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Sanborn speaker-packet | Leadership Keynote Speaker | Top Keynote Speaker | Top Motivational Speaker


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The official speaker's packet for leadership keynote speaker Mark Sanborn.

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Sanborn speaker-packet | Leadership Keynote Speaker | Top Keynote Speaker | Top Motivational Speaker

  1. 1. Leadership Doesn’t MAKE the Difference... Leadership IS the Difference. “Powerful… Highest rated speaker in conference history... Inspiring… Changed my view of work and life… Humorous… Funny and motivational… Really made a difference.” Over 2,200 audiences — in every state and a dozen countries — have sought Mark Sanborn’s expertise. Why? Because he educates, informs and entertains so well while at the same time tailoring the message to his audience with such skill that they often think he must be one of them.Every customer is different, so why Most Requested Presentation Themes: “...overwhelmed that you hit every High-Impact Leadership, Extraordinary single key message about McDonald’sshould every speech be the same? that I gave you. You definitely exceeded Customer Service, Stellar Sales, and our expectations.”Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE, is known for Enhancing Teamwork – McDonald’s Corporationhis high-level of tailoring his speakingengagements to meet the individual The Fred Factor: “...Our audience loved you.”needs of his clients. His ability to inspire How Passion in Your Work and Life Can – Witter Publishing Corp.real results, combined with his energy, Turn the Ordinary into the Extraordinary “...Your keynote was right on point.”enthusiasm and unsurpassed expertise will – Blue Shield of Californialeave your audience with a positive and You Don’t Need a Title tolasting impact. be a Leader: “...appropriate and powerful message How Anyone, Anywhere, Can Make a you delivered to our sales force.” – Toyota Financial ServicesMark designs each speaking engagement Positive Differenceto meet your objectives and to reinforce “...Mark’s tailoring made his entire talk athe objectives of the entire meeting. He The Encore Effect: real “home run” for our event.”has the ability to integrate his message How to Give a Remarkable Performance in – FedExinto the rest of the meeting or conference. Anything You Do Just a few raving fans:This means your audience members benefitfrom the synergy of all the presentations (Your Title Here)they hear, and reinforces the hard work Based on your objectives, Mark can tailoryou’ve done to plan an effective event. an existing program around your meeting theme.For Details on how Mark Sanborn can uniquely tailor his presentation to your specific needs and situation,contact Sanborn & Associates Inc. at 303-683-0714 or visit
  2. 2. PRESENTATION THEME ONEThe Fred Factor:How Passion in Your Work and Life Can Turnthe Ordinary into the Extraordinary — the only question at the end of the day is “Whatkind of difference did you make?” Based on Mark’s internationally bestselling bookyou how to reinvent your business and life through taking responsibility, buildingrelationships and creating value for customers and colleagues.others, and it doesn’t have to cost a penny because you can replace money withimagination. The objective is to outthink your competition rather than outspendprogram is a powerful way to get everyone from frontline employees to uppermanagement focused on the importance of self-responsibility and creating valuefor those we work and live with. This presentation delivers to and beyond theworkplace to show listeners how to enrich their personal lives as well. No matter where we are in our career, no matter our position in the organization, no matter our current involvement, we can all transform our lives from the ordinary into the extraordinary by bringing fresh energy and creativity to our life and work.
  3. 3. PRESENTATION THEME TWOYou Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader:How Anyone, Anywhere, Can Make a Positive Difference“How do we get from where we are to where we want to be?” and “How to get peoplewho aren’t titled leaders to take responsibility, lead when it is appropriate, and improveperformance to create amazing results?” Those are important questions in every organizationtoday. Mark Sanborn’s high impact leadership presentation answers these questionsby inspiring managers and employees alike how to go beyond merely pursuing goals toachieving full potential. He’ll show you and your audience how having a title doesn’tnecessarily make you a leader, and how lacking a title doesn’t keep you from leading.The only thing more powerful than a good leader is an organization of good lead, or lead better, giving your audience the skills and strategies to go back and createfor creating leaders at every level in your organization and learn how to reach new heights.You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader is a message that will resonate with those whoaspire to make a positive difference — regardless of title or position. Everyone can learn to lead or lead better. Mark Sanborn shows how each of us can be a leader in our daily lives and make a positive difference, whatever our title or position.
  4. 4. PRESENTATION THEME THREEThe Encore Effect:How to Give a Remarkable Performance in Anything You Doremarkable performance on any stage commands an encore. The EncoreEffect — Mark’s latest, high-content presentation — teaches how to achievethe kind of extraordinary performance on the job that leave your customers,colleagues and community clamoring for more.remarkable performance. It’s the same methodology for achievementthat Mark has used to become a bestselling author, hall-of-fame speakerand leading authority on leadership, service and turning the ordinary into theoffers, this presentation will give you valuable insight into achieving andsustaining an encore performance that makes customers clamor for more. Mark identifies the traits that extraordinary performers have in common: passion, preparation, practice, presence, polish and the ability to overcome pitfalls.
  5. 5. Leadership is Not Power Over People... YOUR PRESENTATION THEMEit’s Power With People. (Your Title Here) Whether it’s Leadership, Sales, Service, or Individual Performance, It’s About Turning the Ordinary Into the Extraordinary After two decades of speaking, consulting and writing, Mark has a depth of material to use in crafting a message specific to your organization and environment. Based on your objectives, Mark can tailor an existing program around your meeting theme or develop a presentation unique to your group. Whether you’re looking for an opening keynote speaker, closing keynote speaker or general session presentation, Mark Sanborn delivers a tailored program that will exceed your expectations. who book Mark Sanborn for a keynote speech benefit from a memorable, educational and motivational experience. Topics of Focus: High-Impact Leadership, Extraordinary Customer Service, Stellar Sales, and Enhancing Teamwork
  6. 6. About Mark Sanborn, CSP, CPAE approaches to developing leadership. representing 20 of the top speakers in Mark is dedicated to developing leaders the country today. in business and in life. Thought Leader Best-selling Author Mark has published extensively in Inc., an idea studio, he is dedicated the areas of leadership, change to developing leaders in business and management, teamwork and serviceMark delivers practical, cutting-edge in life. But even more than this, his strategy. He is the author of seveninsight in a presentation style that mission is to transform knowledge into books including You Don’t Need a Titlehas been described as expertise application to create a generation of to Be a Leader that inspires leadershipwith eloquence. leaders who make a positive difference, at every level, regardless of formal title regardless of their title. He is a while his international best-seller TheSought After Speaker recognized thought leader renowned Fred Factor delivers an insightful guideActionable ideas are at the heart of for helping individuals and organizations to creating value and meaning in your turn the ordinary into the extraordinary work, life and the lives of those youpresentation skills distinguish him as impact.the award-wining, world class speaker His recent release, The Encore Effect gives you the tools to achieve ais one of the youngest inductees to you do. Whether your stage is an office,nationally recognized authority and High Impact Leadership a sales floor, a boardroom, or your ownbestselling author on leadership, Over 20 years of research, speaking and home, his sound and inspiring advice willteambuilding and customer service keen observation of the best and worst help you shine... everywhere it matters most.who has, himself, led world class of today’s leaders has gone into creatingorganizations. He is a member of one of the strongest, most practical
  7. 7. Mark Sanborn has delivered thousands of leadership PARTIAL CLIENT LISTpresentations to satisfied clients. Here’s what a few Kennametalhave to say... AT&T Kodak“I’ve been fielding one rave review after BankOne Marriott with age. Thanks for striving to be a Bell South Martin-Senourcustomize your presentation perfectionist. Our audience loved you.”need, you exceeded our expectations. – Witter Publishing Corp. Big O TiresThat’s something that no speaker I’ve hired Multifoodsfor this has ever done, until now.” you scored a home Shield – ASAP Software Express, Inc. run with the way you integrated the facts Buick Assn. about Doubletree into your message.“The superlative feedback continues to Everyone in the audience was spellbound Burger King by the amount of information you had high about our company. Kindly make sure to Assn.praise. What is particularly being cited Insurancein the feedback is your demonstrated to your list of many, many satisfied clients.”knowledge about The Hartford.” – Doubletree Hotels – The Hartford “Wow! What a wonderful, powerful“Your keynote address was right on point, message. Everyone is still talking about Searsyour sense of humor was entertaining, it and various managers throughout Sherwin Williamsand your messages on extraordinary our company are calling us to see if we Sprintcustomer service and leadership were have more books, because they want toinspirational. introduce The Fred Factor to others in Stihlcustomizing your communication to fit with their departments who were not lucky Subwayour overall theme and with our executive enough to experience your speech live.” Sun Microsystemsspeakers’ key points. Outstanding!” – Toyota Financial Services – Blue Shield of California “Mark was funny and motivational. His United Artists“I was extremely pleased with your remarks on leadership, teamwork, and United Wayperformance and overwhelmed that you self-mastery were right on the mark. IBMhit every single key message about Mark’s tailoring made his entire talk a real Wendys The HartfordMcDonald’s that I gave you. “home run” for our event.”exceeded our expectations.” – FedEx – McDonald’s Corporation For Details on how Mark Sanborn can uniquely tailor his presentation to your specific needs and situation, contact Sanborn & Associates Inc. at 303-683-0714 or visit