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  1. 1. Are you paying attention? A crash course on Creativity Stanford University
  2. 2. Before starting this presentation Iwould like to remark on some points. • These pictures has been taken in Iran and some of them are from traditional Iranian shops. • The owners of the shops did not allow me to take more pictures so I try to state my observation by text more than pictures. • The people also were hesitating to be in the pictures so it was difficult to take appropriate pictures.
  3. 3. Traditional Persian fruit shopThe sign letters and the background of the sign of the shop is very big and very attractive and it is one ofthe biggest and the most famous fruit shop branches in Iran (picture has been taken in the evening).The decoration of the shop and the colors of the fruits are very appealing. There is no door to the shopso its very easy going inside the shop or come out of it, because in Iranian culture people buy fruits inkilos not one apple or one orange so when they are done shopping they have lots of heavy bags in theirhands so it is very difficult to open and close the doors thus, no door in most fruit shops.
  4. 4. Inside the shop is very bright and colorful. The shop is paved with black marble tiles and normal-height ceiling (approx. 3m). Since it’s a fruit shop it can’t be warm but it is not cold either. The shop isby the side of the one of the main streets so lots of cars are around and it is a noisy shop, no musicinside the shop and not much can be heard from the customers. No obvious store security but sincethere are numbers of salesperson standing in front of the doors taking care of the customers fromoutside, and the cash register is situated in the middle of the shop therefore its not easy stealingsomething from the shop indeed.
  5. 5. Salespersons are all men in blue uniforms and sometimes eating and offering the customers to testthe fruits from the shop to show off the quality of the products. In these kind of shops, it is notexpected to have a salesperson approaching customers to help, if there is any question would beanswered with very casual and unplanned approach otherwise no one would come forward.Inside the shop almost all the fruits are in the eye level and all the prices are very easy to see sincethere were written on yellow sign cards , there is a display to show the best and the most colorfulfruits such as red apples, pomegranates and cucumbers that really catch the eyes. Customers mostly have a company, normally are husband/wife or parents with their children. They spend long time wandering and shopping in the shop to choose and test the types of the vegetables and fruits they would like to buy but it is not happening many times that people come inside and do not buy anything.
  6. 6. SupermarketThe sign of the shop is clearly stating the nature of the shop but it also includes some advertisement.The sign is vey big, bright and written to be seen by anyone passing by. The shop is huge and thedoor is wide open with very bright entrance to welcome customers and give the impression that youcan find whatever you want in this shop.
  7. 7. Inside the shop is full of different products it is overwhelming indeed,consequently it is very difficult to see the color of the walls. There areshelves from the ground to the ceiling (3m) hence some products aredifficult to see and reach by the customers. The products are arranged bythe function to make it easier for the customers to find them but it is reallynot working, The security camera is hidden in the middle of the products .There is no special central display for products, no sale and no testing. Theprice of the products are not easy to find.The floor is paved by white marble tiles that easily can be cleaned. Theshop is full of customers so very noisy and this noise is in addition to thenoise from the cars outside. Customers are mostly alone both men andwomen in all ages walking around the shop to find what they need.
  8. 8. There are three personals inthe shop that seems to beenough and they can handleeverything maybe having somefree time to chat. The secret isin this shop also is notexpected to be approached, incase customers have anyquestion that would beanswered with very friendlyand casual manner with thespice of the smile and greeting(because customer here arelocal so they know the ownerand the owner knows theirfamily).All the salespeople are menand young without uniformdoing their best to keepcustomers satisfied.There was a sentence wrote onthe card inside the shop says“customers are always right”
  9. 9. Bag and shoe shop (women)Here is a bag and shoe shop for women. The windows are bright and full of shoes and bags. The sign ofthe shop is big and highlighted with the blue light and the entrance is brightened by lights . The name ofthe shop is “Kind” and the owner explained that they meant the bags and shoes have very high qualitythus they are kind to the body (no harm and the shoes are comfortable). The door is closed with a bigglass window on the door which is still welcoming customers. The store seems to be chic and classy withhigh quality products.
  10. 10. Inside is decorated with dark brown woods and The floor is white tiles that feels cozy. Theproducts are displayed from the floor to the ceiling. In some parts products with the same colorand in some other parts products with opposite colors put next to each other with some lightsfocused on them to emphasize. Inside the shop smells like leather and the noise from the outsidein addition to the customers voice discussing the products can be easily heard. No sign of the saleand no price sign on the products, should there be any question must be asked from thepersonals. There is a central display for the featured products that is also used as a counter.Customers mostly not touching the products if they need anything would ask the salespeople toget the proper size or favorite color.
  11. 11. As mentioned this is a shop that sells women-related products so most of the customers are women who haveanother women accompany them. Bargain has never been separate from the shopping culture in Iran so hearing thecustomers and the salesperson bargaining is very common not something unexpected. Due to the time of the daythe shop is not very crowded so the salesperson have plenty of free time. The cash register is right next to the dooron the right side (when going out) that customers can pay and go out at the same time the shop owner can keepseye on the people and merchandise.
  12. 12. Curtain shopThe sign of the shop is big but not very bright. The windows are decorated with curtains and the lightingto show off the curtains and shows that this is an expensive shop. I have to say not much welcomingentrance.
  13. 13. Curtains and fabrics are designed to be displayed from the ceiling to the floor. Very colorful and brightcolors which caught my eyes immediately after entering the shop. No sign of sale and no price tag.Products are sorted by their quality and type of the fabric and non of them are reachable by customers.During my observation there was one customer. His wife already ordered the fabric and the curtains andnow it was time to collect. The man and the owner were both very friendly and had a long casualconversation, paid and left.
  14. 14. Inside the store is very bright and decorated with different fabrics and curtains, very colorful gives me thefeeling that I don’t want to stay here for long time. Not very high ceiling. No outside noise just a light music canbe heard. The store is warm and smells like fabric. The cash register is a big counter that salesperson sittingbehind it. No security camera can be seen.Salespeople mostly sitting or standing behind the counter and approaching customers as soon as they enterthe shop, greeting them and ask how may they help them. There are two people working in the store thatseems to be more than enough. They are men and do not wear any uniform.
  15. 15. Cosmetics and perfume shopNo sign for the shop but very bright and welcoming entrance with the closed glass door. The twoilluminated pictures of Mr. famous model and decoration shows that You are about to enter one of themost expensive shop of this kind.
  16. 16. Inside the shop is very bright andcolorful. Smells like different kinds ofperfumes and cosmetics all over the shop.Floor is paved by white marble tiles andthe decoration inside is made of darkbrown wood. The store is fairly warmand full of products from the very up,close to the ceiling to the floor behindthe counters. Some of the products areeasily reachable by customers but forothers customers must have ask forthem. Testers and price tags areavailable everywhere but no sign ofsale. A central display were showing offthe new arrivals and partly mostexpensive products of all kinds.
  17. 17. During my eighteen minutes observation at least thirty customers visited the shop and ninetypercent of them did not leave the shop without purchasing something. Variety of customerscame to the shop, young, old, couple, alone, man, women, friends and etc. all kinds ofcombinations in all age ranges. As expected this is a shop to walk around and spend time, smellthis perfume or test that cosmetic, minimum fifteen minutes spent in the shop.Salespeople are both young men and women and of course very beautiful who constantlyuse/used the products from the shop which is very influential. No uniform but they all arehandsome and very well dressed. After the entrance no one would welcome the customers butas soon as customers approach them, they would reply to all sorts of questions with smile and patience.The cash register located next to the entrance/exit to both simplify the payment and also worksas the theft alarm. This is in addition to the four security camera inside the shop.
  18. 18. Traditional carpet shop (Persian rug)The name of the shop is not mentioned on the signbut there is a big picture of a Persian rug patternwhich is very beautiful and attractive. No door toenter the shop and the entrance is very bright. Someof the rugs are on the pavement to remark what kindof shop this is. All in all the entrance says this is avery traditional shop with old owner and I love tospend long time wandering around this shop.
  19. 19. This shop definitely smells like carpet, silk, wool and etc. very bright and full of colorful hand-woven carpets and carpets that are woven to be displayed as picture in the frame not to be usedon the floor. Normal ceiling (3m) and no special sound except the sound of the TV that theowners were watching. The shop was fairly cool and full of carpets, rugs, Gelims and etc.The cash register located at the end of the shop and no one where behind the counter. Iremember I have seen one security camera in the middle of the frames.During my observation (fifteen minutes) no customer visited the shop which is very muchexpected, due to the time and the nature of the carpet shop that can be expensive not everyonecan buy.
  20. 20. The shop owner and his friends were sitting on a big pile of carpet and watching final volleyball matchof the Asian cup, drinking tea and seemed to be very excited about it. No uniform but as soon as acustomer enters the shop they greet and ask how they may help them because the carpet business andbuying a carpet needs an expert so the customers definitely need some one who knows carpets andrugs.Not all the products were easy to see but lots of them were installed on the walls and carpets were ondisplay but if someone wants to see them properly the owner would flip the carpets and move thewoven pictures so that customers can touch and see the pattern of them.
  21. 21. Thank you for your time