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Am I paying attention?


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Individual assignment for Venture Lab A Crash Course on Creativity

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Am I paying attention?

  1. 1. Am I paying attention?Mª Ángeles Marín A crash course on creativity - Tina Seelig, Stanford University 10/30/2012
  2. 2. ZARA HOMEMy observations:This shop is mainly addressed to middle age women with a taste for decoration andnice things.Their product is specific to a type of customer, not everybody is going to buy theirproduct.They quite often have new products, so there is always a chance for the customerto buy something different.This company treats the decoration of your house as a fashion product as theproducts in the shop change with the seasons (just like clothes do). The customerfeels that he has to change the decoration of his house as he changes clothesfor the new season.Highlights:I would include different and more modern products, so they would have morecustomers.I would offer an interior designer service since we are talking about a shop that sellsproducts to decorate your house.
  3. 3. WOOLEN SHOPMy observations:Their is a welcoming atmosphere and the door was open when I visited them.The shop assistant is very nice and she is not in a hurry, she allows you to takeyour time to choose what you want to buy.They are offering courses on how to knit since a few months ago. Nowadaysthere are a lot of shops offering courses on crafts as a means to have extra income for their company.Highlights:I would open the shop to new products and courses related to knitting and sewing such as patchwork or crochet. This wouldattract more customers.I would offer a free course on knitting for people who are not sure about wanting to take a full course.
  4. 4. MERCADONAMy observationsThis is a very popular food chain in Spain. They sell their own brand at very competitiveprices and quality and a selection of mainstream brands.They have a lot of shop assistants, so they is always someone ready to help you if youneed help.Highlights:They should sell more of other brands so you could buy everything in one shop andwerent obliged to go to other supermarkets in order to find some specific thing. In myopinion they are too centered on selling only their brand.They never run products on sales and I think that if they did they would attractmore customers.
  5. 5. OYSHOMy observation:This is a shop that specifically targets middle age women.They sell underwear, night clothes, casual clothes for wearing at home...The decoration is very nice and everything is very well presented.Highlights:I think that they could open their market to kids and men because womenshopping at Oysho would also pick up products for the rest of her family.They need more shop assistants because it was difficult to find one available whenI visited them for this assignment.
  6. 6. ZARAMy observations:You can find in the shop clothes for everybody in the family. Although, they dont have big sizes.They have a wide range in prices: they have what they call "basics" at a low price.They dont have all their products at eye level, so it is easy to miss some products.They copy couture designs although they dont say it.Highlights:They have a selection for a big group of people: from 0 to 60 years old.They are divided in different brands: Zara Kids, Zara Woman, Zara Basic, Trafaluc (for teenagers), Zara Men. So, they can easilyfocus in their specific target.
  7. 7. PRIMARKMy observations:My first impression is that the shop is a mess. It is a huge place with lots and lots ofclothes. There are very few shop assistants.The prices are really cheap, really competitive and I like a lot of what I see.There is people of all social classes.They have clothes for women, men and kids. They have clothes, underwear, pyjamas,accessories, home items, stationery...They have a lot of cash registers. In order to pay you have to line up and wait for yourturn, meanwhile you can look at all the impulse items that they have.Highlights:The place is a mess but I can easily buy basic clothes for a really competitive price.AlthoughI didnt find all the sizes easily.They need more shop assistants to help the customers.You can find things from England that you cannot find in Spain.
  8. 8. CONCLUSIONSI have loved doing this observation assignment because I have noticed things that I havent before. I have specially payed a lot ofattention to the decorations and the way products were settle in the shops: how products are arranged by color, how they usedfurniture and decorations that are really nice and make you feel comfortable in the shop.I have been to different types of shops: neighborhood store (woolen store), supermarket (Mercadona), low cost store (Primark)and middle class stores (Zara Home, Zara and Oysho).I have noticed as well that in the Mall Center shops the common colors in the walls were black, brown, grey. It always gave atouch of sophistication. They use a lot of wooden and iron in the furniture.Only Zara Home and Zara had a distinctive smell. The smell is nice and it is a shop distinctive.I have noticed that we are in the middle of an economic crisis because the shops where you can buy cheaper were more crowdedand have a lot of products to buy.As I have said in the highlights I think that some of these shops could sell more if they would open their products and shops to adifferent sort of customer. They could offer sales products, they could enlarge their spectrum, they could enlarge the age of thetarget.The woolen shop has seen business opportunity in giving courses because nowadays, there are a lot of women that want to docrafts and homemade stuff.