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Big Data big deal big business for utilities vesion 01


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Big Data big deal big business for utilities vesion 01

  1. 1. Big Data For Energy & Utilities
  2. 2. | Big Data, Big Deal, Big Business…. Managing data for realizing Business Value in the energy and utilities sector Amsterdam , Hilton Hotel, 27 march 2014 2Big Data for Energy & Utilities
  3. 3. | Big Data Definition Big data is high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making. Source: Gartner Big Data for Energy & Utilities 3
  4. 4. | Technology push • Smart Grids • Intelligent Thermostates • More focus on assets • Clever measurement installations • More data availabe 4Big Data for Energy & Utilities
  5. 5. | Goalsetting by Utilities •Predicting energy demand & shortages •Optimal maintenance of assets •Clients retention 5Big Data for Energy & Utilities
  6. 6. | Data developments •More and more data available •Data for realizing business goals •Data as a production factor •Data as an asset •Sharing of data • Between marketparties • With public sector • With cliënts 6Big Data for Energy & Utilities
  7. 7. | Data difficulties •Spaghetti application landscapes •Low data quality •Exponentional growth of available data •Question: how to make use of available data and how to make the maximum of it? •Difficulties with managing data (datamanagement) •Difficulties with exploring data for trends and new products and services •No adequate data infrastructure available •How to make use of unstructured social data ? •Combine structured and unstructured data? 7Big Data for Energy & Utilities
  8. 8. | Solution for optimizing potential of data Focus on •Data goverance •Data architecture & infrastructure •Data professionals & knowledge 8Big Data for Energy & Utilities
  9. 9. | Solution (1): Data governance • Business problems analysis due to data • Data goverance council for data related projects • Data Governance members at senior management level • Implementing Data management 9Big Data for Energy & Utilities
  10. 10. | Data goverance and sources of data 10Big Data for Energy & Utilities Data Governance Gegevens architectuur Corporate Datamanagement Informatiebeleid Managen Data infrastructuur Ontwikkelen en beheren Data infrastructuur Business Intelligence Datawarehousing Applicatie A Database A Systeem A Applicatie B Database B Systeem B Applicatie n Database n Systeem n Data Warehouse Masterdata database Extractie en Integratie … Data infrastructuur Masterdata management Decentraal Datamanagement Big Data Social Data Geodata Basis- registraties Open Data Master- data Ketendata Overig en nieuw…
  11. 11. | Solution (2) Data architecture & infrastructure • Masterdatamanagement • Datawarehousing and BI • Hadoop for unstructured data • Objectmodel 11Big Data for Energy & Utilities
  12. 12. | Example of Data infrastructure 12 Operationele databasesOperationele databasesOperationele databasesOperationele databases Hadoop MDM Datawarehouse Social Data Data store “Gegevens magazijn” Ongestructureerde data Gestructureerde data Operationele data Integrale data Business Intelligence ETL Predictive analytics 20-80 regel Externe Data • Ketendata • Basisregistraties • Open Data Cloud Data Opslag Processen Applicaties
  13. 13. | Solution (3) Data professionals & knowledge •New roles: • Data steward • Data scientist • Data custodian • Data architect •Knowledge management • Learning together about • Exploring data • New trends • Implementing data infrastructure • Mastering data objects • Reducing landscape complexity 13Big Data for Energy & Utilities
  14. 14. | Possible results and added value •More insight in energy demand •Better assetmanagement •Better insight in energydemand through smart analytics •New produkts and services •Better reporting towards clients and public sector •More allignment with regulation and compliancy •More insight in individual energy behaviour by combining social and structured data 14Big Data for Energy & Utilities
  15. 15. | Big Data •Managing the hype •Data as the new oil (but refinery is also necessary, oil is not petrol) Necessary to do the homework! 15Big Data for Energy & Utilities
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