - March ! 17% 28% 41% 14% Marketing Spend by Mix PPC Events Content Website
  19. 19. DELETE ME AFTER READING Prepared by Red Bamboo Marketing Red Bamboo is a team of global marketing experts who help growing companies grow faster with performance-driving marketing strategies. Contact us today for a free 30 minute strategy consultation. Jennifer  Garcia,  CEO   p:  732-­‐977-­‐2429   e: