unborn baby dreams


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Ever Unborn babies has a dream like mother and father...fullfil the dreams.

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unborn baby dreams

  1. 1. Human Life…Miracle…Life is miracle …miracle of new life within a life with fertilization –embryo transformation into fetus and child development and growth begins with dreams on tomorrow
  2. 2.  Child is a gift of God ….that too a Girl Child. Girl child a real gift of wealth ..Godess Lakshmi in Hindu Mythology. Every Child has dreams from the moment of conception on future like the parents. Realize the dreams of Unborn. The Unborn child Know the mother well before birth.
  3. 3.  From the day one of the conception i.e. fertilization of sperm and egg from ovum, the new life begins within the mother’s womb- a dark sack filled with fluid to support the life to grow from fetus to a beautiful Child.
  4. 4.  With development of brain the fetus start growing with heart legs and limbs. From 5th week to 7th week the fetus i.e. Unborn child becomes sensitive and response to touch and sounds and heart beats begins. By 10th week the unborn child grows with tiny legs and fingers and start sucking , kicking and start listening to sounds and understands..
  5. 5.  The thoughts and dreams of mother transmitted to the little unborn child brain and start thinking and dreaming on future This is witnessed in Hindu Puranas and scientifically in the modern times The unborn child only to grow to live suitably in this world. From 10th week onwards the baby is in Zero level of Thoughts… begins ..Dreams..
  6. 6. Dad and Mom  The unborn child listen to talks, voices and identify as mom ,pappa Doctor, nurse , strangers and the environments.  The unborn Girl child wonders how much her mother, dad cares for her .
  7. 7.  The Unborn Girl Child happy with a thought that she too future mother for a baby and cares.. She may have a dream to become Doctor when her visit Doctor, or she may want to be a singer on listening music or like dancer on hearing dance tunes,,,…..the dreams of the baby infinite.
  8. 8.  Every unborn child boy or girl has the right to exist Mother, father or the society has no right to discriminate on gender or social issues Woman has her reproductive health rights but has no right to select the sex of the unborn child. Woman lose her reproductive health rights once she conceived, the unborn child as a human being acquires individual rights under human rights act.
  9. 9. Respect Human rights  Respect Human rights of the Unborn Child without gender discrimination  Respect the Dreams of the unborn the future moms to grow and build beautiful Country  Respect child rights for good health, nutrition and education with equal opportunity to grow in healthy environment.  Let us see the Dreams of the Unborn Girl Child fulfilled.
  10. 10. •0-6 years girl children ratio are 914 per 1000. •10-15 years adolescent girls ratio are 940 per 1000. •Our national male- female ratio is 936 per 1000.One Million Girl children missing every year in India.
  11. 11. 0 to 6 years age girl child ratio is 914 per every 1000Boys as per 2011 census record