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Wcr naples feb 24


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Wcr naples feb 24

  1. 1. February 24, 2012
  2. 2.  Thank You and Congratulations My Career Transition Simple Formula for Success Reimagine What Success Means Today How ‘Top Performers’ Deliver Excellence Brand is YOU, Branding is YOU in ACTION 3 R’s to Stand Out Branding Personal Brand: Be More
  3. 3. Simple Formula for Success? Claim your piece of ‘real estate’ in your chosen field Steadfast commitment to your profession and professionalism Build, grow, nurture and serve a loyal tribe and community
  4. 4. How Top Performers Deliver.. Accountability + Perseverance = EXCELLENCE
  5. 5.  Fresh Ideas New Approaches Innovative Thinking Full engagement in tools and platforms Strong Brand/Branding Radical Reality-Radical Action-Radical Results Master Marketer Master Networker Master Salesperson
  6. 6. Since 2008, We Have All Had to.. Re-imagine What Success Means..Gallop reports an increase in economic confidence in 2012..Americans saying the economy is"getting worse" fell 12%!GDP growingUnemployment is downStock Market is up (13K)Optimism Index up 5 months in a row*Best levels since the week ending Feb. 13, 2011.
  7. 7.  Feb/2012, NAR Housing affordability conditions improved with softer existing-home prices Record-low mortgage interest rates Rising sales and lower inventory creating more balanced conditions.
  8. 8. *Michael Levy, The Leadership Edge, 6 Qualities of Top Performers.FocusIntegrityServiceRelationshipsSmart/Hard WorkContinuous ImprovementWhat happens though when things shift and change so dramatically and these fundamentals need to be adapted into a different world?
  9. 9. “Professional Accountability can temper volatility and uncertainty” Professional Habits Systems and Processes Ability to Change and Adapt Willingness to Learn and Use Technology Intangibles (experience, wisdom, spirit, heart, interpersonal skills) Sense of Humor
  10. 10. Stand OutGrab AttentionPremium Item In a Generic Market
  11. 11. Brand and Branding are separate,mutually inter-dependant concepts. Who am I. What do I do. Whom do I serve. How do I deliver me. Clear, Consistent, Concise
  12. 12. Your Brand is YOU, Your DNA Personality Essence Intangibles Fascinations Drivers Experience Wisdom Heart Soul
  13. 13. Everything you DO to promote, market, advertise, share, engage, build, interact, align with people!Not Negotiable I am a PlayerLive, work, play in two worlds F2F, Web
  15. 15. 1) Laser clear on who they are, what they do and whom they serve.2) They differentiate themselves and their companies from their competition.3) They build legacy through consistency, excellence, leadership .
  16. 16.  Reinvent how you use your talents and accomplishments Reimagine what success looks like and means to you Reinvigorate your visual image, marketing and messaging
  17. 17. 25 FREE/Low Cost Ways to Market Yourself NOWFREE monthly marketing letterFREE TeleclassGo to and sign up!Mini Brand EvaluationCareer Author
  18. 18. Work With Me